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Digital Leaders


This year, the Digital Leaders will be working on the Childnet Digital Leaders programme.  This programme is designed to teach them the core skills to become digital leaders whilst also enabling them to earn badges and awards for completing different modules.  Once they have completed the programme, they will then be able to use these skills and teach others in the school about digital literacy and e-safety.


Good luck digital leaders!



Who are our digital leaders?


The digital leaders club is for children in Years 4 and 5.  They are a strong, confident group of children who are keen and eager to learn new skills within the field of technology whilst also helping to educate others about the need to stay safe online. 


In order to become a digital leader, these children were required to complete an application form and were all interviewed for the position. They also demonstrate a real commitment to becoming leaders within the school and are keen to start learning so they can share this with others.


The digital leaders meet every Tuesday after school  and set their own targets to help them become more confident in their role and have an impact on the school. They also work  with other children in the school in all key stages to support them in Computing and help them develop their own skills in aspects such as word processing or internet skills or using programs such as Scratch.


Your digital leaders for 2017/18 are:

Year 5:                  Panasche, Maria, Nazanin, Ethan, Jai, Ben, Millie, Lance, Atar, Pavneet


Year 4:                 Ariana 



Keep checking back to our page for new information about what the digital leaders have been doing.


Miss Murphy

Our new Digital Leaders 2017-2018

Finding out our roles!


This week the Digital Leaders were very excited to find out the roles that they had been given within the team. The teams have been chosen as follows:


KS1/ EYFS Team: Ben, Millie and Pavneet

These children will be working with children from Reception to Year Two to help them with their Computing skills.


KS2 Team: Atar, Nazanin, Jai and Ariana

These children will be working with children from Year Three  to Year Six  to help them with their Computing skills.


Parent Team: Panashe, Lance, Maria and Ethan

These children will be communicating with parents about the jobs and responsibilities we have as Digital Leaders around the school. They will also be informing parts of any important information about Computing and e safety etc.


Well done to all the Digital Leaders- I know you will all be fantastic in your roles!