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Welcome to Nursery's class page! Here you will find information about all the brilliant fun we are having as we learn and what to expect in the weeks ahead.

Date Event
Friday 29th March  Bring in £1 to wear your own clothes and support our Parish.
Friday 5th April Bring in £1 to wear your own clothes and support the CAFOD Give it Up campaign
Friday 12th April Bring in £1 to wear your own clothes and support the Father Hudson's Society
Friday 12th April School closes for Easter at 1.15pm
Monday 29th April School reopens for ALL pupils at 8.45am



The star of the week this week is ...   Isabella!


We can always rely on Isabella to make good choices and be kind to all of the children in Nursery. Miss Arnold and Mrs Deocades have seen Isabella grow in confidence since she started in September and it is lovely to see her and to hear from her more. Isabella listens beautifully on the carpet and tries her best with any work she is given. Well done Isabella! You are a little gem in our class.

Spring Two

Week 5


  •  Maths - We will be comparing quantities.
  • English - We will be reading, "The Odd Egg" by Emily Gravett to help us prepare for our own delivery of eggs. 
  • RE - We will be learning about the sign of the cross. 
  • Expressive arts - We will be creating our own Mother's Day cards.
  • Phonics - We will be working on our listening skills.

Hatching chicks

We are having a very exciting week in Nursery. On Tuesday an incubator full of eggs arrived and when we came in this morning lots of them had hatched! We were fascinated by our new feathered classmates and had lots of questions about them.

** Head lice **


We have been made aware that some children in the Early Years have recently had head lice. Although they have been treated, please help us by checking your children's hair regularly and tying up long hair. 

Blue Superheroes for Water Aid

The children did a great job dressing up in blue to support Water Aid as part of our Lent fundraising activities. Well done Nursery!





To enable the children to access some of our outdoor provision during the ongoing building work, please bring a pair of named wellies into school that can stay in school. We do not want children to ruin their school shoes due to the mud.

Key Worker Groups


You may have heard your children speak about being an owl or a fox over the past few weeks. The owls and the foxes are our two Key Worker groups. All children in the Nursery are assigned a key worker. This is either Miss Arnold or Mrs Deocades. At various points throughout the day we separate into these two smaller groups to ensure the children have time to develop a bond with that adult to help them feel safe and secure. It is also valuable time to encourage the children to use their speaking and listening skills and to learn about turn taking. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you hear?

We have been reading the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear over the past two weeks. The children got to meet Brown Bear himself and they really loved the beautiful illustrations. The children are really brilliant at joining in to retell the story and Miss Arnold is very impressed with how the children's story telling skills are coming along.

The very hungry caterpillar


This term we have learnt all about The very hungry caterpillar. The children loved this story and were so enthusiastic about it. We acted it out, created a story map, learnt about how caterpillars grow and change and made our own butterfly pictures. 

Our visitor from CAFOD

Nursery were very lucky to have a visit from Stephen from CAFOD. He came to speak to us about Laudato Si which is a really important letter that the Pope wrote to everyone in the world to encourage them to care for the earth. We learnt that it is really important not to waste the resources God has given us such as, water and energy and that we can do lots of small things to care for the earth such as turning off lights when we leave a room and recycling.


  Our class wish - To try our best and be kind to others.

Over the year, we will be encouraging the children to work hard to make our class wish come true and follow in the footsteps of Christ. In Prayer and Reflection assemblies, each class will chose a child who has worked towards their class wish so we can celebrate their achievements as a whole school community. 


Class wish

Emmanuel was the child that Miss Arnold and Deocades felt had really lived out our class wish this term. He is always kind to others and he goes out of his way to help anyone who is hurt or upset. We encourage the children to show compassion for others and live out the virtues and Emmanuel really does try his best to do this at all times. 

EYFS trip to see The Snowman

The children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed a trip The Birmingham Rep to see The Snowman last week. They had a wonderful time and were utterly captivated by the music and performances. It was marvellous to see how much they enjoyed the experience and their behaviour was exemplary. We even had members of the public approach the teachers to tell them how brilliant their behaviour was. Well done Nursery and Reception - you did St. Rose very proud.


Miss Arnold and Mrs Deocades were incredibly proud of all the children in our EYFS and Year One Nativity. They all did amazingly well and we couldn't have asked for more. We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the support from family members in providing costumes and supporting the children at the performances. It was a wonderful show that helped to remind us that at this time of year we should be thinking about how we can prepare for the coming of Christ even in the midst of the hustle and bustle. 

Advent retreat with Onelife Music


Nursery spent a wonderful day with Dan and Emily from Onelife Music on an Advent retreat. We thought all about our journey to Christmas through Advent and how God has given us this special time to get ready to welcome Jesus. We learnt some great new songs, made a human Advent wreath and made Advent promises. The children behaved so beautifully that Dan and Emily couldn't believe they were only in Nursery. 



After reading "Stickman" by Julia Donaldson, we made our own stick people!

Parent Consultations 

If you were unable to attend your parent consultation please see Miss Arnold to arrange an appointment at a convenient time. 

   Previous Stars of the week     

Our stars for Autumn 1:

Olivia - for settling in so well and trying hard to make good choices.

Jacob - For being so kind and always trying his best. 

Our stars for Autumn 2:

Ayah - For always making such good choices.

Karolina - For settling in so well.

Ciara-Lily - For being so polite and increasing in confidence.

Jenilia - For trying so hard and listening really well on the carpet.

Hosanna - For growing in confidence and conquering her fear of the stairs.

Our stars for Spring 1

Riley - For coming back to school after Christmas with a brilliant attitude and make great choices about his behaviour. 

Kaiven - For being such a wonderful new member of our class. 


Children who have made our class wish come true!


Autumn 2 - Isabella

Spring 1 - Emmanuel

Dear Zoo

Over the past two weeks, the children have been learning all about the story Dear Zoo. They loved learning about all of the different animals that arrived in the post and were able to retell the story fantastically! They enjoyed playing with the small world zoo, painting zoo animals and writing their own letters to the zoo. 

Some of our wonderful work on "Dear Zoo"

This week in Nursery

This week the children will be staying until 2pm. Please make sure they have a pair of black PE pumps in school for their PE lesson on a Tuesday. Also if you have not sent back the permission form regarding Tapestry we ask that you do so as soon as possible.


A few notes for parents:

  • Please send your child with a bag containing spare clothes (including shoes) and baby wipes in case they have an accident. However, please note that we expect children to be toilet trained when they start nursery. Please do not send children in nappies or pull-ups as we do not have facilities for changing children. 
  • Please make sure your child's name is in all of their clothing and on any bags you send in. This will make home time far easier and save lots of worry.