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After School Sports and Well-being Clubs - Spring 2



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Change 4 Life Athletics Kwik Sticks Running
KS 1 & 2 Y3 - 6 Y3 & 4 Y1 - 6

       6th March

      13th March

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7th March

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21st March

28th March


Tuesday 27th February 

1st March – Kwik Sticks Tournament*

2nd March

9th March

16th March

23rd March

Miss Neville 


Miss Jones

Miss Purcell 


Miss McDonald

Miss Neville 


Miss Jones


Miss Neville 


Miss Jones

 *We will advise you if your child has been selected for the tournaments. 

Cross Country

After a half term of training each Friday, where we saw almost 40 children from Year 1 to Year 6 attend, St Rose took part in the Cross Country Tournament.


We were asked to select just 14 children to come along to Woodgate Valley Park to compete against six other schools. The children took part with plenty of much needed enthusiasm and ran the course to collect numbered tickets. The aim was for each team to collect the lowest score by getting across the finish line as quickly as possible. Overall, we came 3rd and Miss Neville and Miss Jones were thrilled with the result!

We were also extremely proud of the behaviour of the children and especially pleased to hear them cheering each other along. A special thanks to Miss Purcell, Miss Murphy and Miss Hand who have been along to the training sessions - we could not have done it without you giving up your Friday afternoons!


After half term, we will be starting a new running club. Everyone is welcome as long as they come prepared to get muddy!  

Cross Country Team

Cross Country Team 1

Y3 and 4 Benchball Tournament


Well done to all those who took part in the tournament. The children took part well, tried their best, tried to work as a team and practised the skills that they had been learning in their after school club!


Unfortunately, we didn't win the tournament this time but it was great see the children playing alongside other children their age. As always, their behaviour was impeccable. 

Congratulations to St Peters who did win - it was great to see one of our Quad school partners taking home the trophy!

Skipping Competition

Congratulations to all of the KS1 and KS2 skippers for their fantastic determination, resilience and good sportsmanship during the competition! You did OLSR proud!

1st Place – KS2 Individual skipper – Aizelle

1st Place – KS2 team challenge – Aizelle, Sophia, Liliesha, Daniela, Laker and Ryley W

2nd Place – Relay and speed KS1 and 2 challenge

2nd Place – KS1 team challenge – Leilah, Seth, Roisin, Lisa-Marie, Katie and Maisey R


After Christmas, there will be a skipping club every Wednesday at break time with Miss McDonald.

All children are welcome!

Teams and Trust


This week in Enrichment, we focused on teamwork and building trust! The children had asked if they could use the enrichment equipment to build obstacle courses and Miss Lay and Miss Jones thought it was a brilliant idea! However, we decided to use this session to see how St Rose can develop their teamwork skills and how much they trust each other.


The children started the session by working as a team to guide a blindfolded Miss Jones from the Hygge Hub to the new storytelling chair. Although this required a lot of trust from Miss Jones, the children worked brilliantly together and were able to agree which instructions would be useful. 


Once they had worked as a whole group, it was time to split into pairs. To see how much they trusted each other, the children had to take it in turns to be blindfolded and tackle the obstacle course built from tyres. Nervously, they took tentative steps and used the guided instructions from their partner to complete the course - but they all survived!


It was then time for them to build an obstacle course for Miss Lay and Miss Jones to complete. They had to set up the course in teams and think about what it was they wanted us to do. Using the blindfolds, they had to test it out for themselves first. 


We all (adults included) had a brilliant afternoon and the governors, who were walking around to see what we get up to on MMADDD Fridays, liked it too!

Sensory Garden  - Relax and Retreat


Miss Neville has been busy practising her cursive handwriting to help transform our sensory garden into a place where we can retreat and relax! Her quotes and prayers are really going to help us to develop our mindfulness. You can also hear our new wind chimes which we hope help take your mind off the noise of the traffic going by. 


Handball Tournament


As you can probably tell from the photograph, we had a very successful time at the handball tournament! We trained hard, worked hard and played hard in order to beat six other schools in this game and it was worth it!

Thanks to Panashe, Ben, Sebastian, George, Calum, Ara, Leo, Aizelle, Dajeska and Laker!

Your excellent skills meant that we only lost the first match and won the rest. However, the competition was tough and two other schools did the same. It was  your goals that won the tournament!

We are so proud of our team as they played so well, but their behaviour  - as it always is - was impeccable! They were excellent sports throughout the afternoon. They worked brilliantly as a team, looking after each other, but also shook hands with the other teams after every match. 


We would also like o thank the other children who didn't get to come to the tournament - we wouldn't have been able to win without you coming to training. Thanks to Cody, Royce, Syde and Rudy!


It was also great to see Miss Sly, Miss Cheema and Miss Broadhead who helped to train us there too! 


Well done, St Rose... Hopefully, there'll be more trophies to follow!

Enrichment wish


In keeping with our focus on the Catholic Virtues, each class has their own 'wish' that they are hoping  demonstrates their use of the virtues. As a school, we look to show our use of the virtues in all that we do. With this in mind, we have an 'enrichment wish' for the whole school...


To demonstrate love and respect for the outdoors, showing appreciation for God's work. 


Our first winners are...

  Braeden and Giacomo   


Since last year, these two boys have been helping Miss Neville as dedicated gardeners. The start of this term has seen them encouraging others to look after and show respect in our quiet area. Not only are they happy to help out with the hard work of preparing the soil for the plants, but they help to make sure that others are respecting the area too. Thank you boys - your hard work and support is appreciated. 

Perfect Planting


Miss Jones, Miss Neville, Mrs O'Meally and Miss Lay asked the children of St Rose to help transform some different areas around school with plants. They were blown away with the the amount of volunteers that offered to help!


In teams, we planted lots of different things: fruit trees, rose bushes, potatoes, onions and herbs at the back of school as well as lots of beautiful plants to transform our quiet area! We certainly couldn't have done in all on our own!



Have a look at our hard work below...

Survival Shelters


Miss Jones and Mrs O'Meally challenged some of the children to build shelters without help! 

The children were given very basic equipment: tarpaulin, bamboo sticks, rope, pegs, crates and tyres. 

The requirements were that it was waterproof, it must stay up on its own and everyone in their team needed to fit inside. 


The children learned quickly that they needed to listen to each other and work well as a team. They decided that, if there were disagreements, that voting stopped arguments. Some of the shelters were more successful than others but all the children had fun, communicated well and worked hard. 


At the end of the session, we reflected on the importance of shelters and how lucky we are to have safe and comfortable homes. We took the time thank God for all that he provides for us and how fortunate we are. 


See how we got on below... 

Helping to train teachers of the future!


St Rose feels privileged to have been asked to help with giving some young women from Newman College experience before they go on to their first ever teaching practice in a few weeks' time! Miss Cheema, Miss Sly and Miss Broadhead came to help Miss Jones teach handball to the Y5 and Y6 children in preparation for the big tournament on the 5th October!

They were brilliant and we really enjoyed having them in our lessons. They even stayed to help out in our after school club! 

See them in action below...

Our Lady and St Rose of Lima is proud to be working with The FA Lidl Skills programme to deliver professional football coaching. The programme provides approved PE Lessons in over 2,000 primary schools each year, not only supporting the development of primary school teachers but also ensures children are engaged in sessions which meet the PE National Curriculum requirements. There are also additional lunch time and after school opportunities!

The FA Lidl Skills programme delivers high quality football coaching for 5 - 11 year olds in safe and inclusive learning environments, whilst being simple, game related and enjoyable.

Based on a unique FA coaching model, The FA Lidl Skills provides a chance for children to:

  • Learn new social skills; working in groups, discussing ideas with their teammates and their coach.
  • Increase fitness; Help improve fitness and learn fundamental movements.
  • Strive technically; develop and learn new skills with the chance to apply them in games.
  • Heighten decision making; selecting the best skill or strategy for the situation.
  • Develop learning within the National Curriculum for PE

To find out more about the programme or to book half term holiday sessions visit

Girl's Football Club - Lunchtimes



This year, it is our aim to give every child a chance to experience a further ‘enriched’ curriculum: a chance to develop the skills taught in their classroom lessons to practical activities.


As well as developing the use of the outdoors in a range of their lessons, during our MMADDD Fridays, each class will have ‘Forest School’ sessions with Mrs O'Meally, Miss Jones and Miss Lay. Children will take part in groups  and will have a chance to experience a range of enriching activities in each rotation. 


It is our hope that, as well as engaging with the outdoor environment, the children will have practical experiences to develop things that they have learnt in lessons like science, maths, design technology and even develop communication and teamwork in the process.