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Welcome to the Year One page! 


We are always working hard in Year 1 and enjoy our learning. This is our official class page and we will make sure we update this regularly with our fantastic work and any  any important information you  may need.


King Regards,


Miss Murphy and Mrs Deocades


Super Science- Drawing Wild Flowers in our Garden


Year One have been learning all about plants this half term. They have been learning about different flowers we may find in the garden such as Roses, Lilly's, Grass, Tulips, Sunflowers and Poppies. The children have drawn the different flowers and labelled them in their Science books to create their own garden of wild flowers.


The children have really enjoyed looking at the different flowers and comparing how they are similar and different. They have been very good scientists with their identifying and classifying skills. Well done Year One!

Sports Day 2017!


Today all of KS1 took part in our annual Sports Day. Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two all took part in different sporting activities to collect points for their house! There was a treasure hunt, penalty shoot out, skipping, sprinting,   balancing tennis balls  and throwing javelin!


The children all really engaged with all the activities and loved working as a team to try and raise points! Every child got involved and gave everything their best- we are so proud of all of you! A special congratulations to Saint Thomas Aquinas House who were our winners! Well done to everybody!


Our Class wish 

For this half term each class has chosen a wish that they would like to see all children in their class performing. For Year One we decided together that our wish should be that " we can make more happy by happy by being kind and loving to them with our words and actions." like to see acted out in their class.  


In Year One we realise that we need to work on this wish by being kind to each other both in the classroom and at play time. This could include helping each other, cheering each other up and simply being good friends to one another. We would like to see less telling tales on each other and more positive things being said about our classmates!

Each week of the term a child will be chosen from each class who we feel has really understood and shown this class wish to everybody at all times. They will then win a fantastic 10 house points for their house team! 

Jamie has been chosen this week for fulfilling our class wish. He is a fantastic friend to others and is always seen cheering up children up when they are sad and upset. He also really supports other children in class when they do well and is always the first to say well done to others. He is a real kind and loving friend- Well done Jamie!



Previous class wish winners: 






Charity Day Danceathon 2017!



Today Year One took part in the Danceathon challenge along with the rest of the school... and what a fantastic day it was! The children had to dance ALL DAY! This included performing a class dance to the parents at the start of the day, dancing to ballet, mambo, free style, street, cheesy disco and even dancing in the dark with glow sticks!


The children did so well, especially considering what a hot day it was! They kept going dancing all day and kept their spirits high to raise some money for Birmingham Children's Hospital!


We smashed  our total of £2,200 and have actually raised over £4,200! This takes our charity fundraising total to £22,000 which is amazing! We could not have done this without the hard work of all the dance troops who came in to see and work with  us, the parents and who helped raise sponsorship money and the children for dancing away all day! A huge thank you must be said to our charity committee and head of charity events Miss Nevill! Without her none of this would be possible!


A huge well done to all of Year One and all of Saint Rose- what a fantastic day and achievement for all of us!



Moving Up Day!


Yesterday the children from Reception came into Year One for the day to get a taste of life in Year One! The children an excellent day that included making rules, going to Mass, playing games, reading stories and skipping outside. A lot of the children bought in their fantastic boxes all about themselves which were such a pleasure to see and show! The children loved talking about their special boxes and it really gave Mrs Deocades and I an idea of what the children were like!


We all had a fantastic day- the children were all so well behaved and did so well. They are definitely read for Year One and Mrs Deocades and I are looking forward to working with them next year! Well done Reception!


star emblem


This week our star of the week is Ali Jay. Ali Jay could easily be chosen every week as our star- he  is a real pleasure and delight to have in the classroom. He is a child that is always eager and keen to do the right thing. He always listens attentively to instructions and explanations in class and he always wants to do the best in all his work. He has a fantastic work ethic and commitment to all aspects of his learning and he is a real star! Well done Ali Jay! 

The  star of the week's in Year one so far have been:








Ali Jay 


Lily G


Maisie O




Lily E








All of Year One ( Phonics.)



Making Rainbow Fish.


This half term we have been studying the story of The Rainbow Fish. Today the children did some art with Mrs Deocades where they designed and made their own Rainbow Fish. They decorated it how they wishes using sequins, glitter and feathers. The children really enjoyed this practical activity and their rainbow fish all look fantastic. They really are the most colourful and beautiful fish in the ocean!

Important!-  Danceathon Charity Day- 7th July 2017!


Are you ready for the challenge Year 1?


This year, our big summer charity event is a Danceathon and we are raising money again for the Birmingham Children's Hospital.


We have set a target of £2,200 for the whole school which is more than achievable if everyone tries to get sponsorship.  New sponsorship forms have been sent out today so please check your child's book bag to help them get some sponsorship. it is so important that we help to all do our bit and raise money for those children who are poorly!


You can also ask people to sponsor them online using the justgiving website


Can we be the best fundraising class Year 1??


We have included some  photos below of the children practising their dance for the danceathon. We can't tell you exactly what we are doing as it's a secret ( shhh!) but here are some helpful clues.... Can you guess what song it might be to?! 

Year 1 Reflection Assembly- Saint Peter and Saint Paul.


On Monday the children held a prayer and worship assembly for the feats of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The children talked to the rest of the school and parents about who these saints were and what they did in their lives. The children had all practised their lines so hard and they were fantastic up on stage. They all used lovely loud, clear voices and all children were involved in the assembly in some way which was fantastic.


Can I say a huge thank you to the number of parents who came to watch us- it was so lovely to see so many of you and we were really grateful for all your support. The children loved performing their assembly in front of you and teaching you about the saints.


Well done Year One- we are very proud of you!

Fantastic Fractions!


This wee we have been looking at half and quarter fractions in Maths. We have been finding different halves and quarter fractions of shapes and identifying what fractions of shapes are shared. We then did a maths reasoning lesson today where children had to look at different shapes and identify if they were halves and quarters or not. The children had to consider if the shape was split into 2 or 4 parts and if the parts were split equally. The children did really well and were fantastic maths detectives! We are noe going to be moving on to finding fractions of numbers and quantities!


You did fantastic reasoning today Year One- you all used fantastic explanations and have really used your new fraction knowledge and skills to support you! Well done!

Our Plants Growing!


We have been doing some working scientifically this week in observing and recording how our plants have grown. Since we planted them 2 weeks ago the plants have started to grow- they are nice and tall and look healthy and green! We could see roots on our plants and even little leaves appearing. The children were so excited that they had planted something which was now growing and we couldn't believe how quickly our plants grew. We discussed why our plants had grown so well and what we had given them to help them grow- the children observed how we had water them every day and put them in the sunlight so they had plenty of air and warmth!


The children have really embraced growing their plants and are enjoying watching them grow every day. Well done Year One!

PTFA Fathers Day


Today the children worked with the PTFA to make a special gift for their fathers for Fathers Day this Sunday. They worked very hard to make homemade cards which they took home to give to their fathers or a special man in their life. Year One worked really hard on their cards and were very eager to show their daddy's how much they love them and appreciate them! Thank you daddies and fathers for all you do for us!

MADD Afternoons- Year One Dance!


Every Friday the children have been participating in a dance session with Miss Mcdonald. They have been focusing on animal movements and considering how different animals might move. They have been trying out different animal stretches, jumps and moves and are starting to put their skills together into a dance.


They are learning a dog dance for "Who Let the dogs out?" and are thoroughly enjoying themselves! Miss Mcdonald has informed me of how engaged and enthusiastic all the children have been, and that they have truly been fantastic animals! Well done Year One!

Fantastic ICT!


This term we are focusing on being collectors in ICT. We are using the internet to find information such as pictures and text. Today the children went on a safe search and found images for different topics such as superheroes, animals, food and princesses.


The children worked in partners and had to find the search engine, type the words into google safe images to find the pictures and the copy and paste the pictures onto a power point.


The children could then experiment with the pictures making them bigger or smaller or rotating them. The children did so well and really enjoyed using the internet to find pictures of interesting things! They were amazed by how much they could access on the internet and how we can use it for a vast source of information. Well done Year One- you have been super collectors!

Phonics Screening Test!


The children have now all completed the Phonics Screening Check for Year One. They have all done so well and we are so proud of all of them. We have had the highest rate of passes and top marks ( 40 out of 40) for a long time and I truly believe it is because Year One have worked so hard.


They have all been so enthusiastic and engaged about their Phonics from the beginning and it has truly paid of for all of them. Well done Year One- you have worked so hard! Miss Nevill, Mrs Deocades and I are so proud of you and you deserve a good rest this week! 


We would also like to say a big thank you to Miss Nevill for taking the tests with Year One! She also said how impressed she was by their reading and determination. WELL DONE YEAR ONE! 

Year One's Bird Feeders!


This week the children have been focusing on Forest School and outdoor activities with Mrs Beddall. They have been making fantastic bird feeders using apples, pencils and bird feet. The children made holes in the apple using the pencils and then attached bird feed to the end.


The children have really enjoyed being outside and making food for the animals and God's creatures! Please look at our photos below.

Vocation Dress up Day!


Today the children dressed up as their vocation and what they would like to be when they grew up. We had an array of doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers and vets. The children all thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and being in role for their future career.


The children have really impressed me with their dreams and aspirations and I know they are all going to change the world some day! All the children have told us how they want to make the world a better place which is so pleasing to hear- well done Year One!


Please see the photos below for the children's costumes!

MADD Afternoon!


Today the school had their first MADD afternoon where the children partake in different activities such as Music, Art, Dance, Drama, MFL and DT.


Mrs Hawkins and I are working with Year 4 and Year 2 this half term- our theme is Super heroes and we are working on creating some dialogue and freeze frames for this topic. We are also experimenting with different drama games and skills and improving our confidence in Drama.


The children did really well today and we have added some photos below. Please take a look!

Importance Notice- Phonics Screening Check- week commencing 12th June 2017. 


Welcome back everybody after what I hope was a relaxing and peaceful half term break.


I would like to remind you all that the children will be taking their Phonics Screening test  next week ( week commencing Monday 12th  of June.) As the test is so near it is ESSENTIAL that  you continue to practise Phonics and reading with your child. I have sent out a letter to every child where I have attached a list of sounds and word on a power point that children can read at home with you to practise their phonics blending and segmenting.


All of the phonic sounds are also in the middle of the children’s reading diaries for you to practise at home and the children can access and learn their Phonics at school through Phonics Bug. This website is full of interactive games and books to help the children with practicing the Phonics sounds for their phase and ability.


The children have all been given their logins and passwords to acess the site. The website is


It is also imperative that all children in Year One must be in school during this week and Week 2 commencing 12th of June. During this week and next week we will be doing regular phonics practise and interventions so whole class attendence is essential. It  is the most important week for Year One of the year!


The Phonics Screening Check is the most important focus in Year One and I urge you to take full advantage of the time we have of over the holiday and  ensure your child practises their Phonics. It will really benefit your child in the test if they can practise their Phonics regularly over the next week.

Vocation Week at St Rose!


This week in Year One we are learning all about vocations. This means that we are looking at jobs which help the community and others. This could include fire fights, doctors and nurses or teachers. The children have really enjoyed the theme so far and have loved talking about what they want to be when they grow up! Year One have wanted to be a range of vocations- we have had police men, dentists, a lot of teachers and even a lawyer!


The children are really taking the time out to think about how they can help and change the world. We are studying Florence Nightingale this week who had a fantastic vocation of being a nurse. We are going to be learning about her life and character and putting this into a character description on Friday.


The children are really enjoying and embracing Vocation Week and we have been very impressed by their responses. Well done Year One!

Gymnastics Festival! 


On Friday five Year One and Two girls were chosen to go to  the Gymnastics Festival. They went with Miss Neville and Mrs Richardson and had a fantastic time. The children had the opportunity to try out flips, trampolining and use different apparatus to improve their gymnastics skills. The girls did incredibly well and their behaviour was superb. We are very proud of all our girls- well done! 

Learning about Pentecost! 


This week we have been learning all about Pentecost ans the gift of the Holy Spirit. The children have really enjoyed learning about how God sent the Holy spirit using wind and fire. They acted out the story today and pretend to be the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit. They were amazed when they talked in different languages!


The children have also been discussing what the Holy Spirit means. We have talked about how it is Jesus' love and spirit and that Jesus is always in our hearts and thoughts as the Holy Spirit.


The children have really embraced this bible story and celebration and are really welcoming their Holy Spirit into their own lives through their learning. Well done Year One!

Our Stained Glass Windows!


In Art this week we have been used paper to make stained glass windows. We had a template of a star or heart and used it to draw our design onto a  laminated sheet of paper. After outlining the template we then decorated our windows as we wished.


Some children drew pictures of their favourite things or coloured it in a creative way. The children enjoyed making their windows and they all look fab! Well done Year One!

Our Stained Glass Windows!

Our Computing Videos!


Today we finished off our unit on videos by editing our newly made videos from last week. We took out parts we didn't like and the children were even clever enough to add a title and credits to their work. On the credits the children were able to write their names and state what each child did in the video making.


The children were then able to watch their videos back and found them very funny. They found making and editing a video a challenge but they have worked really hard and are beginning to grasp the basic features for making a good standard video.


Look at some pictures of our fantastic work below- well done Year One!

Our Catholic Life Book!


Throughout the school we have now been given our very own Catholic life book for each class. This is a very special book where we put in any special education or work we have been doing which links to our relationship with God and Jesus. This can include Science work and working with God's world, going on a special educational trip or working as a team together in our house teams.


We have this book to celebrate the different accomplishments, gifts, and opportunities we do that make us closer to God and to "living, learning and loving together through Christ."


Please look at some pictures of our bool below to see what we have put in so far! It includes our class wish, our house times, our visit from the dentist and much more!

Amazing Art!


This term we are learning all about different types of paper in Art. This week we have been using paper to create collages. The children picked a theme for their colage which showed a scene- we had animals, season scenes, flowers, trees or the seaside.


The children then picked different images out of magazines that fitted their theme, cut them out and glued them to the collage. They did it with a partner and enjoyed working together.


The children made some fantastic collages using paper and got very creative! Well done Year One!

Learning about the Rosary!


This week we have been learning all about the Rosary as it is the month of May and Mary. We have been learning about how the Rosary helps us to pray and how we use different prayers when we say it such as The Glory Be, The Our Father and The Hail Mary. 


The children have been looking at the mysteries of the Rosary and have discussed how praying with these beads can help us feel closer to God and Mary,and helps us with learning about the life of God and Jesus.


The children had a go  at feeling the Rosary beads and we said a few prayers with them too- we now feel very faith filled and much closer to Jesus in our thoughts and prayers.


Well done Year One- fantastic RE Work!

Computing Week 2- Filming our instructions!


Today in Computing we had James in again. We were continuing with our we are film makers unit and today had a go at filming our own instructions for making a jam sandwich. We used the instructions we had made last week to then film these instructions being carried out. 


We used the ipads to help us record the activity and worked in groups of 4. Two children were the directors of the film and in charge, one was the camera man and held the ipad and the other was the film star who was filmed carrying out the instructions.


The children worked really well as a team and the filmed instructions look brilliant- the children read out the instructions they had made so that the children being filmed on screen knew what to do next and were able to show themselves carrying out instructions for making a jam sandwich. The children are very much looking forward to editing them and then watching their videos back next time- well done Year One!

Computing Week 2- Filming our Instructions.



This week in Maths we are looking at different capacities. We have discussed how capacities means room or space in a container and we looked at a variety of different containers.We have been discussing how different size containers may still have the same capacity- we found some long and thin containers and some short and thick ones that still measured the same amount of water or capacity!


The children have really enjoyed being outside with the containers and have loved experimenting with water. We are moving onto looking at measuring in litres tommorow and comparing capacities with different weights.


Well done Year One!

The Easter Story


Today the children learnt about the Easter story of the women visiting the tomb. We read the story and discussed what happened. The children were so happy that Jesus was alive and they wanted to go and share this news with all their friends and family.


The children then acted out two events in the story- the angel appearing to the women and Jesus visiting his disciples and telling them he was alive. The children really enjoyed this story and there are some fantastic photos below!




Jesus is alive!- The Easter story

Computing- making our Jam Sandwich!


Today in Computing we were lucky to have James Ingram in again who is our Computing specialist and technician. This half term we are going to be film makers and are goint to use the ipads and software to create our own film of us showing a recipe for making a jam sandwich.


Today we thought about the instructions in our recipe and the steps we would need to take to ake our jam sandwich. James modelled making a jam sandwich first and we had to tell him what to do in the right order. We realised that we had to be really specific with our instructions too!


The children then went away in pairs and wrote down their instructions for making a jam sandwich. We then came back together at the end and reviewed their instructions. We tried them out with Miss Murphy making a sandwich to ee how effective they were- Miss Murphy had to follow instructions. We then discussed what mistakes we made and how we could make them even better for next time.


The children are really looking forward to next week with James where they will be learning how to film on the ipads!

Super Science


In Science this term we are learning all about the Seasonal changes from Spring to Summer. Today we went outside and observed the different changes in our environment which showed us that Spring had come. We were looking at the blossom and green leaves on the trees and the beautiful flowers which has grown. We really enjoyed putting our observation hats on and we all wrote some fantastic observations of what we saw when we came back to class. Well done Year One- you really are super scientists!

Marvellous Maths


This week in Maths the children have been learning all about position and direction. They have been learning about different positions such and their opposites such as over, under, in front of and behind. Today they had a go at using the beebots to help them with direction. They had treasure maps and had to program the beebots to different locations oh the map. They could only move the beebots suing the controls which were forward, backward, left and right.


The children have done really well and it would help if you could ask the children at home about their Maths. I am sure they can tell you some new fantastic positions and directions they have learnt!


Spelling changes for Year One!


This half term, we will be teaching spelling slightly differently. We will still r be focusing on our high frequency words  exception words in class but each week the children will learn the spelling 'rules' for changing words. They will learn 10 words in class but the list will also be given to them to take home each Monday.  Please continue or start to test them at home to help them practise these and the high frequency words.


The words for w/c 24th April are: now, how, brown, down, town, out, about, mouth, sound. 


Activelearn and Big Maths Reminder!


I would just like to remind you that lots of work has been allocated online for your child on the Active Learn website. The website has excellent games and resources for you to use and practise with your child which will support them in their class reading work. This is an excellent way of recapping the work we have learnt whilst also being able to access new books. There is also the Big Maths website where children go online each week and have one practise at their learn it test. It really does make a difference to their score so please ensure you keep doing them!  The log in details have already been sent out for both sites and the the websites are as follows:





Summer Term PE

Please be reminded that your child should have their PE kit in AT ALL TIMES  so that we can check that they have their full kit. Our most common problem is that pumps become too small over the holidays so can I politely ask that you please check that their kit is washed, is fully labelled and fits them properly before sending it in.


The full PE kit is as follows:

  • PE Bag (name clearly visible)
  • Black Plimsolls (name clearly marked on each pump)
  • Royal Blue plain shorts (name clearly marked on the label)
  • White plain t-shirt (name clearly marked on the label)


Many thanks.


Welcome back!


Welcome back Year One. We hope you all had a relaxing and peaceful Easter break and thay uo are looking forward to the final Summer Term. This term we are studying the Seaside as our topic- we will be learning all about the seaside of today, as well as observing the seaside from 100 years ago. Thank you to all the children who completed their fantastic seaside projects- it was a joy to read them all.


Please see below Year One's study map for the Summer term which details what we will be learning about in the next 12 weeks.

Study Map Summer Year 1

Happy Easter everybody!


All of Year One would like to wish everybody a very happy and peaceful Easter break. Yesterday we had our Easter party where the children took part in an Easter egg hunt in the school playground!


Please feel free to look at the photos below.


We hope that you all have a relaxing and happy break and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 24th of April when the Summer term begins. 


Science Week in Year 1!


This week has been all about Science and trying out new and fun experiments.  During  the week, we have been  exploring lots of different experiments which help the the children think scientifically!


We have looked at two experiments- Run Away Spices and Wonderful colours. The children have really got into the spirit of Science and have enjoyed taking part in the experiments.


They have even had a wonderful go at recording the experiments in their books, talking about what equipment they used, what they did and what they discovered. They really have put on their working scientifically hats this week and I think they are all going to be fantastic scientists! Well done Year One!

The Last Supper


This week Year One have been continuing with their  learning about Holy Week. We have learnt about Palm Sunday and are now focusing on the story of The Last Supper. Today the children acted out the story in class. We had bread and wine ( ribena of course!) and acted out the story. We blessed the bread and wine and gave thanks to God. We then shared and ate it together discussing how we felt and what the story meant. We then ended the lesson by sequencing the story and writing some sentences about it.


I was very impressed with how well the children got into the role and how serious they were about the importance of the story. Well done Year One!)

Dentist Visit!


Today Year One and Two were lucky enough to have a visit from the dentist! We met two lovely dentist experts who told us everything we need to know about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. They taught us about how to brush our teeth properly and told us how often we should be brushing our teeth. They also talked about some food that were good for our teeth and some foods which were high in sugar and which might be best to avoid. We even got to role play being dentists which the children found really fun!


The children really enjoyed the workshop about their teeth and they have discovered lots of new ideas about how to keep their teeth healthy and clean as they grow up. 

Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores.


Today we did some super Science where we found out about what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores meant and what animals are these types. We then did some sorting and sorted different animal cards into carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. The children listened really well and were fantastic scientists- they sorted the cards fantastically and really looked at what the animals ate in their diet so that they could label them correctly. Well done Year One!

Lunch time Stars!


This week three Year One children have been named Star of the Week by Mrs Edwards. Maisey R, Lily E and Katie have been chosen for their fantastic manners and for being so helpful to Mrs Edwards at lunchtime. They are always seen wanting to be helpful and kind to both the staff and the children. Well done girls- we are very proud of you!

Picture 1



In DT this week we have finished our amazing houses and homes. We painted them this week using different colour paints. We had to think about what part of the house we were painting and what colour it would be. We also had to work as a team, taking turns with the paints and working together. The houses look fantastic as a finished product and all of Year One have done so well- well done Year One!

Palm Sunday


This week the children have been looking at Holy Week and the story of Palm Sunday. We have been learning about the story of Jesus riding in to Jerusalem on a donkey and the people welcmong him and waving palms. After reading the story we then acted it out together in class. The children did fantastic drama and they really have a good understanding and grasp of the story now. Well done Year One!




Comic Relief Crazy Clothes day



Well done to all of Year One today who came in their crazy clothes and raised lots of money for Comic Relief!


Year 1 did amazingly with raising money- we raised a huge £27 which is more than we have ever raised before as a class! 


All the children really welcomed and embraced the dressing up in their Crazy Clothes and every costume was different! It was fantastic to see how inventive and creative the children could be with their choice of clothes. A special mention needs to be given to Jake who won the best costume outfit in Year One. He came was Willy Wonka with a crazy coat hair, trousers and glasses!


This truly has been one of our best charity days at St Rose- well done to year One and all the children and parents for their fantastic support!




RE- The story of Jesus and the children.


Today we acted out the story of Jesus and the children for our RE lesson. This is the story where Jesus welcomes children and says that he loves all children and blesses them. The children learnt that children are never turned away from Jesus and that he always has time for them and cares for them.


The children acted out the story fantastically- We had Jesus, the children and the disciples! Role playing the story has really helped the children to understand the message of the story- well done Year One!

Picture 1

Smashing Science!



Today the children looked at sorting and grouping animals. We discovered and discussed how animals were similar and different and their characteristics. We then came up with our own questions for sorting animals for example Does it have fur or Does it have a tail?


We then had pictures of different animals and grouped them according to the question and their characteristics. We then wrote our favorite question in our book and grouped the different animals in our book.


Fantastic grouping and classifying Year One- well done!

Our Fantastic DT Homes!


Today in DT we finally made our homes! The children used masses of toilet rolls, huge amounts of cardboard, enormous boxes and a vast amount of plastic bottles to make their creations!


The children spent the afternoon making their creation using glue, scissors and masking tape! The children were very proud to produce two hotels, a bungalow, a block of flats and a caravan! The children really enjoyed making their creations. They have now been put in the library for safe keeping and we will be painting them next week!


The children are desperate to show you their fantastic creations so I have put some pictures below. Please feel free to take a look. A huge thank you again to all the parents who bought in materials for the children to use- the children had lots of resources to use and it made for a fantastic lesson in allowing the children to really get creative!

Comic Relief- Friday 24th March. 

This year, to raise money for Comic Relief, we are challenging you to wear the craziest combination of clothes you can!There will be prizes for the craziest combination in each Key Stage! This will happen

on Friday 24th March.


To raise the money, we are asking for £1 donation for each child to wear their crazy combinations instead of your school uniform! This would give each class roughly £30.


However... if you would like to see your teacher’s face painted – by one of your classmates – then, as a class, you need to raise £40! Imagine how silly you could make them look!


If you would like to see Mrs O’Meally, Mr Carroll and Dr Gould’s face painted by a member of Y6, then as a school we need to raise £300! Wouldn’t it be funny to see Mr Carroll with a pink, glittery face?


Let’s make this the funniest, craziest Comic Relief that we’ve ever had at St Rose!

Our Lent Prayers


This half term in Year One we are focusing on prayer. We are aiming to have more prayer and reflection time in class so that we can feel closer to God during this period of Lent.


Today the children wrote their own lent prayers to God in class. They wanted to say thank you to God for this special time or to ask him to help them be closer to him and to be a better person. We then said and read  some of our prayers out loud in a prayerful meditation to God.


The children wrote some lovely prayers and we are very proud of them. Please feel free to have a look at some of their fantastic prayers below. 

Our Lent Prayers

A Big Thankyou!


Thank you so much!!!


We have all had so many different resources bought in for out DT project- our classroom is now full of boxes, tubes and plastic bottles! We can’t wait to get started on making our houses next week- we are so grateful for your support.


We now have plenty of resources and materials for our boxes and we no longer need any more to be bought in.


Thanks again for your fantastic support!

Our Recount


In Year One we have been learning how to write a recount this week. We are writing a recount of Our Kapati Plain story pretending that we are Ki Pat.


We have been using some useful tips to help us such as using I, writing in the past and using time connectives!


Please talk to your child at home about any sentences that they have learnt this week for their recount.


To help us get into the role of Ki Pat the children dressed up as him in class and thought of different sentences they could say e.g i see a cloud.


Please have a look at a few of our photos below!

Can you help Year One? 


For this half term we are focusing on looking at home in our DT topic. In two weeks’ time we will be creating our own homes in groups using a variety of different materials- we will be using cardboard, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, juice cartons and plastic bottles to create our houses.


There are lots of materials that the children will be using for their homes and therefore Mrs Deocades and I would be extremely grateful if you could bring in any of these materials for us. There are lots of materials that you may have at home, for example, plastic bottles or the cardboard tubes can be sourced from kitchen roll and toilet roll tubes which you may have in your house.


I have enclosed a picture below of the materials that we need for our homes- if you could bring any of these in by Friday 17th March at the very latest we would be very grateful. We need as many materials as we can so that the children make truly fantastic homes.




Fabulous DT


Today we started our first step towards making our DT homes. We were given boxes and different shapes made from card. We then had had to make our houses using the shapes using PVA glue thinking about where our windows, doors and roof would go.


The children even considered and discussed having gardens for their houses. They made plants in their garden and animals by scrunching up bits of card.


The children did very well and we are looking forward to seeing their real DT home models in 2 weeks time!

Prayer Focus


This half term Year One are focusing on being more prayerful in our lives, while we are both at school and home. We are aiming to spend the last 5 minutes of our day in prayerful reflection to help us become closer to God and Jesus during this special time of Lent.


The children have really taken this challenge seriously and are enjoying the reflection time and silent prayer that they are having with God.  They are realizing what a special and sacred time Lent is and how we can use it wisely!


We have also made a prayer wall in class where we have displayed our special prayers and any special symbols/ pictures we may need to help us when we are praying. It is so lovely to see all the children really taking the time to think about their prayers! 



Fantastic Maths!


For our Maths topic this week we are focusing on weight and measuring different objects. We have been discussing how we know objects to be heavier or lighter using the scales and what we mean by those terms.


Today the children had their first go at using the scales- we measured the different weight of groups and worked out which fruit was the heaviest and lightest.


The children discovered that the pineapple fruit was the heaviest and the carrot and radish were the lightest fruits. Well done Year One!



Well done Year One- you looked absolutely brilliant today in your fantastic costumes. Our theme was Classic Tales and the children really took the theme on board in their dressing up.


We had Dorothy join us from TheWizard of Oz, lots of beautiful princesses from fairy tales and even a frog from The wind in the Willows.  


All the children looked amazing and we had a fantastic day celebrating all the beautiful and treasured bookshave  around the world. 


Thank you also to all the parents who took the time to help their child get into character today- the time and effort really paid of! This was the best World Book Day costumes we have had so far!


Winning Class Attendance!


This week Year One have won Ted again, the attendeance bear. He has been given to Year One as we were the class who had the best attendance for this week. We are so pleased to have him in Year One and the children are delighted that he will be joining us as we do our work next week. 


It is so important that your child attends school every day- they can miss a lot of work by having only a few days so please, unless your child is really poorly,  make sure they are in school and on time.


Well done Year One again for your fantastic attendance! 

Winning Class Attendance!

Winning Class Attendance! 1
Winning Class Attendance! 2

Houses and Homes- DT 


We have finished our Art topic and are now focusing on DT  for the remainder of this half term and Spring 2.  Our topic is called House and Homes and we will be looking at some of the different  and amazing homes that we have here in the UK as well as different houses all over the world. This week, we looked at a variety of different homes using pictures and described and discussed their varying properties and characteristics. Our end result will be the children creating their very own houses in groups at the end of the half term- we can't wait to show you them soon!

Homes and Houses- DT

Black Country Living Museum


Today we went on our trip to the Black Country Living Museum. We had a fantastic day at the museum learning all about different toys from Victorian times. We began the day with a toy handling workshop where we learnt all about the different toys Victorian children used to play with. We were even lucky enough to spend lots of time exploring and playing with the different toys! We saw cup and balls, Jacob's ladders and old fashioned dolls. We then went around the outside museum and saw different Victorian houses and where they lived. We finished of our day with a Victorian school lesson- we couldn't believe how strict the school and g

teachers were! The children were also outraged that they had would have had to pay to come to school!



We had a fantastic day out and the children learnt so much- however, most of them said that they would prefer to live today rather than 150 years ago!  Mrs Deocades and I think we agree with them!



Half Term Homework Project!

After the half term break in DT we will be looking at our new topic- Homes. We will be learning about a variety of different homes and their different features. We will be looking at different type of homes, and moving on to even designing and creating some of our own!


Over half term it would be very helpful if you could spend some time with your child researching some different homes with your child. I would like your child to stick in 3 different types of homes into their homework book and write some sentences about what they found out about them.

Fantastic ICT


Today the children made their own illustrations using the paint program. They had decided whether to draw the character of the wolf or Red Riding Hood from our story this half term and they had already planned and drawn their illustrations on paper with their partner.


Today we put their Computing skills to the test and they had a go at making their pictures on the laptops using their plans. I was so impressed with the children's computing skills- they were all able to make a character and even add a backdrop to their work where they made Grandma's house and the woods.


The children have worked really hard in their Computing this half term and I am very proud of all of them- keep it up Year One! 

Growth Mindset Lesson


At our school we are thinking about using a 'growth mindset' approach in our learning. This means that we have an attitude where we want to keep getting better at our learning and keep our brains growing. It means being resilient in the face of new challenges and striving to make ourselves better at our work.


For our first lesson we looked at not giving up. We discussed how if we are not very good at something, instead of giving up, we should keep trying and practicing. If we keep going and keep trying hard we will eventually get better. 


I have seen this in Year One myself- all the children have improved so much in their Reading, Writing and Maths because they have not given up and have kept trying every day. Well done Year One- we are well on the way to  a Growth Mindset attitude! 


Please feel free to look at some photos of our lesson below. 

Our Growth Mindset Lesson

Super Scientists!


Our science topic this half term is Materials and today we carried out an experiment to test which materials were waterproof. Our task was to consider which materials would be suitable for an umbrella- we tested out tracing paper, fabric, tin foil, clingfilm/ cellophane, newspaper and tissue paper.


The children enjoyed discovered whether the material absorbed the paper or whether it leaked or dripped out of it! They were excellent at analysing which materials were waterproof and explaining why.


We decided the best materials would be cellophane or tin foil- these materials did not break when water touched them and the water did not let leak or drip through. Please ask your child about the experiment they did in school- they had lots of fun  doing it and I am sure they would love to tell you! 

Super Scientists- Materials Waterproof Experiment

Feeding of The Five Thousand


This week Year One are learning about the feeding of the five thousand bible story. We have read the story together today and have acted out the story and discussed what happened. The children weere amazed by the miracle and could not believe that 5 loaves of bread and 2  fish could feed 5,000 people!


We will be sequencing the story later this week so please ask your child about the story they have learnt in class.

Feeding of the Five Thousand

Year 1 win class attendance! 


This week Year One have won Sven, our attendance reindeer! He has been given to Year One as we were the class who had the best attendance for this week. We are so pleased to have him in Year One and the children are delighted that he will be joining us as we do our work next week. 


It is so important that your child attends school every day- they can miss a lot of work by having only a few days so please, unless your child is really poorly,  make sure they are in school and on time.


Well done Year One again for your fantastic attendance! 

Winning Class Attendance!

Winning Class Attendance! 1

Fantastic Maths!


In Maths we have been learning all about 3d shapes. We have been looking at different 3d shapes and talking about their properties. We have been discussing whether shapes have flat or curved sides as well as counting their vertices and edges. 




Please ask your child about what 3d shapes they have learnt about this week- they have done so well and they should now know them by heart!


Please see below the super photos of the children sorting and discussing different 3d shapes. 

The Good Samaritan 


This week the children have been learning all about The Good Samaritan. We have been sequencing and role playing the story and discussing what it means. We have really looked in detail at the message of the story and have thought about how we can be good Samaritans and neighbours in our own lives. 


The children have come up with some lovely ideas where they can give money to charity, cheer up our friends, look after the sick, elderly or homeless and be kind and loving.


Please ask your child at home about how they can be a good Samaritan and feel free to look at our fantastic pictures of the story below. 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea!


Today we started our new book for these next three weeks- The Tiger who came for Tea! 


When the children came back from playtime they found that somebody had sneaked into our classroom and had a feast! The classroom was a mess with food everywhere- we didn't know who had been there!


After much discussion and detective work we discovered that Mrs Kavnagh had let a tiger into the school and he had eaten lots of food in our classroom and left a big mess! We have decided that we are going to make the tiger a can of tiger food so that this does not happen again! 


The children really enjoyed their task  and they are looking forward to starting to reading and studying the story in class.


Well done Year One!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

Buildings Work- Art


In Art this term we are looking at buildings and their different features and patterns. This week we went into the school grounds and did rubbings using crayons to look at the diffrent patterns in buildings around our school.


We then came back and identified and labelled our different patterns and talked about their similarities and differences. Year One really enjoyed the activity and we had some fantastic rubbings!


Please feel free to look at our photos below. 

Art Rubbings of Buildings

Art Rubbings of Buildings 1
Art Rubbings of Buildings 2
Art Rubbings of Buildings 3

Year One class Trip!


This term we will be taking a trip to the Black Country Museum for our History topic " Fun and Games." Letters have been sent out today and the trip will cost £9.00 per child. The trip will be  on the last day of half term on Friday 17th February. We do not have a lot of time before this trip so can you please bring in your money and slips as soon as possible.


Red Riding Hood 


Today we learnt our new story for this half term- Little Red Riding hood. We went outside and discovered that somebody had been in our school and left us objects as clues. We discovered a red cape, as basket, a shawl a pair of ears and a tail!  We soon realized that the story must be Red Riding Hood!


We then story mapped the story and we will be learning and writing about it for the next 2 weeks.


If you could spend some time at home with your child listening to them retell the story this would support and help them greatly in their class work. 

Spring Term!


Welcome back Year One- we hope you had a restful and relaxing break. Our Spring term topic is called 'Fun and games' and we will be looking at both toys from the past and toys that we use today  through our history , Science, RE and Art lessons.  We have a fantastic visit to The Black Country Museum, planned arranged after half term where we will take part in a special Toy Handeling workshop.   A copy of our study plan is below.

Study Map for Year 1 Spring

Last Week of School!


This week the children have had a lovely week performing their nativity and doing all kinds of Christmas activities.


On Friday the children had their Christmas lunch in the hall and then today we had our Christmas party. We played lots of games, danced to Christmas songs and had some Christmas food.


We have had a brilliant week with the children and they all deserve a well deserved rest this Christmas break. Mrs Deocades and I wish you all a very merry Christmas full of fun, laughter and happiness and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year on Monday 9th January 2017.


Please look at the pictures below to see our fantastic week. 



Christmas Nativity 2016 


Year 1 and EYFS performed their Christmas nativity today and yesterday and they were all amazing! A huge congratulations to Nursery who did their dance and were our brilliant singers, all the Reception children who acted out the story and Year One who were narrators! 


All the children did so well and we are hugely  proud of all of you as are your mums and dads! Well done children!

Christmas Decoration Entries!


Well done to all of our Year Ones who took part in the Christmas Decoration competition! All of the decorations were fantastic and the school council have told us all about how much they enjoyed judging them!


All of the children have been given 3 house points for taking part and now have their Christmas decorations hung on the Christmas tree in the school hall!


A special congratulations to our winners for Year One- Seth and Jake who have been given 5 house points and a prize from the school council for their super decorations!


A huge thank you to all the children in Year One and across the school who took part- all the decorations were amazing and they will be given back to you before the end of term so that you can keep them and hang them in your home.

Our Christmas Decoration Entries!

Our Christmas Decoration Entries!  1

Visiting the Library


Today we went on a local trip to visit our local library in Weoley Castle. The children walked over to the library where we were then greeted by the fantastic Derek! We were lucky enough to hear a story read by Derek, and we also learnt some of his favourite songs and poems. 


Derek explained to us about how and why we use the library and how having a library card can give you access to hundreds of books! All the children have been given a form sent home which they can fill in to get their own library card- if they then bring their form back either to the Weoley castle library or they  give it to Miss Murphy or Mrs Deocades we will then give them their very own library card! 


It is so important for the children to read and enjoy books and with a library card they can take out 10 books at a time! The children enjoyed meeting Derek, looking around the library and reading and enjoying the super books they had to offer.


Please look at our photos from the library trip below.

Christmas Enterprise!


Well done to all the classes today for their fantastic enterprise crafts!  All the classes did so well and nearly all sold out of everything.


Year One did so well making their christmas crafts- the candel suprises were a huge hit and we sold everyone. A huge thankyou to Year One class for making the crafts and for all thje parents who came to support us today and bought items.


Finally I would like to say thank you to my fantastic enterprise selleres who I couldn't have sold anything with out-b they were Logan, Jamie, Alicja, And Maisey Rice from Year one and Angela and Shane from Year 6!


Well done everyone and a very Merry Christmas to you all! Please see our Christmas Enterprise photos below. 

Think Tank Year One Trip!


Yesterday the Year One children went to the Think Tank museum in Birmingham. Year One have been learning all about or amazing bodies and they were eager to find out more. We had a workshop at the Think Tank where we learned all about Tommy and his different parts. We were able to listen to each others heartbeats and discussed what makes us human and what we are able to do ( see, smell, hear, feel, taste.) Finally we discussed different healthy and non healthy foods and chose what foods we would like to take on a picnic.


We then explored the different floors of the Think Tank, enjoying the amazing bodies section, and being wowed by the fantastic outdoor Science garden. We finished the day by having a well deserved play in the Kids City area, where the children were able to dress up as doctors, ambulances, nurses and even cafe owners!


We all had a fantastic day yesterday and the children were so engaged and interested by the everything they saw. The children were a real asset to their school- their behaviour and conduct was outstanding and they were a joy to have on the trip.


Mrs Deocades and I would finally like to say thankyou to our helpers- Miss Daly and Mrs Murphy who came aloing on the trip to support us with the children. Without these helpers our trips would not be possible and we are extremely grateful.


Well done Year One! Please feel free to have a look at the photos from our fantastic trip below. 

Today, Father Gary came to visit both Year 2 and Year 1 to talk to them about this special season of Advent.  It was wonderful listening to him explaining about how this is a time of preparation as we are waiting for the birth of Jesus.  He spoke about how patient we have to be and even had the children doing a mini 'Advent Mannequin Challenge' whilst he explained about what we should do to prepare for Christmas.  All of the children were wonderfully well behaved and really engaged with Father Gary by listening carefully and asking good questions.  

Father Gay Advent Talk