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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One page! 


We are always working hard in Year 1 and enjoy our learning. This is our official class page and we will make sure we update this regularly with our fantastic work and any  any important information you  may need.


King Regards,


Miss Murphy and Mrs Deocades





Star of the week!


For our star this week we have chosen Grace for Year One. We have been very impressed with Grace's enthusiasm and dedication in her Phonics learning in class. She has been trying trying really hard in her phonics booster to remember the sounds and blend and segment the words together. She is shining very bright and we are all very proud of you- well done Grace and keep it up! 




The Enormous Turnip


This half term the children are learning about the story of the Enormous Turnip that grew... and grew..... AND GREW! The children are using the story to help them with their sentence building skills and capital letters and full stops.


We have been learning the first half of the story this week and acting out the story using role play. The This has helped the children with sequencing- first the farmer pulled the turnip, then the wife, then the little boy, then the girl....


Well done Year One! Fantastic Drama skills!

Class Wish


This year, the children decided that your class wish for this year should be 'To be loving and respectful to others in everything we do.'


Kenaz has been chosen for our class wish this week. He is a shining example of how to be loving and respectful to others in the classroom. He is always listening to others and looking after friends when they are upset. Kenaz has many friends in the class because he is so caring and loving to everybody. Well done Kenaz!

Our Autumn Walk!


Today the children went for an Autumn walk in our Science lesson. We had our observing caps on and were looking for nay signs of Autumn we could find. The children found an array of pine cones, coloured leaves, acorns, conkers and even blackberries! They were amazed at how the seasons are changing around us and how we can see Autumn as soon we we step outside!


The children all found an Autumn object and were able to draw and label them in their books. Fantastic Scientists- well done Year One!

Year 1 Parents Welcome Meeting 


Please be reminded that the Year 1 Parent's Meeting will take place on Tuesday 19th  September at 9am in the school hall. A letter has been sent out to parents about this and the children have also taken a hand made invitation home for you. We would love to see as many of you there as possible and we really appreciate and value your support and feedback.




Your child will be given weekly spellings on a Monday to practise for the week. They will then have a spelling test on the Friday of the week they are given out. We will be teaching these daily in school but I would also ask that you please help them practise these at home.


The spelling tests  will be sent home weekly so that you can see the children's scores and how they did. If your child achieves 10 out of 10 in their spellings, the children will be receiving 3 green house points! 

Online learning in Year 1


There are 3 different websites that you can access to gain access to the online learning for Year 1.  I have put the website addresses and login details in the front of your reading diaries so that you have access to them at all times.  Each week, I will update the websites to give access to different activities, books and games.  These websites are a great way to support your child's learning at home and I would encourage you to visit them regularly.


Click on the links below to gain access to the websites:

Activelearn (Maths and Reading)


Big Maths (Maths)


Mathletics (Maths)

Following Instructions!


For our Computing topic this term the children are learning all about how to be treasure hunters and use algorithms and instructions. We will be usig the beebots next week but for this week the children have been thinking about different instructions they will be using to find their treasure. They have been looking at directions such as forwards backwards, left and right. This week they went onto the playground for their first lesson and worked in pairs, directing their partner to the skipping rope using positional language. Now the children have become more familiar with these terms they will begin to record their algorithms or instructions next week. Well done Year One!



On Monday we had our NSPCC assembly. Two ladies from the charity came into tell us about our rights as children. We learnt all about how we have the right to speak out if anything is bothering us and that we all have the right to feel sad and loved. The children were advised about talking to a trusted adult if they felt worried or upset. All the children enjoyed the assembly- especially doing the silly dance to help us remember the child line number and it was extremely informative and useful for the children.



Super Science!


This term in Science we are learning all about the season of Autumn. We will be going outside to explore the season and will be discussing and recording the different changes that happen. Today the children learnt about what happens in Autumn and what the weather is like. The children went outside to record different evidence for Autumn and made a collage, dressed up in different Autumn clothes, and made their own Autumn picture.


The children are really enjoying working scientifically and observing their environment. They are being super scientists-  Well done Year One!

The Creation Story!


We are learning about the Creation Story in R.E. We have been focusing on how God created the world in seven days and what he made on each day. This week the children have been acting out and sequencing the story of the Creation- we had children pretending to be sky, light and dark, the sun, moon and stars and even animals! The children have really enjoyed learning about the story and acting it out using props. Please look at our photos below!

Learning about Florence Nightingale!


This half term in History we are learning all about the work of Florence Nightingale. This week we have learnt about how she is a nurse and helps people. The children wrote about what jobs they would like when they are older The children also made their own hospitals and role played being nurses and doctors with the teddies.


The children are really enjoying learning about Florence so far- well done Year One!