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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One page! 


We are always working hard in Year 1 and enjoy our learning. This is our official class page and we will make sure we update this regularly with our fantastic work and any  any important information you  may need.


Kind Regards,


Miss Murphy and Mrs Deocades


Vocations Week 2018!


This week the children have a great week learning all about Vocations. We have been discussing what vocations means and how it is a job for us that we are called to By God and which has a special purpose.


The children have been thinking about what vocation they would like to follow in their lives. We have had children consider doctors, vets,teachers, policemen, dentists, office workers and nurses. Each child has wanted to do a really important job which helps others and looks after our community.


We have also been learning about a very important lady who had the special job of a nurse. We have been writing a character description of Florence Nightingale and have learnt all about the fantastic work she did helping the wounded soldiers in Turkey.


We finished off the week by presenting our work and findings to the rest of the school. The children showed some photos of what they had learnt and then did a little drama show of Florence in the hospital. All the classes have had a fantastic week and we have some fantastic vocation ambitions and dreams in our school. Well done Year One!


Charity Day- Friday 6th July 2018


On Friday 6th July we had our annual charity day. This year we were doing a sponsored walk to raise money for Birmingham Children’s and Women’s Hospital.


As Christians God wants us to look after others and help the less fortunate. We can use our powers as a school for good and to raise lots of money for charity. Jesus’ teaching tells us to look after others and to help those in need whenever we can.


We raised over £4,000 as a school and the children were fantastic walkers! We walked over 4 miles to Row heath Pavilion and back. When we work together as a team we can do wonderful things and help our communities.



Culture Assembly- Tuesday 2nd July 2018



We had a culture assembly where all the classes presented work about the faith they had been learning about. We told the other children about our different faith trips in the school.


Year One went to a mosque and learnt about the religion of Islam. The children loved finding out about a different religion and did some work on Islam too, studying the Qu’ran and the Five Pillars.


We went to different places of worship across the school such as a synagogue, Hindu and Buddhist temple, a cathedral and a mosque. All the other children really enjoyed learning about other faiths and creeds different to their own.


God wants us to be accepting of each other and to live in peace and harmony in his world. It is so important that we show love and tolerance for each other in our different beliefs and cultures.





Star of the week!


For our star this week we have chosen Gabriel for Year One. We had our Sports Day on Tuesday and Gab was an absolute star winning nearly all of the events. He came first in nearly everything and amazed us with his running, skipping, hurdles and speed bounce! He really committed to the whole day and he tried so hard at everything. He is such a natural sportsman and it was fantastic to watch him do so well. It was also lovely to watch him cheering on other children and wanting them to do well too! We are so proud of you Gab  and well done!


Our stars so far have been:






























Handwriting Hero!


From Spring 1 2018 the children in Year One will be given additional handwriting homework each week as well as their English, Maths and Spellings. This is to help and encourage the children to improve and focus on their cursive handwriting and letters.


This week our handwriting Hero is Elias. Elias has always had superb handwriting but it has really improved since the start of the year and he is always trying so hard with his cursive writing. Elias  always completes his handwriting homework every week and his handwriting is now beautiful. Elias has beautiful handwriting in all elements of his work day in and day out and his  presentation and writing  are truly terrific! Well done Elias!


Homework is a big focus in the school at the moment and it will really help your child if they can practice their handwriting every week at home so that they can continue to improve.


Happy Handwriting!

Sports Day 2018


Today Year 1, 2, Reception and Nursery took part in their annual Sports Day. There were lots of activities for all the children to partake in such as the traditional sprints and long distances races as well as hurdles, a skipping challenge, a bean bag throw and a speed bounce. ( most jumps in 20 seconds.)


The children did so well in the extremely hot weather and we were amazed by the sportsmanship and dedication we saw of the children. All children took part in every single event and they all threw themselves into it and had lots of fun.


A special congratulations to Gab in Year One who came first in the sprint, long distance, skipping, speed bounce and hurdles! He and all the other children did so well and we are very proud of them- a fantastic Sports Day Year One! 



Eco Week in Year One!


Day 5- Fitness Friday



For our final day of Eco Week we had Fitness Friday. As a school we had a challenge to be doing active and physical activities all afternoon. The children went round various carousel activities.


The children did various activities including using the Hula Hoops and Medicine Balls, doing water relays, speed bounces and boxing as well as doing running, aerobics and Basketball. The children were very tried by the end of it!


God likes us to use our bodies wisely and to use them to keep fit and healthy. He likes our bodies to be used for active purposes and to keep our bodies clean.


We also had a healthy class fruit salad. Each child bought in a piece of fruit and we made and ate the fruit salad together. Thank you to all the parents and children who bought in fruit as it was such a huge help and well done to the children for making such clean and healthy choices!


We have had a truly fantastic Eco Week this week and the children have really thrown themselves into it. They have loved learning all about the environment and are now much more knowledgeable about how to make the world a better and cleaner place. Well done Year One!

Eco Week in Year One


Day 4-Thoughtful Thursday


For today the children were looking at their endangered animal again which is the Gorilla. The children did some research about the Gorilla using power point and then created their own fact files. They talked about the Gorilla's appearance, behaviour and habitat.


Did you know that Gorilla's have their own unique fingerprints just like humans and that they have special nose prints  too?!


The children then came up with a whole class prayer to ask God to save the wonderful Gorilla's and keep then safe. The children then presented their work to the rest of the school, showing their prayers and fact files and talking about what we did.


God wants us to look after the world and his creatures. He wants us to help save the wonderful animals he had made and stop from extinction. We need to work together as children of God to keep the animals safe from harm. Well done Year One!

Charity Sponsored Walk - Friday 6th July 2018


This year, our annual Summer charity event takes place on Friday 6th July.  We will be completing a sponsored walk in aid of Birmingham Children's Hospital and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Birmingham Women's Hospital.  So far, the school have raised over £23,000 for various different charities and it would be wonderful if we could exceed the £25,000 through this sponsorship event.


Sponsorship forms and permission letters were sent home with your child at the start of the week.Please complete the reply slip and send it back as soon as possible.  Also, we will need some parent helpers on the day so if you are able to assist, please indicate this on the reply slip.


Finally, please help support your child getting sponsorship as these really are amazing charities who need our help.  They can also raise money online by visiting https// and donating online.


We really can make a difference to the tiniest to the tallest children in Birmingham!

Eco Week In Year One


Day 3- Wildlife Wednesday


Today for Eco Week was Wildlife Wednesday. We were thinking all about wildlife in the environment and how we can help the animals.God made the animals and they are a crucial and important part of God’s Creation. He wants us to look after them and support them in any way we can.


We made bird feeders out of oranges to give the birds food, particularly when they need it in the harsh weather in Winter.We also made animal shelters, focusing on hedgehog shelters. We used sticks and grass to make comfortable houses for hedgehogs where they had lots to play with and could hide from predators.


We also planted different beans in the soil which we will grow in our school. We planted tomatoes, cress and lettuce and will use these to feed our school and the animals. God likes us to use his wonderful environment around us to help feed and sustain others.





Eco Week In Year One 


Day 2-Transport Tuesday


Today was Transport Tuesday where we thought about how we can make our world a cleaner place to live by using clean and healthy transport. We rode our bikes and scooters into school instead of using our cars. We then had a bike and scooter race in the playground which the children thoroughly enjoyed!God likes it when we try to look after his world and stop the dirty air pollution ruining his creation. Using healthy and clean transport helps us to care for his beautiful creation.


We also learnt about the gorilla as an endangered animal and wrote prayers to god to help keep the gorilla safe. We know how important animals are to God and we need to look after each one of them.

We learnt that there are not many gorillas left and that the world is very dangerous for them. We will pray for them and help to keep them and other animals safe in our world. We will carry on learning about the gorillas on Thursday when we make some fact files about them!



Eco Week in Year One


Day One- Mindful Monday



In Year One we like to look after God’s world and take care of it. God wants us to appreciate his Creation as it is so special. today was Mindful Monday where we were focusing on conserving and saving energy and helping to look around the world and environment around us in our local community.


We went on a litter pick around the school grounds and picked up lots of rubbish. This helps to keep our planet and local area very clean.


We looked at different materials we can recycle and sorted different recycling materials into the right boxes. We looked at cans, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper, clothes and compost. We sorted some cards and then sorted real recycling.


We looked at saving energy and talked about how we can save electricity by turning things off. We then created our own safety posters all about saving energy.


We are the only people who can take cards of God’s world and we have a responsibility to him to look after it. it is up to us to be more mindful and aware of how we use our talents for good and to look after the planet. Well done Year One!




A letter was sent home on Monday advising you about this years Sports Day for KS1.  The event will take place on Tuesday 26th June at 1.30pm in the main playground.  You are more than welcome to come and watch your child during the afternoon so please put the date and time on your calendar

Pleasant Plants!


In Year One we enjoy planting and watching God’s world grow. God made the plants and flowers for us to look after and care for.


We have been planting watercress as part of our Science lessons and observing how plans grow. We know that plants need lots of sunlight and water to grow properly.


We grew the plants ourselves by putting seeds and cotton wool into a pot. We then put them on the window sill in the sun and are giving them lots of water and love to help them grow!


God wants us to appreciate the world around him and take the time to love and care for his plants. We can do this by watching the world closely and helping his wonderful creation to grow.

Learning the story of The Prodigal Son!


This half term Year One are learning all about forgiveness. We are learning about what forgiveness meant and how important it is to show love, compassion and forgiveness as humans. We have began by learning about this story, where a father forgives his son, even after he runs away from home and spends all his money.


The children had great fun acting out the story and exploring how the characters felt and thought at different points. I am sure they will write fantastic accounts of the story next week in their RE books! 

Our Visit  to The Duck Pond!


Today we went over to The Duck Pond for Science to observe the changes across the seasons. We sketched some of the trees and discussed how the leaves were now full and green as we are in the season of Summer. We compared to this how different it was top our last visit in Autumn when the leaves were brown, read and falling of the trees.


The children did some beautiful sketches of the summer trees and we had six winners in our class. Our winners were Davi, Noah, Dallas, Summer. Sienna and Viola. Their drawing were truly beautiful but all of the children in Year One did a splendid job! We have sent their beautiful sketches home with them so you can take a look at them! Well done Year One!

Class Wish


This year, the children decided that your class wish for this year should be 'To be loving and respectful to others in everything we do.'




Oliver has been chosen for our class wish as he is such a thoughtful  and conscientious member of our class. Oliver always listens to attentively to both his teachers and his peers in class discussions and always acts in a loving and respectful manner. Oliver is always seen being kind to others, and helping other children. He is a fantastic example of how to be loving to others.


Well done Oliver!


Phonics Test Reminder!


Next week all of the Year One children will be undertaking the Phonics Year One Screening Check. It is essential that you read with your child every day this week and continue to practice the Phonics sounds and words using the children's reading diaries and the resources and words we have given you.


We are so close now and are in the final stretch so it is so important that you continue to read and practice Phonics regularly with your child. It is also vital that all of Year One are in school all of next week, where possible, to ensure that no child misses their test.


If you would like any additional Phonics resources or support please come and see myself or Mrs Deocades at the end of school and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Learning about Capacity!


This week in Maths we have been learning all about Volume and Capacity. The children have been experimenting with water and different containers, comparing and measuring the capacity and space in each. The children have been using some fantastic comparative language  such as 'more and less than' and 'full''empty' and 'half full.' 


They have also had great fun experimenting with the water and discovering how to measure how many units of water or capacity different containers can hold. Well done Year One- fantastic Practical Maths!


Happy Half Term!


From Mrs Deocades and I we wish you a truly restful and relaxing half term. The children have worked so hard this half term and they deserve a peaceful and happy break. May god bless you all and we look forward to seeing you for our last half term, in Summer 2 beginning Monday 4th June 2018 at 8.45 am.  Please remember that for next half term school will finish at 3.30pm and not 3.15! Please be prompt and on time to collect your child at 3.30 from outside the Year One classroom as usual.


After half term in Year 1 (w/c 4.6.2018)



Summer 2  is a really important half term for Year 1 as it is  the last term in Year One when children really begin to shine and show the progress they have made throughout the year. It is  also the half temr where Year One have the Phoncis Test. It will be in the second week of June  and every day is now extremly crucial.  Please ensure your child is in school, on time every day.


From now on, every week I will be writing on the website what the children are learning about in Year One so that you are clear what your child is learning every day. In Maths, this half term, we will be looking at Capacity, Measure and Weight, Number Bonds, Position and Direction, and Division.  In English, We will be reading 'The Magic Porridge Pot' and 'The Rainbow Fish'and using this for narrative and discriptional  writing.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




Learning and discussing new vocabulary. 



Understand words with the -s- and -es ending.



Planning Magic Porridge Pot story .

Drafting and editing 


Writing first half of Magic Porridge Pot story and editing .



Copying up best piece of Magic Porridge Pot story with corrections.


Volume and Capacity 


Comparing different volume and capacities. 

Volume and Capacity 


Measuring capacity and volume using non standard units

Volume and Capacity 


Describing capacity using the terms 'half' and 'quarter'.

Volume and Capactiy


Understand what 1 litre is.


Volume and Capacity 


Identifiying capacity in everyday objects.



Also this week...


Wednesday - PE day

Year 1 will have PE on Wednesday this half term so it is crucial that your child has their full PE kit in ready for them to take part in the lesson.  The full PE kit requires a plain or school logo t-shirt, royal blue plain shorts, black pumps.  We still had a number of children without the proper kit.  Letters have been sent out several times so please try to ensure they have the correct kit this half term.  Thank you.


Being Science Investigators!


Today in Science we were doing a working scientifically lesson. Using our knowledge of materials over the half term we had to consider which would be the best material for making an umbrella for Teddy. We had to think about the qualities of umbrellas and how they needed to be waterproof, strong and sturdy. We then talked about how we could test for waterproof materials by dropping water onto them and recording our results.


We used the materials of fabric, paper, tin foil and plastic. We secured it over a cup with an elastic band and then poured water onto the material using a pipette. Some of the materials went soggy, broke completly and allowed the water to drip through into the cup. This wouldn't make a good umbrella as Teddy would get very wet! However we noticed that in plastic the water stayed on top which made it waterproof and it was also very strong too!


We decided that plastic would be the best material for Teddy to use and then we recorded our method, results and conclusion in our science books.


Well done Year One- you were fantastic Science investigators and truly worked scientifically to find the best material for Teddy!

Using Jit 5


Today the children used the Jit 5 tool to carry on making pictograms. We collected a class survey first of our favourite pets. We then put this information onto a pictogram, but instead of using dots we were shown how to find the animal icon. We had to find the different animal for pets and drag them into our pictogram. We also had to add a title and labels and then add the right data to our pictogram for the class’s favourite pets.


The children are doing really well with the app and after half term we will move onto maing simple charts using our pet data. Well done Year One!

Year One and Two Gym Festival!


On Friday four children from Year One and Two went to the annual Gym Festival. The children were chosen to partake in a fantastic afternoon of gymnastic skills and activities.


The children learnt how to do different jumps using special trampolines, practiced forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels and even had a go at practicing walking on the balancing beam and using the monkey bars. All the children tried so hard and really benefited from trying out the new skills and equipment.


It is good for us to try new things at St Rose as it helps us to grow and learn in God's world. God wants us to keep our bodies fit and healthy and he is pleased when we challenge our bodies in different ways and want to discover and explore new and unique talents.


Well done to all the children- they all tried so hard and Miss Neville and I were so impressed with their fantastic gymnastic skills. We all had a brilliant afternoon and we hope that lots of the children will take up gymnastic in the future. Well done Year One and Two!

Fantastic Computing!


Today the children started using the JIT 5 app from BGFL using the ipads. We made different pictograms with our partners for the hair colour of different children on our table. We learnt how to make a pictogram using the app and how we could add labels, colours and a title etc. We also learnt how we could show different data or colours using the pictogram software.


The children found the software so fun and easy to use using their ipads and we had some fantastic pcitograms at the end of the lesson. Well done Year One- you are fantastic Computing thinkers!

Big Maths Online


At the beginning of the year, we had some technical issues with Big Maths online and this prevented Year 1 from being able to access the tests online.  As the children have been developing their Big Maths skills, this has enabled them to move up the tests so, for the majority of the children, they should now be able to access the tests at home. 


Please remember, the online login details are in your child's reading diary but click here to go straight to the Big Maths website.

Super Science!


This half term we have been learning about a variety of different materials and their properties. Today we conducted tests on different materials to find out which were waterproof, transparent or opaque and bendy. We enjoyed doing a test on the materials to find out their properties and then recorded the results in our books.


We then used this knowledge to solve different word problems in our books for what material would be best suited for different objects. The children sued their new knowledge and Working Scientifically skills really well to help them explain and solve the problems for example they knew that paper would not be suitable for a house as it is too bendy and not waterproof!


Well done Year One- there is a lot of fantastic Science going in our class!

Learning about Time


In Maths this week we have been learning all about Time. We have been learning how to understand and identify both o'clock and half past times on clocks. The children have really persevered with this task and have enjoyed learning about the minute and hour hands on the clock and what they mean.


They have been working in pairs to use and identify times on the clock and have really enjoyed learning how to show the different times.


Well done Year One!

Important dates for your diary.


Thursday 3rd May School closed for Local Elections
Monday 7th May School closed for Bank Holiday Monday
Friday 18th May Year 1  and 2 Gym Festival ( 1:2-30pm.)
Sunday 20th May Year 3 First Holy Communion Mass
Friday 25th May School Breaks up for the Whitsun holiday
Monday 4th June School reopens at 8. 45am
Saturday 9th June Year 6 Conformation Mass
Tuesday 26th June Year 1 and 2 Sports afternoon
Friday 6th July Whole school charity day

The story of Easter


This week Year One have been learning all about the story of Easter. They have listened to the story of the women at the tomb and have taken turns acting out the story. They children have truly listened to and understood the story and message of Jesus resurrection and were so overjoyed to hear the news that Jesus is alive!


They enjoyed acting out the story with different children being the guards, the women and the angel. This is a truly joyous and reflective period  in the christian calendar where we should all take time to reflect and think about the message of Jesus' resurrection. 


School Diversity Assembly



At St Rose we have many different pupils from different cultures, faiths and backgrounds. We had an assembly today about Diversity from the school council where we discussed embracing each others differences.God created us in his own image and as he wanted us to be. We are all special and unique to God and he likes us to be different in our own special ways.


The school council talked to us about the fantastic different backgrounds and countries were are from at our school. We have children from Africa, India, Italy, the Phillipines, Portugal and many more. We are truly blessed to have such a range and mix of diverse pupils who all treat each other with tolerance , respect and love regardless of their different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. 


We need to be proud of where we come from and treat all others with respect and tolerance. This is how God would like us to treat each other.We learnt about how to show love and compassion to each other and to be curious and ask questions about our different beliefs and backgrounds. Tolerance and compassion is the key to living through the teachings of God and Jesus.

Learning about different materials in Science!


In Year One we learn about the different materials that are present in the world around us. Each of us and each object is made from something different and unique.God likes us to take interest in the world he created around us and to be curious about what we see. The children like to learn what different materials things are made of as it helps us understand the amazing world that God made.


We have learnt about different materials and their properties such as glass, plastic, wood, fabric, paper, metal and water. Each material is unique and is used for different purposes.Some materials are strong and hard whereas others can be more flexible and break more easily. It is important to use the right material for the right object or job.


the children are becoming  really good at identifying different materials and their properties. We are now also identifying what objects are made from which materials and scientifically explaining why it it is used for certain jobs and purposes. We are truly thinking and working scientifically- well done Year One!



Our Visit to Birmingham Central Mosque



On Monday 23rd April 2018 we went to Birmingham Central Mosque. We were taken into the mosque by Mr T, who is a practicing Muslim and were told lots of different things about the religion of Islam. We began by discussing the outside structure of the building and discussing the minaret towers and dome.  We were told about the city of Mecca and how it holds the Kabba stone which is a holy relic dating back to the time of Adam and Eve. .We also went into the special Muslim prayer room and were shown different symbols and artifacts that Muslims use such as the Minbar, the Imran and the  Quran which is written in Arabic. We also saw the Ablutions or washing area, where Muslims wash before they go to pray.  


We found out that Birmingham Central Mosque can hold up to 5,000 people and is one of the biggest and most active mosques in Europe. The children had a fantastic time and the people at the mosque made us feel so welcome. We learnt many different and interesting facts about a new faith and the children were truly inquisitive, active and curious learners. Well done Year One!







Happy Easter!


From all of Year One, we wish you a truly peaceful and relaxing Easter. Please take this time to rest and enjoy this holy time with friends and family. Year One have worked extremly hard this term and they deserve a well earned break.


God bless you always and we looked forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 16th April 2018 at 8:45am. 

The Last Supper


Today the children had their own Last Supper to prepare for Easter. We acted out blessing the bread and wine ( but used Ribena!) and the children then all ate and drank together. We used this time to truly reflect on how Jesus and his disciples felt at this time and what it would have felt like to be there.


We also thought about what the bread and wine represented and how they turn into Jesus body and blood which he gives out freely to us, to forgive our sins.


the children were truly reflective and reverent and it was a joy to share the Last Supper with them- well done Year One!

Stations of the cross!


Back in Spring 1 each class was asked to make two stations to reflect different stations of the cross for Jesus crucifixion. The art works were then displayed in different places around the school for others to look at. This week Year Ones have done a  reflection on the stations of the cross. They went around all the stations around the school looking at the different and various artworks and reflecting on them. They were told how the stations were made and what happened at each station. The children also took part in a prayer for Jesus and did a call and response. The children enjoyed learning about the stations of the cross and it was a lovely way of preparing for Easter.

Learning about Jesus and the children.



This half term Year One have been learning all about Lent and reflecting on how we can be better during this time. We have also looked at the lovely story of Jesus and the children where Jesus welcomes all children to him. The children have been acting out the story and reflecting on what it means in our RE books. Jesus asks the children to come to him and never turns them away- this shows how important children are to Jesus and that he loves and welcomes all of them. We have been focusing on really ‘seeing with our hearts’ like Jesus did and loving all others during this special period of time.

Using Microsoft Word  in Year One



This half term Year One have been looking at their Computing skills and have been learning how to use Microsoft Word accurately and efficiently. We began by learning about the different buttons on the keyboard and then began to write out own names. We are now able to write sentences on Word and change the font, size and colour. We are even able to now add images to our document and write about them. Well done Year One- you have all been fantastic typists and Computing learners!

Whole School Retreat Day 2018!


Today the whole school had a wonderful day where we all took part in a Lenten retreat. We were with God and took part in various reflections and prayers throughout the school day. We began with some singing and worship and made our own school prayers, considering who we could pray for.


The theme of the day was "to see with our hearts" and to really use this time of Lent to open our hearts and think about others instead of ourselves. We have been thinking about how we can show our love and heart to others, and what kind actions we can do to please the Lord and Jesus. Year One have come up with our own ideas as a class of how to see with our hearts and this is displayed on our class altar.


We also had time towards the end of the day to share our own class reflections and ideas with everyone. It was a truly inspirational and peaceful retreat where we could all consider how we can make this time of Lent a peaceful, spiritual and compassionate experience. We have all gone away with our own ideas of how to open our hearts to each other and the Lord- well done to all of St Rose for a fantastic day and a huge thank you to Dan Callow and Emily for coming in and leading the retreat. 






Year 1 Class Trip to Cannock Chase Museum


Today the children had a fabulous trip to the Museum of Cannock Chase to help us with our toys and fun and games topic. We learnt all about old Victorian toys- we were able to make our own peg doll, we had a dance workshop where we danced like a string puppet, robot and a jack in the box!


We then had great fun watching a real Punch and Judy show and finished our tour by exploring and playing with lots of the old toys. The children had a fantastic toy and loved learning about all the told toys and how they were used and made.


All the children were so well behaved and were a real credit to the school and St Rose- I would also like to thank all the staff that accompanied us on the trip. You were a huge help and we couldn't have done it without you.


Well done Year One!

Year One Trip- Cannock Chase Museum ( 6th March 2018)


It is our Year One trip tommorow and the children are very excited. The museum is over an hour away so we will be leaving school at 9am.


It is therefore crucial that all children arrive on time tommorow morning and are at school for 8:45am. If we do not leave on time we will miss important time at the museum!


Please note that the children are in school uniform as normal and do not forget to bring a packed lunch if you have said you are bringing one! We aim to be back at school at the normal time of 3:15pm as long as traffic is good. If we are stuck in traffic and will be late Mrs Kavnagh and the office will be informed and a text will be sent out to all parents.


We look forward to seeing the children tommorow for our fantastic trip about Toys, Fun and Games!

Parents Evening 2018


Thank you to all the parents who took the time to come to Parents Evening today- it was so lovely to see you all and I thorughley enjoyed telling you all about the fantastic progress the children are making.


However there were 7 missed appointments today and I would ask kindly if those parents could come and find me to rearrange a meeting so that I can talk to about their child.


This is a crucial time in Year One and it is paramount that I talk to every parent about their child and the progress they are making. There are also useful resources that I need to give to you based on Year One and Phonics.

World Book Day!


Congratulations to all the children who dressed up for World Book Day today.  We had a wonderful day and there were so many superb costumes. It really was wonderful to see the many different costumes from the 100 books to read by the end of KS1 and KS2.


In Year One, we had witches, Max from "Where the Wild Things are", Matilda, Mr Stig and Hermionie from Harry Potter!


Even the teachers took part and dressed up! In Year One we were the witch and the frog from "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson. We also had a gangsta granny, demon dentist and a range of little miss characters! 


The children will be given a £1 voucher to use at a number of bookstores and supermarkets.  Reading is a wonderful way of getting lost in your own imagination so encourage your child to read as much as they can, especially from the list of 100 books.



Parent Consultation Meetings - Monday 5th March 2018


The parent appointment cards were sent home in their book bags yesterday.  Please can you check their book bags for this and add it to your calendar.


It is really important that you attend this meeting as I will be giving out  information about your child's progress and  advising you about what your child needs to do next, especially regarding the Phonics test.


The appointments have been allocated as follows:

  Time Parent/carers of... Time Parent/carers of...
  1.00pm Victor 2.20pm Elias
  1.05pm Juwel 2.25pm Joseph
  1.10pm Diba 2.30pm Kaiser
  1.15pm Melael 2.35pm Toms
  1.20pm Davi 2.40pm Violla
  1.25pm Elly 2.45pm Kenaz
  1.30pm Gabriel 2.50pm Jake W
  1.35pm Grace 2.55pm Danial
  1.40pm Isabelle 3.00pm David
  1.45pm Oliver 3.05pm Harley
  1.50pm Nahal 3.15pm Jai
  1.55pm Riley 3.20pm Sienna
  2.00pm Mason 3.25pm Stephen
  2.05pm Tareek 3.35pm Kanika
  2.10pm Summer 3.45pm Noah
  2.15pm Dallas    


There were a number of parents who did not attend their appointment last time so, if you are unable to attend, please let me know and I will arrange an alternative appointment for you.

Important dates for your diary


As Half Term is upon us we thought it would be useful to give you some important dates for Spring 2 so that you can put them in your diary. From all of us in Year One and at Our Lady and St Rose we wish you a peaceful, happy and relaxing half term! We look forward to seeing you again on Monday 26th February 2018 at 8:45am.



Friday 16th February Break up for half term
Monday 26th February Children return to school at 8.45am
Thursday 1st March World Book Day
Friday 2nd March Own Clothes Day - £1 for Father Hudsons
Monday 5th March Parents Evening (1.00pm - 4.30pm)
Tuesday 6th March Year 1 Trip to Cannock Chase Museum 
Friday 9th March Own Clothes Day and wear a bandage for 'Big Bandage Day' - £1 for Birmingham Children's Hospital
Friday 16th March Own Clothes Day - £1 for Cafod
w/c 19th March Assessment week
Friday 23rd March Own Clothes Day - £1 for Sports Relief
Thursday 29th March Children break up for the Easter Holidays at 1.15pm



Working on Word in Computing!


This half term Year One have been working on their ICT skills in word processing and typing. They have used the dance mat typing BBC app and games to practise their typing skills and have now moved onto working on Word. This week they have been trying tow rite their names and different sentences. They have then been learning how to change the font, colour and size.


Some of the year 4's and 5's have also been working with some Year One children at lunchtime to help them further with their Word skills. They have been such a help and support and the children have really  benefited. All the children are now super at writing their own name and may even be able to show you at home!


Well done Year One!

Learning about Polar Animal Adaptations!


In Science this week we have been working scientifically on discovering how polar animals adapt to the Arctic region that they live in. We have been science detectives and have been looking at different clues to discover the Arctic animal and how it has adapted to their environment. We were mainly looking at polar bears, and how they have blubber, fat and lots of fur to keep them warm. We also discussed their sharp claws and wide feet to help them walk on the ice, and even began exploring the idea of camouflage and how they are white to hide from other animals.


The children really enjoyed being Science detectives and did so well at learning about how polar bears live in their environments. Well done Year One!

World Book Day!



Image result for world book day  2018

In Spring 2, in Week 1 on Thursday 1st March 2018 it will be World Book Day. The children can come dressed as their favourite character from one of their favourite books. We are encouraging Year One to come as one of the characters from the books listed in the link below. The link shows all the books that children should read by the end of KS1 ( Year 1 and 2) and it would be lovely to see as many children as possible come from these books.


As a school, each phase group has a '100 books to read before leaving' list and this will be our focus for World Book Day this year!  The children will need to choose a character or author from one of the books from the list and come dressed up as that person on Thursday 1st March 2018.  This gives the children a great amount of choice and in doing so will help to expose other children to books they have not heard of or read yet. 


The school council will be giving our prizes to the most original and creative costumes so start making them now! It is the first week after Half Term so there is no time to lose! Let's see if Year One can be the best dressed class and have the most original and crazy costumes and characters! 

Marvellous Measuring!


In Maths this week we have been studying measuring. We have been looking at length and height and measuring using different objects. We have used paper clips, cubes and even our own bodies and use our hands and feet. The children have been using different vocabulary such as estimating, longer, short, taller, length, height and width.


We have had many practical Maths sessions where the children have estimated the length of different objects and then measured them themselves using different resources and measuring units. I have been so pleased with the Maths I have seen- well done Year One!



Year One Prayer and Reflection- Jesus as Healer 



Today we had our  Year One Reflection where we looked at Jesus as a healer. We enjoy doing assemblies for others to teach them about our faith.We shared the gospel story of Jesus healing a woman with a fever. We acted out the story to the rest of the school and also made a video for our assembly about what healing means to us. We think healing helps to make us better or stronger.



Every child did so well with reading beautifully to the school and everybody had a part to play. We all worked together as a team to create something really special.I would also like to say a big thank you to all the parents that came- we had a fantastic turn out and the children were so excited and grateful to see you all! It really meant a lot to them and well done Year One- you should all be very proud!


Stations of the Cross!


This term we have been working on the stations of the cross ready in time for our period of Lent and Holy Week in Spring 2. We have made a piece of art for one of the stations of the cross. This is part of our RE preparation work leading up to the period of Lent. Our station of the cross was Veronica wiping the face of Jesus.


The children have helped to paint the image themselves and have enjoyed making this fantastic painting.

All the paintings will be celebrated and admired by being shown around different outdoor parts of the school. All other pupils and staff will be able to look at the pieces created by each class.


Well done Year One- you have all taken part and helped to create a beautiful and brilliant piece of art work!

Learning about The Lost Sheep!


This term in RE we are looking at different bible stories. This week we are focusing on the story of The Lost Sheep. The children acted out the story of where a shepherd lost one of his 100 sheep and kept looking for it until he finds it!


This is one of the bible Jesus told and he reminds us of its message- that God is like the shepherd who will never  leave us, and will always care for us, love us and forgive us no matter what we do.


Well done Year One- you were all fantastic at acting out and retelling the story!

Year One Prayer and Reflection- School Hall, 9am, Monday 5th February 



Year One’s reflection will take place on Monday 5th February 2018 this year and will be based on the theme of Jesus as healer. The performance will be during the normal school day, starting at 9am and finishing around 9 30am.


For the assembly each pupil has been designated a small speaking part that they will need to practice at home. (The children’s individual speaking parts were sent home yesterday and should be found in your child’s book bag.) Year One will be the narrating for the performance and will be dressed in school uniform as normal.


It would be fantastic to have any many parents at the reflection as possible and you are most welcome to come along to support your child and see what we have been doing in class!


I look forward to seeing you next Monday,

Polar Day!


Today the whole school had our fantastic Polar Day where  we spent the whole doing polar experiments. We experimented with fat and blubber in “Blubber Gloves” where we used it to keep us warm. We designed a boat from plastercine and discussed what would be the best shape for floating and sinking and carrying our cargo. We then looked at animals and food chains, discussing what animals might eat other animals in the Arctic.


We also were lucky enough to talk to Jenny from the STEM Polar Explorer program where she told us all about the fantastic work they do and why Science is so important. The children had a fantastic day and really enjoyed learning about all things polar. I am certain we will have many fantastic scientists among us- well done Year One and the rest of the school!

Handwriting Example


Below is an example of how we expect the handwriting to look each week. The letters should be on the middle line with ascender ( tall) letters going above the line and descenders going below the line. Please use the writing guide example we have given you to show you how to write on the lines and do the letters correctly.


It is fantastic also to see so many children trying with their handwriting each week- we are having more folders and handwriting in every week so well done Year one!

Picture 1


Good Shepherd Assembly


We had the Good Shepherd charity come in for an assembly. They told us how they work with homeless people. They help them to have shelter, clothes and food in a loving and respectful environment.


In our school we like to help charities and people less fortunate. God wants us to be a good neighbour and Samaritan by helping others. We can share our love and kindness with the world.


Year One like to think of others and give some of our money to help those who are not as lucky as us.

Polar Day - Monday 29th January


On Monday, the school is taking part in a Polar Day to celebrate being part of the Polar Explorers Programme.  During this day, the children will have the chance to carry out many different experiments and tasks relating to the polar theme. We will be discovering how we can keep our hands warm in icy water, designing and making our own plastercine boats which float and looking at objects which float and sink.


We will upload pictures of our experiments very soon! More details to follow....

Marvellous Maths!



This week the children have been adding and subtracting using a given method. They have had to partition the number, and then add or subtract the ones before adding the tens.


To help the children with this rather tricky concept they have been doing it practically in class using cubes and egg boxes. The children have been working in pairs using the resources practically to help them grasp the concept.


The children have used the resources really well and are tuly engaging with the maths and problem solving. Well done Year One!

Handwriting Hero!


All the children have been given a folder to take their handwriting home in each week. This folder will be given out on Monday every week and will need to be returned by Thursday at the latest, with the child's handwriting inside the folder.


Each child's piece of handwriting also needs to have their name on so that we know whose is whose. Please ensure that you look after these handwriting folders and bring them back each week with your child's completed handwriting. Having them helps to keep the children's work neat and organised.


Happy Handwriting!

Working with the Digital Leaders!



This week the Year One children have been working with the Digital Leaders at lunchtimes. The older Year Four and Five children have been helping them with their typing and word processing skills. They have been showing them how to write their name on Word, and change the font, size, type and color.


The older children have said how fantastic the Year One's have been to work with- I have watched them working together and they have been so keen  and eager to learn.


Well done to all children who took part- it is lovely to see you helping and supporting each other!

Our Spring Class Pet!


In Spring we are having a blue tit box in Year One as our class pet. We will be hanging the box up on the tree outside and each week a group of children will be going to observe the box and see if a little bird has made a nest. We will be talking to the children about how birds nest in boxes and lay their eggs. The children will have to  be extremely quiet when being around the bird box!


We will be updating photos of the children and our pet onto the website so keep checking!

Picture 1



All PE kits should be brought into school this week if they have not been given in already to be checked and you should include the checklist that was sent home at the end of Autumn 2.  Every child's PE kit that was in school has been was checked today and all the  children have also been given a letter in their book bags which tells them if they are missing any important kit or items. It is important that the children have their full kit at all times.  The checklist for your child's PE kit is as follows:


Must Have Items Optional PE items (for outdoor activities/competitions)
PE Bag Children will need to wear PLAIN BLACK or DARK BLUE TRAINERS for appropriate PE activities e.g Athletics, cross country running, football.  
Black plimsolls (pumps) - preferably elasticated Children may bring in PLAIN BLACK or DARK BLUE JOGGERS to keep them warm while doing PE.
Royal Blue Plain Shorts Children may bring in a PLAIN BLACK or DARK BLUE SWEATSHIRT or HOODY to keep them warm while doing PE.
White Plain T-Shirt (or with school logo)  


Spring Term in Year 1!


This half term, the whole school is taking part in a Polar Explorers Programme.  Each class will embrace the Polar theme in as many different lessons as they can. 


In Year 1, we will be looking at the book Little Polar Bear by Hans De Beer in English and then learning about The North Pole and South Pole.  We will also be reading  the story of Fantastic Mr Fox, which I am sure the children will love!  In Maths, we will be finishing off our work on addition and subtraction  before looking at shape and then length and height.  In Science, we will be focusing on the Artic environment and animals.  We will also be doing art and dance in our MMMADDD sessions.


This is a really important half term for Year 1 and every day is vital in Year 1 and missing one of these days will have an impact on the rest of the week.  Please ensure your child is in school unless they are really poorly.


We are moving into our new list of spellings for this half term and the new sheet will has been sent home today.  As with the Autumn term, we will teach these every day to the children but if you can support them at home this would be wonderful.

Important dates for your diary.


Monday 29th January Polar Day!
Thursday 8th February KS1 & KS2 Cross Country Tournament - Woodgate Valley 3.10-4.00pm
Friday 16th February Break up for half term


Christmas wishes from us all!


On behalf of Miss Murphy and Mrs Deocades, we  would like to say thank you to you all for the wonderful gifts and cards you have given us this week.  It is very generous of you and we appreciate your thoughts greatly.


We wish you the  warmest  of wishes for a truly fabulous Christmas and a fantastic 2018!  Please take time to enjoy this peaceful time of Advent and Christmas with your friends and family.



Important Reminder- Christmas Nativity Costumes!


Just a reminder that all Year One costumes for the Nativity must be in school no later than Friday 15th December. There was a letter sent out about this a few weeks ago to allow you plenty of time to get your costumes ready.


Year One are to be dressed in winter clothes and Christmas jumpers. They can wear trousers, skirts, leggings etc with a Christmas jumper and hats, and scarfs would also be fantastic!


Please come and see Mrs Deocades or myself also if you not have purchased any tickets and we will get some for you. It is a maximum of 2 tickets per child.


Many Thanks,


Miss Murphy and Mrs Deocades

Author Workshop- Meeting Maz Evans


Yesterday the whole school had a treat as we were visited by Maz Evans, the author of 'Who let the God's out!' She was a bundle of fun and a real inspriation to us all  from the moment she spoke in assembly and I know the whole school enjoyed their workshops throughout the day.  Year 1 joined Year 2 in the afternoon for a workshop about her book 'Rosey Harker Nosey Parker.'  We had to imagine what might be in our own cupboard under the stairs and the children drew and wrote about some fantastic ideas! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I hope they might think about buying some of her books in the future.

Image result for well done image

Autumn Assessments


Year 1 have been busy this week completing their end of Autumn Term assessments.  As I have been marking them, it has been wonderful to see the progress they have made since starting in September.  Well done Year 2!


The Girls Football Festival!



Today girls from Year One, two and Three went to the football festival at the factory in Longbridge. The festival was a girls only festival and the girls were able to try out their fantastic football skills. They had training first where they played different games as a warm up and were able to use different techniques such as running, catching and dribbling with the ball.


The girls then played games and matches against children from other schools. We played against Saint John Fisher and Saint James and won both games! The girls really engaged with the whole experience and tried their very best. They did so well and have really improved already with their football skills- I think they are all going to be superb footballers in the future!


If your child is interested in attending further football training there is a girls football club called Wildcats which is at the University of Birmingham every Saturday morning from 8am- 9am. It is for complete beginners and any girls are welcome to join and improve their football skills.


Well done to all girls who attended-you really did the school proud!

Our trip to the Think Tank!


Today in Year One we were lucky enough to go to the Think Tank museum as part of our Science human bodies topic. We learnt all about the human body in our amazing bodies workshop and were taught all about how the body worked and the different parts and organs it has. 


The children then explored the floor of the museum, looking at the body floor, exploring different animals and wildlife, looking at metal and different machines and playing as grown ups in kid city!


The children truly engaged with the whole day and loved the museum, especially finding out more about our amazing bodies. They were an absolute pleasure to take and were a really credit and assess tot he school. You really did the school and us proud- well done Year One!

Meet our Class Pet!


In Year One this term we are looking after locusts. We are observing them over a period of time and watching how they eat, grow and live. The children are learning how to feed the locusts and look after them properly. We are really enjoying having something to look after and care for in our classroom and will enjoy learning how animals live, grow and are different to ourselves.

Learning about the Thrombo!


Today we had  a special  thrombo assembly where we learnt all about the mexcian spinning top. We had two speakers come in to talk to us and show us how to use the spinning tops. They showed us lots of fabulous tricks and the children were really interested in watching how they worked.


They are putting on lessons for children and there is a thrombo competition where children can learn the tricks and win prizes. There are posters up around the school giving more information about where the lessons are taking place and how to enter the competition.


We were all very impressed by the skills of the thrombo and the children seemed to really enjoy the assembly and engage with it. It is fantastic for the children to learn new skills and talents and we would urge as many of you as possible to let your child try out the lessons. 

The Gingerbread Man!


For the next two weeks we are learning all about the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children have learnt the story today in class and had great fun acting our the story and playing the different characters. 


They all listened really well and all the children played their part so well. Being the characters has really helped them to understand and engage with the story. We will be learning about this story in our English lessons and retelling the story so please ask you child about The Gingerbread Man at home. Listen to them tell you the story and enjoy!

Children in Need 2017!



Today we had a fantastic day to raise money for a very worth cause- Pugsy Bear and Children in Need! The theme was spots so the children all bout in £1 in exchange for wearing something spotty! Once again all the parents and children have been so supportive and we have raised nearly £200 for Children in Need.


We also held The Voice competition today where children battled it out singing to be crowned the voice of St Rose. There were 16 contestants from all all classes and they were all so brave singing in front of the whole school. I would like to say a special mention to Diba and Dallas who represented Year One- you were both fantastic and did us so proud!


Well done St Rose for yet another fantastic charity event. A very special thanks also to Miss Neville for organizing such a super day!

Book Fair- 2017-2018!


The Book Fair has now arrived in our school and opens from tommorow ( Friday 10th November.) It will be in our school untilWednesday 15th November 2017 ( next week) So you need to make sure that you go and get your favourite books while you can!


Miss Purcell will be down in the hall every afternoon after school this week to help you purchase any books you might like for your child. The Book Fair will run from 3:15pm to 3:45pm and there are lots of fanstic books for your child to choose from!


The Years Ones went down to the hall today for a sneak peek at the books on display and they have already found lots they like! The books range from superheroes and lego to fairy princesses and ponies! the children are so excited about the book fair and it is so important to inspire and motivate our children to read for pleasure and enjoy reading.


Please take some time after school this week to go and have a look at the books we have on offer- the photos below show Year One having a browse already!

Remembrance Day!


Today we had a  Remembrance Day Reflection hosted by Year Six. We learnt about the soldiers who have lost their lives in the wars and we had a two minute silence as a school to remember those we have lost.


The children were all extremely respectful and enjoyed learning about our fallen soldiers as well as the soldiers who continue to fight for our country every day. Year One and Early Years also crated their own  also made some poppies for the reflection which are on a photo display below.

Class Trip Reminder!


Just a reminder that our class trip will be on Thursday 23rd November 2017.  There are still a lot of children that have not yet handed in their slips or their money for the trip and this needs to be in as soon as possible.( ideally by the end of this week.)


If you need another trip form and slip please ask Mrs Kavnagh at the office who will be more than happy to give you one.

Important Notice for Home Time.


Please can all parents ensure that they follow the correct rules at Home Time. This includes waiting behind the bus stop sign until Mrs Deocades sends your child out to you and waiting until ALL the children have gone until speaking to Mrs Deocades or myself.


We have a legal safeguarding responsibility to get all children safely to their parents at the end of the day and this must be our first priority. It is imperative that you wait until we have called your child to collect them, and that if you want to speak to us, that you wait patiently until all the children have gone.


It only takes a few minutes for all the children to be sent out and after they have gone Mrs Deocades and I would be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.


Thank you for your support and co-operation.


Parent consultations


Please check your child's book bag today your appointment slip regarding the parent consultation afternoon on Wednesday 15th November.  Appointments are available between 1.15pm and 4.30pm and will inform you of what time your parent meeting will be fr your child.


Thank you. 

Tennis Session Round Two!


This week we have been carrying on with our Tennis with the coach, Simon.  We began by carrying on with our ball skills and trying to throw the ball up and clap before it came back to us. We also tried bouncing the tennis ball on the ground.


We then pretended the ball was our dog and we took it for a walk round the hall, making sure we were guiding it carefully. We then pretended our dog had gone to sleep, and balanced it on the top of the racket, walking around the hall slowly.


We then finished with some partner work, swapping our balls with others sensibly around the space. We then tried some simple passes, aiming to be slow and accurate.


Well done Year One!