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Welcome to Year 1's Class Page!


We hope you had a restful and relaxing half term. We are so excited to have you back!


We are always working hard in Year 1 but we always try to have as much fun as possible in our learning. We are always trying hard and being respectful and kind to others in the class in our words and actions.  


We use our class page to tell you about all the exciting things that are happening in Year One while also informing you of any key and important messages or dates.This is updated regularly so please ensure you check the class page frequently.


Miss Murphy and Mrs Lynch

Whole School Retreat Day- December 2018


Yesterday the whole school embarked on a Whole School Retreat Day where the class immersed themselves in collective worship, reflection and prayer. The theme for the day was Advent and we were constantly thinking about this special time and how we can prepare and get our hearts ready for Jesus' coming and birth.


It was a fantastic day and really allowed the children the opportunity to think about their Advent journey and the different things they would need to become closer to God and Jesus and to  consider how they could be patient and calm in waiting for Jesus.


In Year One we also made and decorated advent candles to help us think about this special time. The children created an individual candle as well as using thumb prints to create a whole class one. We also discussed and made advent promises where we wrote about how we  were going to work hard to get our hearts ready for Jesus and the different things we could to achieve this.


Overall, it was a fantastic day had by all, and the children really enjoyed having the chance to reflect and think about their faith at this special time. Well done Year One and a special thanks to Dan and Emily for leading such a fantastic, prayerful and reflective day for everyone.



Star of the Week!


Each week we nominate one child who has been a absolute super star in Year 1 during that week.  This could be for hard work, being helpful around the classroom or simply because they have been a wonderful member of the class.  


Our 'star of the week' for Friday 30th  November is...




For our star this week we have chosen Renah who is a new addition to Year One and joined us only a few weeks ago. Since joining us Renah has been an absolute ray of sunshine in the class- she is always keen to do well and participates well in class, eager to share her knowledge. She also is eager to apply herself when it comes to her independent work and really wants to do her best. Her behaviour is exemplary and she is always making the right choices. She has come into class and been a real shining example to others. Well done Renah- we are so proud of you!

What's coming up in Year 1?

Week commencing: 11th  December 2018


In Year One, we are now into our Christmas preparations and will be very busy these 2 week as both  preparing for both our Christmas Nativity day and making lovely crafts for our Christmas Enterprise. The children have worked very hard all year and we are very much looking forward to enjoying this festive time with them!


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning   Nativity Rehearsal Nativity Rehearsal Nativity Rehearsal Nativity Rehearsal
Afternoon Craft making for Enterprise


  Whole School Retreat Day


Craft making for Enterprise

Craft making for Enterprise Christmas Enterprise


Year 1 and EYFS Nativity


This year, the Year 1 children will join Nursery and Reception  for their Christmas performance on Tuesday 19th December at 9.30 am and Wednesday 20th December at 1.30pm  in the School Hall. The Nativity performance is a celebration of song and retells the story of the Nativity.  Year 1 play a crucial part by being the narrators for the performance and letters have been given out this week explaining which part your child will play in the performance along with their line which they can practice at home. 


If you have not got your ticket yet please see Mrs Lynch or myself and we will be happy to assist you. There are 2 tickets per child for each family and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. The children are also sining the songs in class so please encouraged them to practice them at home! 




During the 4 weeks of Advent, the children are invited to wear their own clothes in return for supporting four different charities.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to extend our kindness to many people in and around Birmingham.  The dates are listed below but here is a summary of what is happening each Friday.


Date Charity What you need to do
Friday 30th November Bags for Brummies Homeless Appeal Bring in items from the wish list below
Friday 7th December St Vincent de Paul Christmas Homeless Appeal £1 donation for wearing your own clothes
Friday 14th December Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital Wear your Christmas Jumper and bring £1 to support these charities
Friday 21st December Cafod World Gifts £1 donation for wearing your own clothes


Year One Trip to Think Tank!


Today the Year One class had a fantastic trip to the Think Tank Science Museum. We went for an amazing bodies workshop where we learnt all about the different organs fo the body such as our lungs, heart, kidneys and intestines. We also looked at the 5 senses we have and how we use them to see, hear, feel, touch and taste the fantastic world around us. We also looked at different healthy and unhealthy foods and talked about making different choices and changes in our diet to ensure we are giving our bodies the best fuel!


We then explored the different floors of the museum- the children had great fun in the Science Garden, saw lots more about the body in All About Me, saw lots of different  animals on the Wildlife floor and were able to play and role play in Kids City.


God wants us to learn more about the world by exploring Science and finding out and how and why things work the way they do. Going to museums and finding out more about how the world works is a great example of how to do this and follow in God's footsteps.


The children has a great day and learnt lots about Science both in their bodies topic and in many other elements. They all said that they had a wonderful time and we can'not wait to take them on their next trip! Well done Year One!

Important dates for your diary


Here are some important dates for your diary this half term.  Please add them to your diary or calendar.


Date Event
Thursday 29th November KS1 & KS2 Skipping Competition (after school - children will be chosen and letters given out at the beginning of half term)
Friday 30th November Advent Charity Day 1: Bags for Brummies Appeal (own clothes day)
w/c 3rd December End of Autumn Assessments 
Wednesday 5th December Year 2 Mass at 10am in the Church
Friday 7th December Advent Charity Day 2: £1 donation for own clothes with all money going to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Homeless Appeal
Thursday 13th December Christmas Dinner Day
Friday 14th December

Advent Charity Day 3: Christmas Jumper Day - £1 donation for Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital

2pm: Christmas Enterprise


Tuesday 18th December Year 1 and EYFS Nativity 9.30am in the School Hall
Wednesday 19th December Year 1 and EYFS Nativity 1.30am in the School Hall
Thursday 20th December Year 2 and KS2 Christmas Performance 3.30pm in the Church
Friday 21st December

Advent Charity Day 4 :£1 donation for own clothes with all money going to Cafod World Gifts 

School closes for the Christmas Holidays at 1.15pm


Year 1 , 2 and 3 Football Festival- 22nd November 2018


Today 7 girls from Year 1,2 and 3 took part in the annual Girls Football festival. This is a fantastic event which encourages girls in Birmingham to have a try at Football, learn new skills, and most importantly have fun playing sports!


The girls took part in many different activities such as learning to pass the ball, dribble and keep control. They then took part in some football games both against each other and against other skills to try out the skills they had learnt.


God wants us to be fit and active and use our bodies to try out new sports and become good at different activities. We like to be healthy and sport is a great way to keep our bodies fit.


The girls did brilliantly and were so good at trying out all the new activities. All of them have said they would like to try football again and it has been a fantastic opportunity for them to learn new skills and try out a new sporting activity. Well done girls!

Think Tank Trip- 29th November 2018


Just a reminder that we are still waiting for a lot of permission slips and money for our trip this Thursday the 29th November 2018. The children will not be able to go on the slip without a signed permission form and the money so it is extremely important that these come in as soon as possible.


The cost of the trip is £9.00. If you need a new trip letter please do not hesitate to contact me or the office and we will get you a new one.


The children are so excited for the trip and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out!


Many Thanks,


Miss Murphy

The "String Bling" Assembly- 20th November 2018 


Today the whole school has a music assembly held by 15 year old pupils from a nearby school. The group was 4 girls who were training in making their own instrument string quartet. They were absolutely fantastic and all played different instruments such as violins and  cellos. They showed us many different musical terms such as rhythm, tempo, baseline, teamwork, melody and harmony.


They really worked on getting the children involved and we even took part in a musical quiz of guessing the songs with pupils vs teachers! The girls also played many different songs to us at different points and the children were truly memorized and even joined in when they could!


Listening to and enjoying music is one of the many talents and delights God has given us and we need to use our gifts for good and to make the most of the wonderful music and enrichment around us. All the children enjoyed the workshop so much that we hope many of them will take up an instrument in the future and work hard at their talents to be truly brilliant and use our gifts for better.



Children in Need 2018


Today the children bought in £1 to wear their Pugsy ears to raise money for the wonderful charity, Children in Need. Each child wore ears and bought in money to help children who are less fortunate than ourselves and who may need help and support, either here in our UK community or overseas.


the children all did so well at raising money and looked fantastic in their outfits. Their ears were wonderful- we had so many different variations and there were lots of homemade ones which was fantastic!


We love raising money here at St Rose and helping others in our charity work. It is so important that we look after others, as God and Jesus would want, and that we support those in need. We would like to say thank you to all of you for your fantastic support, as always. Well done St Rose!



ICT- 14TH November 2018


In ICT this half term we are focusing on creating our own research e book linked with our Science Topic, Human Bodies. We will be writing our own sentences and adding images about Human Bodies, which will link in nicely with our Science studies.


Today the children started their new topic and began making a picture for their Science book using the JIT 5 app. They began by drawing a picture of the human body on JIT using the paint tool and then had to think about the different body parts to draw such as eyes, ears, fingers etc. They drew bodies of both a girl and a boy with their partner and also had to consider what colours they should use and experimented with the different pencil tools. 


They finished by saving them onto their own files and we will use them again next week ready for writing about the body and labeling the different parts. God wants us to use technology  wisely to understand the beautiful world he created, and it is wonderful to see Year One using the computers so sensibly and efficiently. Well done Year One!

Our Remembrance Reflection


On Monday 12th November 2018 we had a whole school reflection to remember the soliders who have fought so bravley for our country and kept us safe.The Year Sixes lead the reflection and told us all about both The Second World War and "The Great War" as it has been 100 years since the first World War ended. We were told about all the wars that have happened and how many soldieras have lost their lives keeping us and future generations safe.


It is is so iomportant that we remember these soldiers and pay respect to them for what they have done for us. We had a 2 minute silence and a poppy display was created by Recption for all to ejoy at the reflection.


God wants us to take time to think about others, especially when they have died being couragous and giving their lives for others. By having this reflection we were able to spend time thinking about the soldiers and the fantastic scarifices they made for us. 


All the children were extrememly reverent and enjoyed the reflectionb they had. They were all truly respectul and a real credit to the school. Well done Year One and everyone!

School Book Fair





The annual School Book Fair has arrived in school and will be open from Friday 9th November until Wednesday 14th November. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to buy books for your child to support and enrich their reading at home.


Each class has been to the Book Fair today to see the books that are in order and think about a book they might want to choose. ( Please see Year One Photo's of us at the Book Fair below.)

The Book Fair will run in the School Hall from 3.30pm after school until 4pm from 9th November- 14th November. The children are so excited by the books there and there is also other merchandise on offer such as posters, sticks etc.


The more money that we raise for the Book Fair the more free books we can have and access for all the children in our school, so we would really appreciate your support. We hope to see you after school one day this week from 3.30pm in the School Hall.







Learning about Time


In our Maths lessons this week we have been learning all about Time. We have been looking at o'clock and half past times, both identifying these times on clocks and drawing them on our own clocks.


The children have really impressed us with their knowledge of time and how they well they have picked up the clock and different hands. They have learnt about the hour and minute hand and how they show us different things on the clock.


God likes us to learn more about his Creation and learning about the time helps us to understand how to use the wonderful day and night that he created for us. Well done Year One!

Our Human Bodies


In Year One we will be learning about Human Bodies for our Science topic  this half term. We will be learning about the different parts of the body and what they do, as well as identifying and exploring the 5 senses that we have. Our topic will also be supported by a fantastic to The Think Tank for an amazing body workshop and experience!


In our first lesson we have been learning all about the different parts of the body. We drew round Jaya and then labelled her different body parts such as her mouth, elbow, head, ankle, stomach and many more. We also talked about what we use our bodies for and came up with many different examples such as walking, dancing, running, eating, cycling and even thinking!


God wants us to use the bodies he gave us for good and to find out more about them. He wants us to understand and learn about our bodies so that we know how to look after them and respect them. Each of us has a special body that has been given to us by God and we need to look after it and nurture it. Well done Year One!

Thursday 29th November- Year 1 Trip to Think Tank, Birmingham


A trip has been arranged for the Year 1 Children to visit the Think Tank in Birmingham on Thursday 29th November 2018.


The children will be travelling by coach leaving school at 9.15am sharp so it is crucial that all children are on time on this day, Children need to be in school for 8.45am- the coach is not able to wait for children who are late and we would not want any children to miss this amazing trip!


A letter has been given out today to all children which has a reply slip to fill in at the bottom. The cost of the trip will also be £9.00 per child with the school subsidising most of the cost of the trip.


Please complete and return the reply slip and payment as soon as possible. All money and return slips must be returned by Friday 16th November 2018.


Thankyou so much for your co-operation and we are all so excited for the trip!





On behalf of myself and Mrs Lynch we would like to wish you a restful and very happy half term. It has been a very new and different start for the Year One pupils who have had to get used to a change from Reception but they have all done so well and we are so proud of them!


We hope you all have a well deserved rest as you have worked so hard and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6th November at for our next half term! 

St Rose Poppy Day!



On 26th October 2018 St Rose had their annual poppy day. All the children wore red and bought in money to buy poppies. This helped to raise money for the Royal British Legion.


All of Year One took part and wore red on their clothes. We also nought lots of poppies to wear! We love dressing up to raise money for different charities.


Soldiers help to protect our country and look after us. By raising money we can help to look after them and show our respect and love to them.


God wants us to raise money for charity to help loo after others and show love and kindness. We like to use our efforts in school and for good an v d to support and help others.

Important dates for your diary


Here are some important dates for your diary this half term.  Please add them to your diary or calendar.


Date Event
Friday 26th October Wear it Red Day for the British Legion - wear red and bring in £1.
School breaks up for half term
Tuesday 6th November School starts again for the second Autumn half term.  Children to be in at 8.45am.
Thursday 29th November  Year 1 School Trip to Think Tank, Birmingham.
Tuesday 13th November Parent Consultation Meetings 1.30 - 5.00pm
Thursday 22nd November Girls Football Festival (after school - children will be chosen and letters given out at the beginning of half term)
Thursday 29th November KS1 & KS2 Skipping Competition (after school - children will be chosen and letters given out at the beginning of half term)
Friday 14th December Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Enterprise
Tuesday 18th December  EYFS and Year 1 Nativity Performance ( Option 1)- 9.30am in the School Hall
Wednesday 19th December  EYFS and Year 1 Nativity Performance ( Option 2)- 1.30pm in the School Hall
Thursday 20th December Year 2 and KS2 Christmas Performance 3.30pm in the Church
Friday 21st December School closes for the Christmas Holidays at 1.15pm


Oral Storytelling- Writing up our Story


This week in Oral Storytelling we have been using all our knowledge of the story over the half term to write up our whole story into our books. The children have either written the whole story or part of the story and have then scribed the rest with an adult verbally.


it has been wonderful reading the children's work and seeing how much they have learnt and remembered from the story. They are now fantastic storytellers and know the story really well! They have written the story both on whiteboards and in their books. We also have a video of two children from the class retelling the whole story using their story map! Please have a look at them below and make sure you ask your child to tell you the story of Anna's apple at home!



Recording our Jam Sandwich Instructions in Computing!


Today the children videoed their instructions of making a jam sandwich. They got into groups of three where one child read their instructions from the previous week, one child was the actor who acted out the instructions and the other child was the video recorder.


They videoed their instructions and we then looked at our videos and discussed how we would change them. We discussed what we could improve e.g less background, noise, holding the camera and what was good about them.


The children enjoyed using the ipads and learning how to video. They also enjoyed making their jam sandwiches, thinking about the instructions they had to use  and of course eating them at the end! Well done Year One!

Year 1 PE Skills with Miss Neville- 18th October 2018!


Today the children had a fantastic PE lesson with Miss Nevill where they practiced different ball skills such as dribbling, passing and throwing. They had great fun learning different skills and attempting different challenges such as lying down and passing the ball behind them with only their legs! 


They are really improving with their ball skills and are becoming much more confident with passing and kicking different balls. Please ask your child about what they have been learning in PE at home.


Below is a video and some photos for you to look at of the children in PE today!





Year 1 PE Lesson Balls Dribbling

Still image for this video


Instructions for Our Jam Sandwich


In Year One we have been looking at instructions for our Computing work. We have been learning how to program and how to follow algorithm instructions.


We have thought about what instructions are needed to make a jam sandwich. We have to be really detailed and specific in our instructions for our jam sandwich robot.


We then wrote our own instructions for making a jam sandwich and practiced making our own jam sandwich seeing how our instruction’s worked. If we had made a mistake we had to go back and debug or change our instructions.


God likes us to use his amazing work for the better and to use the wonderful technology that us around us. By understanding technology and how simple programs work we can use his world for the better and learn more about his Creation.

Writing Confession Prayers to Father Gary


In our RE lessons we have been looking at the role of a priest and the jobs he does. We learnt that priests do confession for their parishioners.We had a lesson this week where we wrote our own confessional sorry prayer to our parish priest, Father Gary. We wrote sorry prayers to him and a whole class reflection where we thought about what we had done wrong and how we could be sorry and show forgiveness to others.


God wants us to atone when we do something wrong and to make it right by asking for forgiveness and making the right choices. God will always choose to forgive us when we go to him or a priest and say sorry for our wrongdoings.


In the lesson we made sorry cards, acted out the role of a priest and drew priests and their jobs on the iPads. We also had a discussion about atoning for our actions and showing forgiveness. When we did our whole class reflection the children were able to say what they were sorry for, and ho they could make up things they had done wrong and be better in future. The prayers the children made were truly heartfelt and thoughtful and we are so proud of them- well done Year One!


Year One Phonics Workshop 2018


Today, on  Tuesday 9th October 2018 we welcomed all Year One parents to our Phonics Inspire Workshop. The workshop was designed to educate parents about how we use Phonics in the classroom and to give ideas on how to support their children with Phonics at home.


The workshop was a great success and we had many parents attend- I would like to thank the parents who took the time to come today. I hope it was a huge help for you and the children loved working with you!


God likes us to educate ourselves through reading and to make the best of our talents. We can use reading to find out more about the world around us and to learn and research about the fantastic world that God has made.


At St Rose we aim to have fantastic relationships with our parents and we like to keep them informed about what we do in the classroom.The workshop allowed the parents to learn more about Phonics and to try out different Phonics games and activities with their children. They could also take these home to practice.


A huge well done to all the Year One children and their parents!

Year 1 Phonics Meeting and Workshop Reminder - Tuesday 9th October


A letter was sent home today  inviting you to attend a meeting with myself on Tuesday 9th October at 9am. The meeting will be in the school hall on Tuesday 9th October and will run until 9.30am. This is an ideal opportunity for you to meet me and to understand the Phonics Screening Check that will take place at the end of Year 1. It will also enable you to try out some different Phonics activities with your child and to ask my any questions or concerns you may have about Phonics.  I look forward to seeing you.

St Thomas Harvest Assembly


This week the members of St Thomas Aquinas held a Harvest Assembly. We told everyone about the parable of the sower and how we need to ensure that we are good soil, which can take on the seed of God’s Word.


We asked for donations of food and tins which we gave to Tabor House. God likes us to user our powers for good and to give to those who are less fortunate. We have lots of  food so wanted to give some away to those who need it.


The pupils of St Thomas House planned the assembly and delivered it. We also had members of St Thomas from Year One- Six come up and give the donation baskets that we had collected for Tabor House. It was very spiritual and inspiring to see all the donations we had collected as a school for our chosen charity.


We asked the rest of the school to reflect and wonder about how they could be good soil and grow in God’s Words. God wants us to take time to listen to him and understand him, and this takes prayerful reflection and thinking time.


Well done to all of St Thomas for such a thoughtful and reflective assembly!




Year One Church Visit 


In September we went to Church to look at the different objects that were there.We learnt about the different symbols and what they represent. We looked at the altar, font, organ, candles, flowers, lectern and pulpit.


God wants us to delight in his house and to take joy and comfort there. He wants us to find out more about him and to grow in our faith journey. Going to Church and growing in understanding is a fantastic way to do this.



The children behaved very respectfully and reverently in Church. In Year One, we know it is a special place of worship and prayer where we can gather our thoughts and be with God.


Please ask your children about the different objects they saw in Church and what they mean. I am sure they would love to tell you!

Oral Storytelling Update!



In Year One we love using being a storytelling school and using Oral Storytelling to help us with our speech and language and story imagination.


Cod created our unique voices to be used for good and to help us in telling imaginative stories. He wants us to enjoy and learn different stories around us and use them to help us learn about the world.


We have been learning the story of Anna’s Apple Tree which links in with our work about the seasons. Anna grows a tree but learns that it takes many years to do this.


The children heard the story last week and then have this week been working in  groups to orally retell the stories to each other. They remembered all of the story through learning and saying it orally- well done Year One!


Please ask your child if they can now retell the story to you at home so you can hear it too!


Year One Autumn Walk!


In Year One we love using the talents God gave us to learn about Science and the seasons. We have been learning about the season of Autumn.


God created each season for us to enjoy and he likes us to delight in them and learn about them. We went on an Autumn walk around our local duck pond to find different Autumn objects.


We found conkers, acorns, red, brown and yellow leaves and pine cones. There was lots of special and amazing things in Gods natural creation. We then went back in and drew out Autumn scene and labelled the things we found. Year One enjoying being Super Scientists and discovering more about the season- well done Year One!

Attendance and Punctuality in Year 1 


Every day in Year 1 is important for your child.  Our timetable is very busy and gives your child so many opportunities to learn new information and consolidate previous learning.  Each minute and every day really do matter so attendance and punctuality is crucial.  


Our day starts at 8.45 and there is always a morning task waiting for your child in the classroom. 

For those children who are in the line on time and get into the classroom promptly, this is their opportunity to consolidate their learning in either Handwriting or Maths.  This can have a real impact on how quickly they are able to use this knowledge in their lessons. We are also able to hear readers during this time.


At 9am, we move straight into phonics or guided reading for half an hour.  Both of these activities have a considerable impact on your child's ability to read fluently whilst demonstrate a good understanding of what they have read through the different question types they learn such as inference, sequening and prediction.


If your child is persistently late, the impact of this could be as follows:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Arrive at 9.00am Miss Handwriting  Miss 4 Maths questions Miss Handwriting Miss 4 Maths  questions Miss Big Maths Tests
Arrive after 9.00am Miss Phonics and  Guided Reading Miss Phonics and Guided Reading Miss Phonics and Guided Reading Miss Phonics and Guided reading Miss Phonics and Guided Reading 


If your child is late every day, that equates to two Handwriting sessions missed and eight Maths questions! Please ensure that your child is on time everyday and is at the line at 8.45 ready to come into school.

Oral Storytelling!


This year we are focusing on Oral Storytelling as a school. In

Year One we are focusing on the story of Anna's Apple which 

links in with our Science and learning about the seasons and Autumn.


This week we are focusing on listening to  and retelling the story and discussing key points within it. Please ask your child at home to retell you the story of Anna's apple and see how much they can remember! 


Our Class Wish


Each year, we think of a wish that we would like to focus on and try to aspire to throughout our time in Year 1.  It is a time to reflect on the way we think God would want us to think, behave and act both in our learning and towards others.  This year the children gave some wonderful ideas and  thoughts as to what our wish should be.  We combined these together to make our Year 1 class wish as follows:



"Our Year 1 class wish is to listen really well to our teachers and to respect everybody in the class."


Image result for image of wish





Computing Whizzes!


This week the children have all been learning about e safety with James in their Computing lessons. They have been discovering the journey of Smartie the Penguin and have been discussing how we can stay safe online and talk to our adults if we have any problems online.


We talked about pop ups that happen when we play our favourite games or talk to people and that we must ALWAYS talk to a trusted adult if we see something we don't like online or are unsure about.


We then sang a catchy song to go with out new knowledge and created e safety posters which had Smartie on and our new found advice about talking to adults.


Well done Year One- you were fantastic at now knowing how to be safe online!

The Christian Creation Story


In Year 1 we have began the year by learning about the Christian story of Creation. We have listened to how God made the world in 7 days and know all the wonderful and fascinating things that God created in his world.


We acted out the story with different props to help us with our learning. Each child was something God made, whether it was the light and dark, land and sea, sun and stars or humans and animals.


The children were amazed by how much God made and how beautiful our world is. The children really enjoyed acting out the story of Creation and were fantastic- Well done Year One!


Image result for image of book bag

Book bags and Reading Books


In Year 1 we need to send out important letters or information to you on a regular basis.  Please can you ensure you check your child's book bag each evening just to make sure you receive any communication and information that we send out.  The children have also been given a new reading book today in which needs to be in EVERY DAY. This is so we can read with the child in class regularly, change their reading books when needed and check how much they have been reading at home. Please ensure that your child's book bag and reading book is in school on a daily basis and ensure that you check them frequently, where possible. Thank you!