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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


We are always busy bees in Year 2 so we will make sure we keep our class page full of all the interesting work they are doing along with any important information you need for the year. 


Our class page is also a really useful tool to find out information so please make sure you check it on a regular basis.


Miss Neville, Mrs Woodley and Dr Gould.

Star of the Week


Each week, the star of Year 2 will appear on our class page.  Please make sure you check regularly to find out who the star of the class is that week!


Our star of the week this week is... Jamie!

Jamie has come back from the Easter holidays as a different boy.  We have always known that Jamie could concentrate, focus on his work and avoid distractions but this hasn't always happened every day, in every lesson.  But now, having had 2 weeks rest, Jamie has come back to school with a focused attitude, a steely determination to get his work done and a willingness to help others that is outstanding.  He has really excelled in all of his subjects this week and this has been a delight to see.  Keep up the good work Jamie as we are loving what we are seeing at the moment.  Well done Jamie!


These children have been stars in Year 2 so far!
Jonathan (29.3.2018), (Mahdiyah (23.3.2018), Yna (9.3.2018), Ryan (16.2.2018), Oneli (12.2.2018), Lily E (2.2.2018), Antonia (26.1.2018), Berachah (19.1.2018), Chris (12.1.2018), Jarred (1.12.2017), Maisie O (24.11.2017), Lucy (17.11.2017), Leilah (10.11.2017), Logan (3.11.2017), Lily G (20.10.17),Ali-Jay (13.10.17), Avin (6.10.2017), Chris (30.9.2017), Valentina (22.9.2017), Lisa Marie (15.9.2017)

This week in Year 2: w/c 23rd April 2018

We have now started our new story of 'Poppy and the Blooms' and are working hard to make our writing interesting and add detail to this story.  In Maths, we are continuing with Length and trying to apply the box method for working out our reasoning questions in preparation for our SATs.


Year 2 will have PE on a Wednesday this half term and their full PE kit should be in school at all times. 


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English English - editing our draft English - Perfect Piece writing English - narrative planning English - narrative drafting English - drafting/reading
Maths Length - comparing the length of lines Length - solving worded problems Length - solving worded problems Length - solving worded problems Mass - measuring mass in kg



I will be starting to administer the KS1 SATs in week 4 and these will continue for 2 weeks.  The test papers will be administered in 2 groups to ensure that every child has a calm environment for them to take the tests.  Only 1 test will be carried out each day.  The timetable is below for your information:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
w/c 7th May Bank Holiday Reading paper 1 (group 1) Maths paper 1 (group 1) Reading paper 1 (group 2) Maths paper 1 (group 2)
w/c 14th May Reading paper 2 (group 1) Maths paper 2 (group 1) Reading paper 2 (group 2) Maths Paper 2 (group 2) SPAG (spelling and grammar) (both groups)


Measuring in Maths


This half term, our focus in Maths is measuring and we kicked this off with measuring length.  We first explored measuring using measuring tapes, metre sticks and rulers.  Then we moved on to comparing the length of different objects and used the < and > sign to compare two lengths.  The children have gained a good insight into which is longer, a metre or a centimetre, and are showing that they can accurately measure using a ruler. 


Next week, we will continue looking at length but exploring this through worded problems using the bar model to help us and then it's onto measuring mass!

Happy Easter!


Wishing you all a very happy and Holy Easter.  Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term.

Goodbye Miss Dunn!


It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Miss Dunn today as she has finished her second placement in Year 2.  We have all thoroughly enjoyed having her work with us and we're confident she will be a great class teacher at the end of her PGCE.  Thank you Miss Dunn and have a wonderful break!

Chocolate Brownies


I've never baked for my class before but this half term, Year 2 have been treated to 2 cakes from me.  Chocolate chip banana bread and this week, chocolate rolo brownies.  I did promise them that, if they did well in their assessments, I would bake them and I don't like to break a promise.  Suffice to say, the chocolate brownies were well received and they were very well deserved.  Some of the children asked me to put the link to the recipe, along with the recipe for cream egg chocolate brownies, which are equally as delicious.  I hope you manage to find some time to bake with your children over the Easter... Enjoy!  Miss Neville


Chocolate Rolo Brownies Recipe click here

Cream Egg Chocolate Brownies Recipe click here

Sowing seeds for Summer


This morning, some of the children took a break away from the classroom to sow some wildflower seeds outside the back of our classroom.  Inspired by our new book 'Poppy and the Blooms' we're hoping the April showers that are forecast for Easter will encourage these flowers to bloom and make a wonderful backdrop for our classroom.  We are all looking forward to reading our new book which was chosen by the children and talks about how small things can make a big difference in a dull world!

Science equipment - can you help?


Next half term, the children will be making their own greenhouses in the science lessons.  In order to do this, they will need 1 litre milk or juice cartons, bendy straws and clear plastic food bags.  If you do have any of these around the house, please could you keep them and send them in with your child when they return to school on Monday 16th April.  


Many thanks, Dr Gould.

Acting in RE


During our final English lesson, Miss Dunn allowed the children the chance to act out the key moments from Maundy Thursday through to Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday.  The class were split into smaller groups and given a different section to act out as the final part of the Holy Week story.  Some children were more animated than others, but we know that everyone tried their best in this mini drama session.

Reflecting on Holy Week


Over the past term, each of the classes have worked on 2 different stations of the cross and recreated them using different art processes.  In preparation for Easter, Year 2 took the time to visit each of the stations, which are now situated around the school grounds.  Each station has a different appearance and gave the children the opportunity to reflect on the final moments of Jesus' life.  The stations of the cross walk was a very powerful way of thinking about the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the artwork really does celebrate the talents of the people within our school.

Headteacher's awards

Well done to 8 children in Year 2 who were all presented with a Headteacher's Award in assembly this morning.  The award was given for their beautiful handwriting as Mr Carroll and Mrs O'Meally have been so impressed with the quality of the handwriting in Year 2.  As a result, all 10 children who have been awarded with the Headteacher's award will now receive a handwriting pen that they will use for all of their written work.  This is especially wonderful as children would not normally receive this until they reach KS2 so this really is a special honour and testament to the hard work and effort they have put into their writing. 


Well done to Jake, Alex, Alicja, Chris, Seth, Ryan, Katie and Ali-Jay who received their awards, books, pen and pencils today but also to Lily G and Jarred who have been given their handwriting pens today.  I am very proud of you all!

Well done Year 2!


This week, the children have been completing their end of Spring term assessments.  Last week, I gave them a little 'carrot' to help them really think about how they wanted to do in their assessments and the promise of 'rolo chocolate brownies' has certainly done the trick as I am delighted in the progress they have made.

Important dates for your diary.


Thursday 29th March Children break up for the Easter Holidays at 1.15pm
Monday 16th April Children return from the Easter Holidays at 8.45am
Tuesday 1st May - Friday 25th May Year 2 SATs test window opens - we will be carrying out the tests in small groups during this period
Friday 25th May School breaks up for the Whitsun holiday
Monday 4th June School reopens at 8.45am
Thursday 7th June Rearranged trip to Mount Pleasant Farm
Friday 6th July Whole school charity day
Monday 9th July Year 2 prayer and reflection at 9am in the school hall



Sports Relief Steps Challenge:  End of Day 4 total = 549,609 steps

That's the same as walking from Birmingham to Hawick in Scotland!

Stepping for Sports Relief


On Monday, Year 2 took a break from their assessments to kick start the steps challenge for Sports Relief.  This year, Sports Relief are challenging the nation to take 1 billion steps a day in aid of Sports Relief.  So, never one to shy away from a challenge, we have set the children the challenge of taking 1 million steps in a week.


Year 2 did really well today and walked for 40 minutes, helping Monday's total to be over 106,000 steps.


Will we reach the million?  Check back each day to find the new total.


Big Bandage Day


Congratulations to all of the children who came dressed with a bandage today.  It really was wonderful to see so many children showing their support for the Birmingham Children's Hospital.  Today was all about showing that we support children who are being brave and fighting illnesses every day.  Our heart definitely sees this and our children showed how much they really care. 


Thank you x

A Heart that Sees


On Wednesday, we were very lucky to have a Lenten Reflection with Dan Callow and Emily Jenkins.  The whole day was dedicated to letting our heart see what God needed us to see.  The children sang, prayed, meditated and thought about the work that God needed them to do.  Dan and Emily were brilliant and made us all really think about how we can help others by letting our hearts see the most important things around us. 


Year 2 were brilliant and gave some great ideas during our class meditation.  One of the most touching moments for many of the staff was when Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were taught how to sign to one of the songs that Dan and Emily taught us.  There aren't many occasions where these little ones are quiet but you could hear a pin drop and the children were so focused on what they were doing that it really moved me to tears.


A truly beautiful way to spend a sunny Wednesday.

Parent Consultation Meetings 


Thank you to all of the parents who came to see me yesterday.  It was lovely to chat to you all about your child's progress to date and which areas they need to work on going forward.


This appointment is really important so, if you were unable to attend, please could you make an alternative appointment with me as soon as possible.


Many thanks



World Book Day 


Congratulations to all the children who dressed up for World Book Day today.  It really was wonderful to see the array of different costumes from the 100 books to read by the end of KS1.


We had a bear playing the piano, Mr Bump, Handa from Handa's surprise, a few Matildas, a couple of Red Riding Hoods, Dorothy and a Cat in the hat but to name a few!


Even the teachers got in on the act and became the crayons from 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Oliver Jeffers.


The children will be given a £1 voucher to use at a number of bookstores and supermarkets.  Reading is a wonderful way of getting lost in your own imagination so encourage your child to read as much as they can, especially from the list of 100 books.

No farm for us... but Nina came in!

The 'Beast from the East' put paid to our trip to the farm on Wednesday but the lovely Nina from Mount Pleasant Farm still came in to see us.  Armed with feathers (that had dropped from their chickens) and wool from their sheep, she came in and talked about some of the animals we would see when we go to the farm in June.  The children were then able to make chicken and sheep pictures, using the feathers and wool to make them more realistic.  Afterwards, Nina showed them some of the eggs that the chickens had laid that morning and the children were then able to weigh and grade them.  We were very grateful to Nina for taking the time to come and see us but will now be really looking forward to going to the farm... in the warm!


Please note, our trip will now take place on Thursday 7th June.



Today, I have started a new initiative designed to change the handwriting of a large proportion of the children in the classroom as it feels like all I ever talk about is the presentation of our work in Year 2.  Each night, I will give a short piece of handwriting for your child to complete.  They will need to trace over my writing and then copy it exactly as it is written.  It shouldn't take them long (it didn't take me long to write it) and they must return it the following day.  Once their handwriting has improved, they will stop receiving extra handwriting.


The only way their handwriting will change is if they take their time and copy what is given to them.  I have written it so they can see exactly how it should be done.  This isn't just a Year 2 requirement - neat handwriting is required in every class so if they can get it right this year, it will make things a lot easier in years to come.


Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated.

Banana Bread

I am very fond of baking and many of the maths problems I write are based around ingredients for cakes.  This week, I talked to the children about the Banana bread I baked at the weekend and their little eyes lit up so I promised I would make one for them.  After a long Ash Wednesday mass, the children finally got the chance to taste it.  There wasn't much left so they must've liked it and there were plenty of requests to find out how to make it.


It really is a very simple cake to bake so if you fancy baking it with your child over the holiday, click here for the recipe I used!



Today we welcome Miss Dunn to Year 2.  Miss Dunn will be with us for the rest of the half term and then all through Spring 2.  She will be helping out over the next couple of weeks and learning about what life is like in Year 2 then, after the holiday, she will be teaching some of the lessons in the morning and the afternoon.  Please make her feel welcome should you see her in the playground.

Year 2 MMADDD - Art with Miss Neville

This half term, Year 2 have been enjoying art and dance as part of their Friday afternoon MMADDD sessions.  So far, we have learnt the skill of sketching, and I introduced them to how sketching pencils should be held, the types of lines that we use and how we can create depth by building up the colour.  We then used charcoal as another medium for drawing and the children sketched penguins to link in with our polar theme.  Keep checking the class pages to find out how our paintings develop of the remaining 3 weeks!

Art Week 1 - learning how to sketch!

Art Week 2 - learning how to use charcoal!

Attendance in Year 2


I cannot stress how important this time of year is for Year 2.  Every day really does matter and if your child misses the odd day here and there, it really does impact on their learning.  Each day feeds into the next so, if they miss 1 English lesson, this will affect the rest of the week, just as one missed maths lesson will.  We cannot go back and reteach this so this is learning lost that they need for their SATs in May.  Where patterns occur in their time off i.e. particular days, these then form large chunks of learning missed.  For example, if your child has a tendency to miss a Tuesday, they are always going to miss their reading skills.  Sadly, we do notice these patterns as it is shown in their books.


Unless your child is really poorly, they should be in school.  We cannot escape colds at this time of the year but they will be so busy in school they will soon forget they felt poorly in the morning.  Please help us to help your child with their learning.


Thank you.

Polar Day!


On Monday, the whole school dedicated the day to Science and, more specifically, the Polar region.  We have been really lucky to be part of a programme run by STEM learning which encourages children to think about science in a real life context through the Polar Explorer Programme.  The programme is centred around the new Polar vessel named after Sir David Attenborough but it also focuses on the Polar region as a whole and what an exciting part of the world it is to investigate.


Our day started off with a fascinating assembly delivered by Dr Watson who is our Polar Ambassador. She explained why working in Science is so important and how discoveries made about the polar region have changed some of the things we buy today.

Scott's trek to the South Pole!


In Year 2, we became 'Sir Robert Falcon Scott' in the morning and reenacted his famous trek to become the first person to reach the South Pole.  The weather conditions weren't Arctic, but they certainly weren't kind to us and the heavens opened just as we stepped outside the classroom.  Wearing their winter clothes and working in teams of 4, the children were given books to weigh their backpacks down and had to pull a tyre to represent the sledges that Scott and his team pulled on their trek to the South Pole.  Some teams worked brilliantly and were able to pull the heavy load with ease.  Sadly, to their disappointment, once they reached the South Pole (the sensory garden), they discovered that they had already been beaten by the Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen.  They they learnt about what happened to Scott and his team on their journey back.  I am hoping this hands on experience will help them learn about this famous explorer and add interest to their writing over the next few weeks.

Blubber gloves

All of the children knew about the types of animals that can survive in the Arctic but could they explain why?  The next experiment showed them how animals such as penguins, polar bears and walruses are able to survive in such extreme conditions.


Lisa volunteered to place her handing in icy cold water to see how long she could keep it in without it starting to hurt.  She managed an impressive 20 seconds before needing to take her hand out.  Then the class watched as we filled a rubber glove with vaseline then asked Lisa to put on a separate glove and place this inside the vaseline-filled glove.  She then placed her hand in the water again.  This time, she couldn't feel the cold at all.  The vaseline represents the blubber that these animals have which help keep them warm in the Arctic conditions.  All of the children were able to have a go and found it fascinating about how the vaseline glove stopped the cold coming through at all.

Eating like a polar explorer

In the afternoon, we split into 2 groups with half staying with myself and the other half going into Year 1.  With me, we learnt about what we'd need to eat if we were a polar explorer.  We watched a video about a woman who works in the Antarctic and she showed what she has to eat each day.  We discussed about why certain foods would be better than others and why some would be too heavy to carry.  The children then created their own shopping list by selecting foods from around the hall.  Suffice to say, if any of them become Polar Explorers, they'll know what they need to take with them now!

Year 2 class reflection


Well done to all of the children who read during our class reflection this morning.  They read clearly and confidently and shared what they had learnt about the two gospel readings.  Their discussions prior to the assembly had been very insightful and it was wonderful to see what each of their names mean.  Well done to year 2.


You can view the video of their names by clicking this link.



Please be reminded that homework is given out each Thursday and needs to be completed and returned to school on Monday.  This is more than enough time to complete the homework given each week.

Unless there is a genuine reason given by a parent, I am expecting every child to complete their homework and hand it in on Monday.  We have provided folders for everyone to help keep their homework safe and the work set is always something that we have been learning about in Maths or English.


Unfortunately, the new term started with 7 children not completing their homework.  As this is an important time for Year 2 as we lead up to their SATs in May, it is vital this is completed and therefore the following sanctions will take place if their homework is not brought in each Monday.


Day 1 - move down the reward chart

Day 2 - move down the reward chart and lose 1 housepoint

Day 3 - move down the reward chart, lose 1 housepoint and complete the missing homework at lunchtime.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Year 2 folders


Please be reminded that the blue folders should be checked every night for letters and your child's reading diary.  It should then be brought back into school the following day.  We are only coming to the end of week 2 and we have already found unread letters in folders and folders are not being brought in.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



Today, we have given all of the children a blue cardboard folder.  Inside this, we will put their reading books, reading diaries, homework plus any important letters that you need to read.  The reason for doing this is that many letters get lost in transit from school to home so this provides a safer place to keep all of the important information that may be given out during school.  Please can you ensure you check this each night and send it back in the following day.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Welcome back!


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Please remember that school opens tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8.45am for all pupils.  This is a really important time for Year 2 and every day really does count.


All PE kits should be brought into school tomorrow to be checked and you should include the checklist that was sent home at the end of Autumn 2.  It is important that the children have their full kit at all times.  The checklist for your child's PE kit is as follows:


Must Have Items Optional PE items (for outdoor activities/competitions)
PE Bag Children will need to wear PLAIN BLACK or DARK BLUE TRAINERS for appropriate PE activities e.g Athletics, cross country running, football.  
Black plimsolls (pumps) - preferably elasticated Children may bring in PLAIN BLACK or DARK BLUE JOGGERS to keep them warm while doing PE.
Royal Blue Plain Shorts Children may bring in a PLAIN BLACK or DARK BLUE SWEATSHIRT or HOODY to keep them warm while doing PE.
White Plain T-Shirt (or with school logo)  


Christmas wishes from us all


On behalf of Dr Gould and Mrs Woodley, I would like to say thank you to you all for the wonderful gifts and cards you have given us this week.  It is very generous of you and we appreciate your thoughts greatly.


With warmest wishes for a truly fabulous Christmas and a fantastic 2018!


Miss Neville x


Buddy the elf


This morning we had a new addition to Year 2 in the shape of Buddy the Elf.  Year 2 spotted him first, tucked behind our copy of the Christmasaurus and we soon realised that he belonged to Roisin.  Not knowing the rules of 'The Elf on the Shelf' I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was not allowed to move him otherwise his magic would disappear.  Now Buddy is, I believe, a naughty elf who has been up to much mischief at Roisin's house and we thought we had escaped his naughtiness however, upon our return from breaktime, we soon discovered that not only had he taken my book but he had also emptied my sweet jar all over the cupboard and had hidden my favourites (the jelly babies) behind him and the book.  Whilst this has really captured the interest of Year 2 and distracted them from their performance this afternoon, I do hope Buddy goes back home to the safety of Roisin's home as I dread to think what mischief he would get up to if he stayed in my classroom any longer!

Update:  During our dress rehearsal Buddy disappeared taking my sweets with him and leaving a trail of icing sugar and a parting message for us all... phew!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Congratulations Year 2!


You should all be very proud of your children as they have done fantastically in the rehearsals for the Nativity.  I really hope you enjoyed the performance as they have worked really hard learning all of the songs.  Thank you to all the parents who provided a costume for us, this really does help a great deal.  


On behalf of Dr Gould and Mrs Woodley, I would just like to say how incredibly proud we are of each and every one of the children in Year 2.  Enjoy the photos!

Bagging bags for Brummies


Leilah, Katie and Chris were exceptionally helpful last Friday and made sure I hadn't forgotten anything for the Bags for Brummies appeal.  Each bag contained the essential items needed to help the homeless over the Christmas period.  This was a wonderful appeal and we are very pleased we were part of it.



Daily book bag check

Could we politely request that you check your child's book bag every day for any letters that have been sent home.   We always make sure your child puts any letters in their bag before they leave the classroom but sometimes they are not taken out at all.  Reading books and diaries should be taken out and read every night so if you could check that there aren't any letters in there, we would be really grateful. 

Meeting Maz Evans


Yesterday the whole had a treat as we were visited by Maz Evans, the author of 'Who let the God's out!' She was a bundle of laughter from the moment she spoke in assembly and I know the whole school enjoyed their workshops throughout the day.  Year 2 joined Year 1 in the afternoon for a workshop about her book 'Rosey Harker Nosey Parker.'  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I hope they might think about buying some of her books in the future.

Autumn Assessments


Year 2 have been busy this week completing their end of Autumn Term assessments.  As I have been marking them, it has been wonderful to see the progress they have made since starting in September.  Well done Year 2!

Class Advent Wreath

Today, we made our own Advent Wreath to hold our Advent Candle.  The children each hunted for a stone that could be added to the bowl and then we collected evergreen leaves to place around the outside.  This will now take pride of place in our classroom where we can light it each day to help us prepare for Christmas.

Meet Stanley the Gekko!


This week, Year 2 will be able to spend some time with Stanley the Gekko.  Each half term, we will have a different class pet to observe for a period of time and we are very lucky that Miss Kavanagh has allowed us to borrow Stanley, her pet Gekko for a few days this week.  On Thursday, Stanley will have some more time in the classroom where we might even be able to hold him!

Role Play in RE


This week our RE lesson focused on the Parable of the Talents.  The children were able to act out the different roles of the parable and learn the real meaning of Jesus' story.  Take a look at the pictures below to see them in action!

Our singing superstar for Children in Need!

Congratulations to the wonderful Leilah for coming 2nd in 'The Voice' competition on Children in Need day. 


She sang beautifully and it was wonderful to see how confident she was singing by herself in front of the whole school.  It is even more brilliant because her partner in crime, Mahdiyah, had to go home on that day so Leilah stepped up to the mark and chose to go solo. 


Well done Leilah... you are definitely the voice of Year 2!

Tamworth Castle


Well done to all the children for being so well behaved on our trip today.  They really were a credit to the school and the actors were delighted with the way they contributed to the workshops.  Take a look at the photos of our day out and watch the video of Louirette acting out the part of the Plague Doctor.

Materials investigation in Science


Our topic for Science this half term is materials.  We have already looked at different materials and what they could be used for and on Monday, we took the opportunity to go outside and see the range of materials within our school grounds.  The children took rubbings of the different materials to help them see the patterns and texture.

Handwriting Heroes (6.11.2017)

This week I have 10 handwriting heroes. They are:


Seth, Gibril, Lily G, Avin, Ryan, Jake, Jarred, Chris, Ali-Jay and Logan


Congratulations to these children for taking the time and care over their handwriting.  Gibril and Logan have both shown real improvements in their handwriting this week and it is clear they have wanted to become a handwriting hero.  Each of them receive 5 housepoints towards their house teams.  Well done!


How many children will be my heroes next week?


Previous handwriting heroes:

Chris, Seth, Avin, Alex, Lily G, Alicja, Ryan and Ali-Jay (9.10.2017), Lily G (2.10.17)

Prayer of the week

Each week, the children will have a different prayer to focus on in class and learn.  These are the prayers that Year 2 are expected to know off by heart.  Please help your child by giving them time to pray at home.


Our prayer focus for this week is the Eternal Rest.  We have decided to focus on this as November is the month where we remember all those who have died.


So far, we have focused on the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Rosary in our lessons.

Football superstars!


This week, the children started their first lesson of football training with Carly, an FA football coach.  As many of them haven't really played football before, she started off with the basics of dodging and evading by playing a 'space football' game.  The children had to try and move in and out of the star with their ball without being caught by the aliens.  The children were brilliant and have already started to demonstrate some good ball skills so it will be great to see how this develops over the half term.

Anyone for tennis?


This half term we are really lucky to be receiving coaching from The Priory Tennis Club.  Simon, the coach, came in for the first time yesterday and we had great fun during the lesson.  We are looking forward to seeing how our tennis skills develop over the half term!


You should have received a  note in your child's boo bag inviting you to bring your child to 2 free tennis coaching sessions at Lordswood Tennis club.  The free sessions are on Thursday 2nd and Thursday 9th November from 5-6pm.  You can just turn up to the sessions and all the equipment is provided.


Please check your child's bag for further information.

Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a wonderful half term.  Please be reminded that school reopens tomorrow (Tuesday 31st October) at 8.45am.  Your child should make sure they bring in the following:


  • PE Kits and joggers  - Year 2 will have tennis on a Tuesday and football on a Wednesday so their PE kits must be in school at all times.
  • Homework - handwriting should be completed and, where applicable, maths homework.

Headteacher's award

The Headteacher's award is given to those children who have been nominated for their beautiful handwriting.  I was delighted to nominate Lily Green for the Headteacher's award today as she has been a handwriting hero of mine since she first started in my class.  Her handwriting is always beautiful in everything she does and so, she truly deserves this award.


Well done Lily - we are very proud of you!

Spelling and reading superstars

This half term we have been having a reading and spelling challenge in class.  I told the children that, if they read their reading book, had their diary signed and brought it in every day for the whole half term, they would receive a prize.  I am delighted to announce that Jake, Katie and Jarred all completed the task and received a little prize to congratulate them.



We also had a spelling challenge running alongside this.  In order to win, you had to get 10 out of 10 for each of the spelling weeks.  Only 1 person managed 10 out of 10 each week so, our spelling superstar is Jake.  Well done Jake!


The challenges will still be running next half term... let's see if we can get some more winners!

Planting in Science

Year 2 have been working hard with Dr Gould and Mrs Woodley on a Wednesday afternoon planting lots of seeds and bulbs.  They have enjoyed learning about what happens when a seed germinates and have used their prediction skills to help them think about the conditions seeds and plants need in order for them to grow.  We've just got to hope the frost and slugs don't ruin their hard work!

How our handwriting has changed!


It has been absolutely wonderful to see the change in handwriting for many of the children in Year 2.  The really concentrate hard and strive for perfection in their writing as they know only beautiful handwriting will be rewarded with handwriting hero certificates.  We spent some quiet time today practising our common exception words.  The peace and quiet was heavenly and all heads were down focusing on our letter formation!  Well done Year 2, you'll soon have the best handwriting in the school!

Contact details

Our class page is an excellent source of information however, there may be times when we need to send a text message to you advising you about a change, a request for something or because something has been cancelled.  Please can you ensure that your contact details are up to date in the office so that we are confident you will get the message.


Many thanks



Coordination and balance in PE

This half term, our focus in PE has been using a range of skills including coordination and balance.  The children have worked really hard to focus on these skills and today they were able to demonstrate how well they have listened over the half term.  Next half term, they are really lucky as they will be taught tennis by coaches from The Priory AND they will receive football training from a coach from the Women's FA.  I'm sure the children will love PE next half term!

Dancing in the dark


One of our 2 minute challenges this half term has been Dancing in the Dark.  The children are really enjoying the energetic dance moves with glow sticks.  I'd like to think I wore them out but their energy levels still remain very high after the dancing has finished!

Your child's name

During assessment week, we ask the children to write their name on the front of their assessment paper.  It has amazed me the number of children that don't know how to write their full name, some even writing their first name incorrectly. 


This is really important so I would ask that you use any spare time at home to help your child write their full name.

Attendance teddy arrives in Year 2!

Rosie has returned to Year 2 at last.  We won the attendance for EYFS and KS1!

Rosie will be with us for the whole of next week but we hope she stays with us for even longer.  Next week, she'll be completing the assessments with us so make sure your child is in every day and maybe she'll be able to enjoy another week with us!


Lily's beautiful handwriting homework!

Lily's beautiful handwriting homework! 1

Big Maths

There is currently a problem with Big Maths so if you log on to this, there won't be anything for your child to do.  We are aware of it and are trying to sort it out with the provider.  In the meantime, please continue or start using Mathletics and Activelearn as there is definitely work assigned to the children on both of these websites.  Thank you!


To date, activities have been assigned on Mathletics in the following areas:


  • Number and Place Value counting
  • Number and Place Value to 100 (1 and 2)
  • Problem Solving
  • Length, Mass and Volume
  • Properties of Shapes
  • Position and Direction


As the activities are linked to the Year 2 curriculum, I assign activities based on what we are doing in school to ensure the children are able to answer the questions.


Important:  You may need to download flash player to complete some of the activities.  Please don't worry if this isn't possible as there are plenty of activities to complete that don't need flashplayer.  I am not expecting everyone to do everything but I would like them to try something!


To access Activelearn, you will need to ensure the pop ups on your tablet or computer allow access to this site.  Below is a guide to problem solving on Activelearn.


Assessment Information

A number of parents have asked about the assessment papers that were sent home with your child last week.  These are not for you to be concerned about and they are not a reflection of how your child is doing at all.  


In the parents' meeting last week, I advised everyone that I would be sending these home so that you can see what the SATs papers look like and where they need to be at the end of this year.  You therefore do not need to worry about what mark your child got as they had to sit a test that is for the end of the year group.


A copy of my presentation at the meeting is below along with the document that was given to the parents who attended the meeting.


Miss Neville

Using positional language in Maths


Today, the children tested their ability to use positional language to direct a robot around the screen.  Working in partner, the children used the lightbot website and gave instructions such as forwards, backwards, left, right and turn to help guide their robot to the lightbulb.


The children had great fun and were able to use their computing skills to help recode the robot to succeed in the task.  Well done Year 2.

Class Wish

This year, the children decided that your class wish for this year should be 'To always be ready to learn, be honest and helpful towards others.'


For the beginning of the year, I chose Roisin as the perfect example of someone who always fulfills our class wish. Roisin demonstrates a wonderful attitude towards both her work and her friends.  She always has her hand up ready to answer different questions and shows a genuine kindness to the other children in the class.  Well done Roisin!

NSPCC Assembly


The children attended an assembly by the NSPCC today in which they were given advice about what they should do if they feel unsafe or need to tell something important to someone.  The children were exceptionally well behaved and were a credit to both myself and Mrs Woodley.

Noun Hunting in Grammar

We started our grammar off by checking that we understood what nouns are.  The children hunted around the classroom to identify all the nouns they could see.  This a great exercise to do as it focuses the children on what nouns are and how they are different to verbs.  We then looked at adjectives and thought about how we can use adjectives to describe the nouns.

Shape Hunting

This week, we have been focusing on looking at 2D shapes and their properties.  As the sun was shining, we took the opportunity to go outside and hunt for shapes in the playground.  The children were excellent and spotted an array of shapes, discussing the number of sides to help them decide what the shape name was!



Your child has been given their spelling booklet for this half term.  This lists all of the spellings that they will be tested on each week during Autumn 1.  We will be teaching these daily in school but would also ask that you please help them practise these at home.


If your child achieves 10 out of 10 in their spellings, a sticker will be placed on the spelling booklet.  We can only do this if your child brings in their booklet each week.  The children who have 6 stickers on their booklet at the end of each half term will be given a treat.

Meeting with Miss Neville


I am available each morning at the beginning of the school day if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or Year 2.  However, I am unable to speak to you on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon due to our staff meeting and an afterschool club that I run.  Should you need to speak to me on these days, please see the office to make an alternative appointment as I cannot come out of these sessions to speak to parents.  If it is urgent, Dr Gould or Mrs Woodley are also available to help you.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards


Miss Neville


Changing reading books


Unless you sign your child's reading book, we will not change this.  It is your responsibility to read with your child each night and sign their reading book.  This is really important.  There are times when we have a number of books that need to be changed and your child's book may have been missed out.  On these occasions, we would ask that you show some understanding and remember that we have 30 children to look after.  These things are never done on purpose!

Reading Challenge

To encourage reading at home, I have set up a reading challenge for the children in Year 2. 


If they read their book each night, get their reading diary signed and bring their book in every day, they will get a tick.  If they complete this for each of the days in the week, they will be put on the reading challenge chart.  If they manage every week in the half term, they will receive a treat.


Reading is so important in year 2 as they have to been able to read confidently and fluently by the end of the year.  They can only achieve this if they are reading at home regularly.  We are not asking for them to complete the book each night, simply read a couple of pages and this will make a difference.


In terms of changing books, it is not manageable to do this daily so stage books will be changed every other day. Every child can take a second book home which can be changed as often as they like.

Online learning in Year 2


There are 3 different websites that you can access to gain access to the online learning for Year 2.  I have put the website addresses and login details in the front of your reading diaries so that you have access to them at all times.  Each week, I will update the websites to give access to different activities, books and games.  These websites are a great way to support your child's learning at home and I would encourage you to visit them regularly.


Click on the links below to gain access to the websites:

Activelearn (Maths and Reading)


Big Maths (Maths)


Mathletics (Maths)