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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


We are looking forward to working with Year 2 this year.  We are always busy bees in Year 2 so we will make sure we keep our class page full of all the interesting work they are doing along with any important information you need for the year.


Miss Neville, Mrs Woodley and Mrs Barnett

Danceathon - are you ready for the challenge Year 2?


This year, our big summer charity event is a Danceathon and we are raising money again for the Birmingham Children's Hospital.


We have set a target of £2,200 for the whole school which is more than achievable if everyone tries to get sponsorship.  Sponsorship forms have been sent out today so please check your child's book bag to help them get some sponsorship.


You can also ask people to sponsor them online using the justgiving website


Can we be the best fundraising class Year 2??



Star of the Week!


This week our star of the week is... Poppy!


I am delighted to be able to award Poppy the title of 'Star of the Week' this week.  She really has been trying hard in all of her lessons and is smiling much more... which is wonderful to see.  In her English lessons, she has been concentrating on her work and contributing to the ideas of the group.  This has really helped her writing and Mrs Beddall is delighted with how she has progressed in a matter of weeks.  In Maths, Poppy has really been the star of our class and seems to be an expert in shape and symmetry.  She has been enthusiastic, confident and hard working in all of her lessons.  Not only this, but she flew through her phonics test the other day so this really has been a fantastic week for her.  Well done Poppy!


Who else has been our Star of the Week so far in Year 2?

Philomena (12.5.2017), Riley A, (28.4.2017), Lily-Mae (31.3.2017), Elroye (17.3.2017), Gabby (10.3.2017),Max (17.2.2017),Mikaela (10.2.2017),Alexis (3.2.2017), Baran (27.1.2017), Louie O (20.1.2017), Lamis (13.1.2017), Given (2.12.2016),Aldin (25.11.2016),Nathan (18.11.2016),Sofia (11.11.2016), Harvey, (4.11.2016), Mollie (14.10.2016) Giacomo (07.10.2016), Megan, (30.9.2016), Ryley W (23.9.2016), Braeden (16.9.2016)

SAT's celebration

As a reward for working so hard last week with their SATs tests, we will be joining forces with Year 6 to have a celebration day on Friday 26th May.


Both classes will spend the whole day together on Friday doing lots of fun activities in the morning and partying in the afternoon.  We will provide the drinks for the children but would be grateful if you could send in snacks, crisps, sweets etc. that we can share in the afternoon.

Vocations week in Year 2!

This week we are focusing on vocations during our English and Maths lessons.  We are thinking about the what a vocation is and what we think our vocations are.  

Holy Week in RE


This week, we have been focusing on the key moments in Jesus' final week.  On Monday we explored Palm Sunday and how the story would've been different from the viewpoints of different people on that day.  The children wrote an extended writing piece based on either the viewpoint of the crowd or Jesus.


On Tuesday we looked at the events of Maundy Thursday and thought about the ways in which Jesus prepared his disciples for his death.  The children acted out the Last Supper scene and then we looked at the famous Last Supper painting by Leonardo DaVinci.  As a class, we then recreated this picture and Mr Carroll did some fancy work to place it on a different background.  I'm sure you'll agree, it really is a fantastic reenactment.


It's Science week in Year 2!

This week we have dedicated to the fun side of Science.  During the course of the week, we will be exploring lots of different experiments geared to make the children think scientifically!  Today, I showed them the things that we would need throughout the week but didn't tell them in what combinations or what for.  Already, the children have some fantastic ideas about what we could be doing but it remains to be seen whether any of them are correct!




Experiment 1 involves a glass jar, an egg and some clear vinegar.  But what will happen next?  Come back on Thursday to find out!









Experiment 2 involves paper towels, food colouring, water and plastic cups.













Experiment 3 involves a lemon, washing up liquid, food colouring, bicarbonate of soda, a knife, a plate and a teaspoon.

Experiment 2: Rainbow colour mixing

Experiment 3: Lemon Volcano

Beautiful butterflies!

For the past 4 weeks, we have had 5 little additions to our classroom.  They started off as tiny caterpillars, ate their way through all their food, went to sleep in a chrysalis and then emerged last week as beautiful butterflies.  We have protected them, fed them and watered them but today was the day to release them into their natural habitat.


We were very lucky that the sun was shining which gave us the opportunity to say our own prayer of thanks to God for giving us such beautiful creatures and to ask for his protection now they are out in the wild.  Although they were a little reluctant at first, the butterflies took to the sky and flew off into the sunshine.  One was a little wearier than others so we gave it a helping hand and placed it directly onto a leaf.


A truly fascinating way to see life cycles in action and wonderful moment to see them fly off.  Don't forget to look out for them in your gardens!

Easter homework


Today I have sent home a folder with the homework for Easter.  This gives the children 3 weeks to complete it and then return their completed work on Monday 24th April.  Please take the time to read the letter enclosed as this is important work and I do expect some of it to be completed by the end of the holidays.


Many thanks.

Drip painting in the sunshine!

Today we looked at the abstract art by Jackson Pollock who created 'drip paintings'.  The children were fascinated by the work he painted and then used his inspiration to create their own drip paintings.  As the weather was so wonderful, we took our art outside and the results are really fantastic.  The children should be very proud of what they have accomplished today!

Crazy Clothes for Comic Relief!

What a fantastic day it was!  


Year 2, you excelled in your charity work today and raised a whopping £43.80 which meant I had no choice but to have my face painted (thank you parents!).  Jacob and Gabby had the pleasure of being creative with my makeup and they did a great job... although the blue moustache was more than a little bit worrying!



All the children really embraced the theme of Crazy Clothes and it was wonderful to see how inventive they could be, without needing to spend any money at all.  You did a fabulous job and I really think this has been our best own clothes day yet... well done Year 2!


Homework is given out every Thursday and is due back in every Monday.  This has been the same format since the beginning of the year but sadly some children are regularly either not doing it or handing it in late.  For the amount of homework given, Thursday - Monday is more than enough time to complete it so late completion will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.  


Please help support your child with their homework.  Don't do it for them as nobody achieves anything by doing this.  The homework I send out can be done by your child.  I know their ability levels in school and match their homework accordingly.  If they tell you they can't, this simply isn't true.


With only 7 school weeks remaining until the children do their SATs test, all homework given is designed to help secure their understanding and I would therefore ask you to encourage your child to complete it and hand it in on time.


The Readathon was launched by the school council on World Book Day and all the children were given a sponsorship form along with a record sheet in their reading diary.  The children have until the end of March to raise as much money as they can by reading as much as they can.  


Sadly, only 2 children have taken this on board so far despite information being sent out to parents in the newsletters.  Please can I urge you to support your child with this charity event.  Not only will it help the children in hospitals around the UK, but it will also enhance your child's reading.

Spellings and Big Maths!


This half term, we will be teaching spelling slightly differently and will no longer be focusing on the common exception words in class.  We still expect these to be practised at home but each week the children will learn the spelling 'rules' for changing words.  They will learn 10 words in class but the list will also be given to them to take home each Friday.  Please continue or start to test them at home to help them practise these and the common exception words.


The words for w/c 20th March are:  want, watch, wander, quantity, squash, quality, squabble, squad, quad, quarrel


Big Maths

Each week, the children will be tested on the Big Maths Learn Its and CLIC tests.  Their aim is to beat their last score.  These will be tested on a Friday and their papers will be sent home on Monday. The children can also practise these online.  Big Maths really does help them with the basic skills needed for year 2 so I would urge you to encourage your child to complete the tests at home.


Spellings tested so far:

patting, patted, humming, hummed, dropping, dropped, sadder, saddest, runner, runny (3.2.2017)

hiking, hiked, hiker, nicer, nicest, shiny, being, shining, scary, scaring (27.1.2017)

copying, crying, replying, marrying, carrying, flying, trying, drying, skiing, taxiing (20.1.2017)

copier, copied, happier, happiest, cried, replied, tried, dried, driest, funnier (13.1.2017)

after, again, any, bath, behind, beautiful, because, both, break, busy (23.9.2016)

child, Christmas, class, climb, clothes, cold, could, door (29.9.2016)

even, every, everybody, eye, fast, father, find, floor (07.10.2016)

after, beautiful, because, could, everybody, find, floor, said, took, with (14.10.2016)

gold, grass, great, half, hold, hour, improve, last (11.11.2016)

kind, many, move, mind, Mr, Mrs, money, most (18.11.2016)

old, only, parents, pass, past, people, plant (25.11.2016)


Oh what a wonderful day on the farm!

We had an absolutely fabulous time at Mount Pleasant Farm yesterday.  The weather was glorious, the children were well behaved and we all fell in love with Tinkerbell, the farm dog.  Nina showed us the chickens and the children had the chance to feed them.  We then met the sheep and were delighted to see two little ram lambs who had been born the day before.  It was also a treat to see the Ewe who was born the day after our visit last year.


We then met Pinky and Perky, the two ginormous pigs whose eating habits are a lot to be desired.  Finally, we got to feed and stroke the cows and calves in the cow sheds before seeing where the cows are milked.

It was a really wonderful day and one that I hope the children will remember!

Class Wish

This half term, each class has chosen a wish that they would like to see acted out in their class.  We decided that our wish was that we 'treated each other as we would want to be treated ourselves.'  


This means being kind to each other, helping each other out, looking after one another, not telling tales but telling good things about our class mates, thinking about our class rules and how our behaviour affects others and making sure that we try our absolute best at all times.

Each week, a child will be chosen who we feel has demonstrated or fulfilled this class wish during the week and they will win 10 housepoints for their house team.


Class wish winner for week ending 3rd March

Our class wish winner for the last two weeks is Alexis.  Alexis is a wonderfully caring girl who is so gentle and patient with all the children who sit with her.  She considers their needs before hers and always wants to help, no matter who is sitting next to her.  Alexis really is a fabulous member of our class and I am delighted to give her the class wish this week.


Class wish winner for week ending 10th February

Our class wish winner for the last two weeks is Nathan.  Nathan is such a kind, considerate and caring boy that there was absolutely no hesitation in us awarding him with the 10 housepoints.  He has such a gentle nature and it is clear that he really cares for his class mates.  He is an excellent role model to others and definitely shows the true meaning of 'treating others as you would want to be treated yourself.'


Class wish winner for week ending 27th January

Our class wish winner for the last two weeks is Mikaela.  We knew who had fulfilled this wish instantly and Mikaela is a true ambassador for treating others the way she wants to be treated herself.  She is calm, caring, shows great empathy and is very patient with all the other children.  She has an amazing ability to recognise when someone needs help and helps them without prompting.  Well done Mikaela, a fantastic role model for Year 2!


Class wish winner for week ending 13th January

The decision was unanimous for this child as he demonstrated such care and consideration for others in his class without prompting.  His behaviour is always excellent and his manners are impeccable.  We felt that this person was definitely following our class wish.  Our class wish winner is.... Harvey!

World Book Day 

Wow!  Year 2 you looked absolutely brilliant today and really took on board the Julia Donaldson theme.  


We had witches and a frog from Room on the Broom, an owl from the Gruffalo, a cheeky monkey from Monkey Puzzle, some scarecrows from the Scarecrow's wedding, Charlie Cook and his pirate from Charlie Cook's favourite book, a couple of Singing Mermaids, Tabby McTat made an appearance, the Highway Rat rode into the classroom, two very handsome and smart giants from the Smartest Giant in town and a trio of ladybirds along with Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh from What the Ladybird heard.  Even the BFG popped in to say hello.


Thank you to all the parents who took the time to help their child get into character today - this has to be the best World Book Day so far!


Attendance this week!


Our attendance for this week was 94%.  This is below the 95% target.  Attendance is very important for all children, especially the Year 2 children.  Please ensure your child is in school each day.  We will be completing assessments on Monday and Tuesday.  Any child that is not in on these days will have to do the assessments on another day.

Colour creations

We have moved away from our DT work and are now focusing on Art for the remainder of this half term and Spring 2.  Our topic is called Colour Creations and we will be looking at some of the wonderful artists our world has to offer.  This week, we focused on the work of Piet Mondrian who only used the primary colours red, blue and yellow in our artwork.  Looking at one of his collages, we decided to do our own collage using rectangles and squares on a black background.  I'm sure you'll be impressed with the final products.


Water, water everywhere!

Our Science lessons have been focusing on the theme of the Environment recently.  We have tackled the issue of recycling, thought about how to save energy and this week we moved onto investigating about water.  We watched a video of a little 3 year old girl in Africa who has to go and collect water with her mother every day.  The children were fascinated by this and couldn't believe the journey she has to make and the amount she has to carry each day.  To get them to truly understand and appreciate how important water is, we reenacted the journey of this little girl and the children carried plastic cups of water on their heads and walked around the playground.  Suffice to say, there was a fair amount of water on the children by the end of the walk!


We will be writing about this in our English lessons this week!



Walking with water!

Walking with water!

Still image for this video

Ssshh... it's a secret!


Each Friday I am going to hide a secret word on my class page.  I'll reveal the secret word each Friday morning but i'll put it somewhere within my class pages for you to find.  If you find it, come and tell me on Monday and I'll award 5 house points.  Just don't tell anyone else... they've got to find it!

We are programmers!


This half term, we are continuing with our programming in Scratch.  The children looked at an addition game last week and thought about the controls and commands they would need to use to make this game work.  They really love the programming element of the computing curriculum and this game certainly helped them think about their maths as well!


Click here to access the game at home and practise your maths skills:

Attendance in Year 2

Sven didn't last long in Year 2 and he's now taken a trip to Nursery!


We have noticed that a number of children are having one day off here and there.  We understand that if your child is really ill i.e. sickness, then they should definitely remain at home but if it is a cold or headache, then it would be better to bring them in.  They normally feel much better once we take their mind of it!  Should they deteriorate throughout the day, we will always ask you to come and collect them.


Each and every lesson is vital.  Our week is structured in such a way that every day builds on from the next.  If your child misses one day, this could impact the rest of their week.  To help explain this to you, here is the structure of our English and Maths lessons next week.


  English Maths
Monday Reading skills lesson Introduction to subtracting tens using an empty number line.
Tuesday Grammar lesson - past tense (to feed into this week's writing) Subtracting a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number using an empty number line using jumps of ten and units.
Wednesday Sentence level work and planning their first draft on Thursday Subtracting larger 2 digit numbers from other 2 digit numbers by counting back in tens and larger unit jumps.
Thursday First draft of extended writing piece. Appying our understanding of paritioning (addition this week) and empty number lines (subtraction) to solve worded number problems.
Friday Editing and final 'perfect piece' write up in Big Write books. Big Maths Tests to test children's ability to recall facts learnt in Big Maths throughout the week.


If someone is off on Tuesday, they will miss the chance to learn how to change verbs in the past tense and they will need this for our writing later in the week.  They will also miss how to subtract larger numbers using the empty number line and counting back in jumps of tens and ones.


If someone is off on Wednesday, they will miss the chance to develop their sentences and plan for their first draft writing on Thursday.  This means that they have nothing to work off during the lesson on Thursday.  They will also miss the chance to learn how to make subtracting easier by doing less jumps or simply consolidate what they have previously learnt.


Missing these days have a serious knock on effect for the rest of the week and it is very hard for them to catch up.


This is a really crucial time for all of the children in year 2 so please can I urge you to think carefully before keeping your child off school.


Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Miss Neville


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

We have started a new topic called 'Environment' in Science this half term and the children are learning about what we are doing to harm our environment.  Last week, we learnt about what climate change is and the impact it's having on our world, especially the melting ice in Antarctica.  This week, we talked about the amount of rubbish that is produced and what happens to it.  We learnt about the terms 'reduce, reuse and recycle' and the children were brilliant at thinking of ways we could reuse different items instead of throwing them away.  They sorted my recycling out for me and even thought of a waste free lunch box to save all the packaging.


Ask them about how they think you could reduce the amount of waste at home or get them to help you with your recycling!

Sven makes an appearance in Year 2!

The attendance teddy has now been replaced with Sven, the attendance reindeer and we are very lucky to have him in Year 2.  He even completed his first big write on Friday - although I think we have some work to do with his handwriting! 


We've only had the attendance toy twice this academic year which is a complete contrast to last year where we had it virtually every week!  Attendance is crucial as your child can miss so much by having odd days off so please, unless your child is really poorly,  make sure they are in school and on time.

Big Maths Champion


Well done to Ryley Wallace who was the only person to beat their score in the Big Maths tests this week!


Let's try to get some more Big Maths Champions each week - 1 out of 29 is not good enough!

Library Visit

Our first day back saw us take the chance to visit Weoley Castle library.  This was a lovely treat for us all, even if we did get soaked as we walked up the hill!  We were very luck as Derek, one of the librarians, took some time out of his day to read us some stories in his very unique way.  The children behaved amazingly and participated in his reading songs.  They then had the chance to look around the library at all the books they have available to borrow.  It was amazing how many children had never visited a library but thankfully, some of them have now completed their library forms to get a card so they'll be able to borrow up to 10 books now... music to my ears!


Well done Year 2!

Activelearn and Big Maths

Just a little reminder that lots of work has been allocated online for your child.  The login details were sent out before Christmas and this is an excellent way of recapping the work we have learnt whilst also being able to access new books.  The websites are as follows:



Big Maths:

Spring in Year 2

The Spring term is an important term for Year 2 as it is the last full term before we enter into the SATs testing period.  We will be building on all of the skills learnt through the Autumn term and learn new skills to help us with our reading comprehension and understanding, maths strategies and arithmetic.  It is vitally important that your child is in school on time to avoid any gaps in their learning. 


We do everything we can in school to help your child achieve their to their full potential but we also need your support at home.  It is important that your child reads every night, completes their homework and practises their spellings and times tables on a regular basis.  


I look forward to what Spring will bring in Year 2!


Miss Neville

What a wonderful world!


Our Spring term topic is called 'What a wonderful world' and we will be looking at the world, the animals that live in our world and how we can protect it through our Geography, Science, RE and Art lessons.  We have a fantastic visit to Mount Pleasant Farm arranged after half term where we will hopefully see some of the Spring babies.  A copy of our study plan is below.


Spring Term PE

Please be reminded that your child should bring their kit in on Monday 9th January so that we can check that they have their full kit.  Our most common problem is that pumps become too small over the holidays so can I politely ask that you please check that their kit is washed, is fully labelled and fits them properly before sending it in.  


The full PE kit is as follows:

  • PE Bag (name clearly visible)
  • Black Plimsolls (name clearly marked on each pump)
  • Royal Blue plain shorts (name clearly marked on the label)
  • White plain t-shirt (name clearly marked on the label)


Many thanks.

Christmas Project

This half term, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Christmasaurus and were delighted when we managed to finish it before breaking up for the holidays.  Now that we have gained a thirst for reading, your Christmas holiday project is to create your own character like Tom Fletcher did with the Christmasaurus!


Imagine that you are writing a book for someone the same age as you.  What type of character would you like to read about?  What happens to them in the story?  Is it magical or mysterious?  Is there a bad character in there a bad character in the story and how does good win over evil?


Be imaginative... you can do whatever you like with this but by the time you come back in January, I would like you to bring your new character with you.  This could be in the form of:

  • A clearly labelled picture describing the character and what could happen to it.
  • A story containing your character.
  • A book cover that you have designed.
  • A 3D version of your character,


Remember, Tom Fletcher had us hooked because he chose amazing characters and a wonderful story line... you need to do the same!  There will be a prize for the best character.


Activelearn and Big Maths 

Your child has been given their Activelearn and Big Maths logins today.  There are a number of maths activities and books they can read online over the holidays through the Activelearn website.

Happy Christmas from us all in Year 2!


We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all our love for a wonderful 2017! Have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you back in school on Monday 9th January.


Love Miss Neville, Mrs Woodley and Miss Stokes


Year 2 and KS2 Nativity!


Congratulations to all of the children for their part in the Year 2 and KS2 Nativity and carol concert yesterday.  They really sang their hearts out and acted out the Nativity story beautifully.  I am very proud of how they committed to learning the carols as there were a lot of songs to learn and they really gave it 100%.  It really was the perfect end to the Autumn term!


Well done Year 2!

The Snowman Challenge!

To get us in the festive mood today, I challenged the children to become Snowmen.  Giving them only a toilet roll, scrap paper, masking tape, scissors and felt tips, each table had to transform one of their team mates into a life sized Snowman.  The children had great fun covering their friends with toilet paper, sticking fake carrots on their noses and creating hats and scarves for their icy classmates.  Mr Carroll was the judge and, despite agreeing that all the teams had made a fantastic effort, he awarded the Lightning table with the accolade of Best Snowman!  Great job year 2!

Year 2 Snowman Challenge!

Still image for this video

The challenge continues...

Still image for this video

Christmas Enterprise... Apprentice finalists in the making!

WOW!  Well done to Year 2 who worked amazingly hard to produce some wonderful treats for us to sell at the Christmas Enterprise.  Our Reindeer Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Spoons and Fingerprint Gift Tags were a real hit with the parents and children who came to visit our stall.  The sales team were fantastic and did a great job of persuading people to buy from us... they even understand what our USP (unique selling point) was for the gift tags.  In total, we raised £130 so we clearly have some budding Apprentice stars in our midst!



Father Gary came to visit...

Today, Father Gary came to visit both Year 2 and Year 1 to talk to them about this special season of Advent.  It was wonderful listening to him explaining about how this is a time of preparation as we are waiting for the birth of Jesus.  He spoke about how patient we have to be and even had the children doing a mini 'Advent Mannequin Challenge' whilst he explained about what we should do to prepare for Christmas.  All of the children were wonderfully well behaved and really engaged with Father Gary by listening carefully and asking good questions.  

The Christmasaurus and Tom Fletcher... Live!


We were so excited to have the opportunity to watch Tom Fletcher, author of The Christmasaurus, live today.  The children were glued to the screen and not a whisper could be heard from them.  Tom Fletcher described how he came up with the initial idea of the story and we were all surprised to hear that it came from a song.  During the half an hour live webcast, the children also learnt more about reindeers and elves and had the opportunity to sketch a Christmasaurus at the same time as Tom Fletcher sketched it on the screen.  In true festive style, they then joined in with a Christmas Singalong.  It really was wonderful to see how fascinated they were so ask your child about it tonight!

Year 2 and the live webcast with Tom Fletcher!

Tamworth Castle Trip


We had a wonderful day at Tamworth Castle yesterday exploring the castle grounds and learning more about the Great Fire of London.  The children were exceptionally well behaved throughout the day and were a real credit to the school.  Each of the workshops provided the children to gain an insight into what life would've been like during the time of the Great Fire of London.  The children met the Lady of the house who taught them how to behave and read a letter from her mother who was living in London at the time of the Great Fire.  They also met the Governess who was a tutor for children and showed them how they would've learnt how to make a fire during some of their lessons and what life was like during the Great Plague.


Well done year 2!

Skipping superstars!


Well done to Given, Aldin, Louie O and Ryley W for taking part in the skipping competition this evening.  I was lucky enough to watch the boys taking part in the competition with the girls from KS2 and they really did us proud.  The skipping competition saw them take part in several events requiring them to skip non-stop for 1 or 2 minutes.  Competing against St Peters, St John Fisher, St Brigids and St James the whole team did fantastically but a special mention should go out to Ryley who came second in the KS1 skipping.  All boys showed excellent behaviour and a gritty determination that makes me very proud to be their teacher.  Well done boys!

Teddy's back!


Look who's back in class this week... the attendance teddy!  We haven't seen him since the beginning of the school year so we are delighted he has taken pride of place in our classroom once again.  The big question is... how long will he stay for?


An afternoon with Susanne Schroder!

We had a real treat this afternoon and were joined by the author of 'The Donkey's First Christmas,' Susanne Schroder.  She talked to the children about her inspiration as an author and illustrator, what she likes to do and how she has created many different forms of writing including web based projects.  The children were fascinated by what she does and especially because she illustrates her own book.  After explaining what she does, Susanne showed the children how easy it is to create your own story using something they already knew... the story of the nativity.  The children were brilliant and really worked well with the puppets and Susanne to create their own mini versions by listening to her questions and responding in the style of an owl, cow and sheep.  Well done year 2! 

Susanne Schroder class workshop!

Advent 'Own Clothes' Fridays

Each Friday from now until Christmas will be an 'own clothes day' and we will be raising money for different charities.  It is important to remember that this is a treat for giving money to charity and not simply a chance to wear their own clothes because it is 'Friday'.  Please make every effort to think about what needs to be brought in and send it in with your child.


Here are the dates and what needs to be brought in:


Friday 25th November:  Bring in £1 to raise money for the PTFA

Friday 2nd December:   Bring in a bottle for the PTFA tombola

Friday 9th December:   Bring in £1 and any loose change for our Cafod World Gift - target £33.00!

Friday 16th December: Wear your Christmas jumper and bring in £1 for the Birmingham Children's Hospital Star Appeal.

Raising money for Cafod this half term!

During the season of Advent, we always try and raise money for different charities to show we are helping others prepare for the birth of Jesus.  


On Friday 9th December, we will be having an own clothes day to raise money for the Cafod World Gifts appeal.  Each class have decided on a gift that they would like to try to buy for people who are less fortunate than us.  


Year 2 have decided to buy 'Water for a Family' as they thought it was important for a family to have running clean water close by so that they didn't have to walk for miles or run the risk of being ill by drinking dirty water.  They also thought this gift would be a lifetime gift.


To buy this gift, we need to raise £33.00 and we will do this by paying £1 to wear our own clothes on 9th December and by putting any spare change we have into the pot.


Becoming computer programmers!


We were very lucky yesterday to have James come and show us how to use the Scratch programme on the computer.  Our topic for computing is 'We are Astronauts' so the children began by learning the controls for Scratch and how to create the background and their own rocket.  They loved being able to use the laptops and design their own scenes and there was a real buzz around the classroom.  Well done Year 2!

Designing our own vehicles


This half term, we are using focusing on DT in some of our afternoon lessons.  We have started to learn about what vehicles need to make them work and how they are designed.  Last week, we started to make our vehicle by connecting an axle, chassis and the wheels together.

Reach for the moon Year 2!

This week, we are going to work on improving our skills of resilience to help us become more confident and willing to accept a challenge. Resilience is an important life skill and it will teach you how to keep trying even though something may be hard and how to solve problems by using different resources, thinking harder and work better with others around you.  


Last week, I sent home a sheet that told you all to reach for the moon and this is how I want us to be this week.  


  • Don't decide not to try just because it is a challenge.
  • Don't give in just because something is harder than you're used to.  
  • Don't stop just because you didn't get it right first time.


Reach for the moon year 2 because even if you miss it, you will land among the stars!

Year 2 take on the Mannequin Challenge!

Still image for this video
It's the latest craze so we had to join in. Today, we practised our 'being still' skills by taking on the Mannequin Challenge and I think we did a fantastic job!

Barmy for batik!


Before half term, the children all designed a small picture to link in with their history topics of the Gunpowder Plot and the Great Fire of London.  We thought about what we could do that would be simple to use for batik.  The children were very excited about the prospect of learning a new art technique and this week have been using the wax to create their fire designs.  Thankfully, there were no injuries and the children were very sensible when using the hot wax.  We can't wait to see how the images turn out once they have painted them next week.

Tudor Houses Project


Well done to all the children and parents who completed the Tudor House DT project over the half term. They are truly fabulous and I can really see that a lot of time and effort has been put into making these miniature houses.  This half term, the children will learn about the Great Fire of London with Dr Gould and this will make a perfect 'Tudor street' to demonstrate what London would have been like when the fire occurred.  


Take a look at some of the photos of the houses below!

Year 2's fabulous Tudor Houses!

Year 2 class reflection - Tuesday 1st November


Congratulations to all of the children today for their excellent reading in our class reflection.  Despite only have a little time to rehearse, you read clearly and confidently and I am very proud of you all.  Well done Year 2!

Year 2 Class Reflection powerpoint

Is there room on this broom for me?


This half term we will be reading the Julia Donaldson book 'Room on the Broom' as part of our English lessons.  It is a wonderful book and I'm sure the children will enjoy the different activities we have planned for them.  Please talk to your child about what the story is about and what they have done their English lessons.

African drumming!


Year 2 had great fun at the African workshop and showed they can understand rhythm and beat.  They were even asked to show their musical composition to the rest of the school at the end of school assembly.  Have a look at the photographs below of them taking part.  Well done Year 2!

Congratulations to our Reading and Homework Superheroes!

Well done to Jacob who is our reading challenge superhero.  He has read his book and had his diary signed every day this half term.  This is a tremendous accomplishment and shows his commitment to his reading and learning.  Special congratulations should also be given to Riley A and Harvey who only missed one day during the whole half term.  Well done to all of the other children whose names were in the reading challenge pot this half term.  


Congratulations to Megan who is our homework challenge superhero this half term.  She has completed their homework and handed it in on time every week this half term.  There were also many other children who were also part of the homework challenge and we are delighted that so many children show a keen interest in their homework.  Well done to you all.


Let's try and get everyone in the reading and homework challenges next half term!


Hooray for Squiggleworth!


This half term we have been focusing on number in our maths lessons.  We have ordered numbers, added 10 to them, taken 10 away, used 100 squares and compared them using < and >.  


This week, we have been working on our understanding of what different digits mean in a 2 digit number. Squiggleworth has certainly helped the children to understand which numbers are tens and which numbers are units.  Using him to understand place value has been wonderful and it has been fantastic to see them grasp this concept so well using this friendly character.  I'm sure Squiggleworth will continue to make an appearance in our maths lessons!


Ask you child to explain Squiggleworth to you!

Year 2 and Aladdin


This half term, our talk for writing book is Aladdin.  We have explored the story through role play, sequencing the order and then writing the original version in our Big Write session.  This week, we also innovated the story and changed it slightly to make it our own version and the children were fantastically creative with their ideas for a new setting and new items for Aladdin to find.  


Have a look at the pictures of the children sequencing, acting and describing in their English Lessons.

Looking for a phizzwizard!


Our end of day reader is the BFG so we spent the afternoon reading the book, thinking about how dreams would sound, what colours represented good and bad dreams and we even painted a giant BFG for the classroom.  The children are really enjoying the story so far and this was the perfect way to celebrate 100 years of Roald Dahl!  


Have a look at our pictures below and see if you can work out what dreams the children had been given to choose music to in the videos!

Choosing colours to represent our dreams

Painting a BFG for the classroom!

The Ice Tables dream!

Still image for this video
Can you work out what type of dream they were given by the music they are playing?

The Earth Table's dream!

Still image for this video
Can you work out what type of dream they were given by the music they are playing?

The Lightning Table's dream!

Still image for this video
Can you work out what type of dream they were given by the music they are playing?

The Air Table's dream!

Still image for this video
Can you guess what dream they had been given by the music they are playing?

We're counting on our number skills!


For the next few weeks we are focusing on number in Year 2.  Counting forwards, backwards, recognising odd and even numbers, finding missing numbers and using number bonds to help us add.  So far, we have become experts in ordering numbers and the teams are working really well to recognise how to order bigger numbers in a team.

Superhero Behaviour!


This year, we have a few incentives to help encourage the children to read on a daily basis and complete their homework and hand it in on time.  We are also trying to encourage the class to behave like superheroes by following our class rules, especially putting our hands up in the class.  A new chart has been placed in the classroom and the children need to be at 'soaring high', 'role model' or superhero' to receive a treat at the end of the half term.  

Let's hope everyone tries their hardest!

Year 2 and the missing lamp!


This morning the children came in to the news that an ancient lamp was believed to be buried in the grounds of the school.  Gasps, dropping jaws and looks of amazement quickly spread across the faces of year 2 who were desperate to find the lamp before the media and historians came themselves.  They hunted high and low around the school and even asked Mrs O'Meally to put off the reporters so that they could find the lamp first.  The big question is... were they lucky in their quest and what did the lamp contain?  Ask your child what happened!

Year 2 Parents Meeting 

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to attend the Year 2 parents meeting this morning.  I hope you found it useful and has helped you understand the work we'll be doing this year!  


For those parents who were unable to attend, I have sent the packs home with your child today with all the information I talked about this morning.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you again.