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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


We are looking forward to working with Year 2 this year.  We are always busy bees in Year 2 so we will make sure we keep our class page full of all the interesting work they are doing along with any important information you need for the year.


Miss Neville, Mrs Woodley and Dr Gould.

Assessment Information

A number of parents have asked about the assessment papers that were sent home with your child last week.  These are not for you to be concerned about and they are not a reflection of how your child is doing at all.  


In the parents' meeting last week, I advised everyone that I would be sending these home so that you can see what the SATs papers look like and where they need to be at the end of this year.  You therefore do not need to worry about what mark your child got as they had to sit a test that is for the end of the year group.


A copy of my presentation at the meeting is below along with the document that was given to the parents who attended the meeting.


Miss Neville

Handwriting Heroes

Well done to the following children for being my handwriting heroes so far this year:


Ryan, Lily Green, Chris, Jarred, Seth and Lisa Marie


It is clear that these children are listening to the instructions, are following the guidelines to make sure they are writing on the correct lines and really focus on making sure their letters are the correct size.


Handwriting is really important in year 2 and the children are expected to be using the cursive style in all of their writing.  The precursive lettering (without joining) will have been taught in year 1 and this is where we start in Year 2.  We do not encourage children to join their letters until it is clear that they are able to use the precursive style accurately on the handwriting lines.  Please help your children practise this at home.

Star of the Week


Each week, the star of Year 2 will appear on our class page.  Please make sure you check regularly to find out who the star of the class is that week!


Our star of the week this week is... Valentina!

Our star of the week was a very easy choice this week.  Valentina has been exceptional since starting year 2 in everything she does.  She listens, contributes, helps others and always tries her best in everything she does.  Her smile is wonderful and radiates around the room and it is wonderful to see such a happy girl in our classroom.  Well done Valentina!


These children have been stars in Year 2 so far!
Lisa Marie (15.9.2017)

Next Week in Year 2!


Each week, I will update the class page to show what we are learning in English and Maths.  Every day is vital in Year 2 and missing one of these days will have an impact on the rest of the week.  Please ensure your child is in school unless they are really poorly.


English and Maths lessons for week commencing 25th September 2017


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English Perfect Piece Reading - retrieval skills Grammar - coordinating conjunctions Planning the second part of our narrative Drafting the second part of our narrative
Maths Locating numbers on a number line Comparing numbers Ordering numbers and finding a number in between Ordering a range of numbers Problem solving - number


Dates for your diary:

Friday 29th September: Macmillan Coffee Day

  • Wear Green for 50p
  • Cake Sale at breaktime - 50p
  • PTFA Coffee Afternoon from 2.30pm in the school hall

Thursday 9th - Thursday 16th November: Scholastic Book Fair

Wednesday 15th November: Parents Evening

Thursday 16th November: Class trip to Tamworth Castle

Friday 17th November: Children in Need 'Spoctacular'


Using positional language in Maths


Today, the children tested their ability to use positional language to direct a robot around the screen.  Working in partner, the children used the lightbot website and gave instructions such as forwards, backwards, left, right and turn to help guide their robot to the lightbulb.


The children had great fun and were able to use their computing skills to help recode the robot to succeed in the task.  Well done Year 2.

Class Wish

This year, the children decided that your class wish for this year should be 'To always be ready to learn, be honest and helpful towards others.'


For the beginning of the year, I chose Roisin as the perfect example of someone who always fulfills our class wish. Roisin demonstrates a wonderful attitude towards both her work and her friends.  She always has her hand up ready to answer different questions and shows a genuine kindness to the other children in the class.  Well done Roisin!

NSPCC Assembly


The children attended an assembly by the NSPCC today in which they were given advice about what they should do if they feel unsafe or need to tell something important to someone.  The children were exceptionally well behaved and were a credit to both myself and Mrs Woodley.

Shape Hunting

This week, we have been focusing on looking at 2D shapes and their properties.  As the sun was shining, we took the opportunity to go outside and hunt for shapes in the playground.  The children were excellent and spotted an array of shapes, discussing the number of sides to help them decide what the shape name was!



Your child has been given their spelling booklet for this half term.  This lists all of the spellings that they will be tested on each week during Autumn 1.  We will be teaching these daily in school but would also ask that you please help them practise these at home.


If your child achieves 10 out of 10 in their spellings, a sticker will be placed on the spelling booklet.  We can only do this if your child brings in their booklet each week.  The children who have 6 stickers on their booklet at the end of each half term will be given a treat.

Meeting with Miss Neville


I am available each morning at the beginning of the school day if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or Year 2.  However, I am unable to speak to you on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon due to our staff meeting and an afterschool club that I run.  Should you need to speak to me on these days, please see the office to make an alternative appointment as I cannot come out of these sessions to speak to parents.  If it is urgent, Dr Gould or Mrs Woodley are also available to help you.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards


Miss Neville


Changing reading books


Unless you sign your child's reading book, we will not change this.  It is your responsibility to read with your child each night and sign their reading book.  This is really important.  There are times when we have a number of books that need to be changed and your child's book may have been missed out.  On these occasions, we would ask that you show some understanding and remember that we have 30 children to look after.  These things are never done on purpose!

Reading Challenge

To encourage reading at home, I have set up a reading challenge for the children in Year 2. 


If they read their book each night, get their reading diary signed and bring their book in every day, they will get a tick.  If they complete this for each of the days in the week, they will be put on the reading challenge chart.  


If your child's name is on the chart 3 or more times in the half term and they will receive a little treat. If they manage every week in the half term, they will receive a bigger treat.


Reading is so important in year 2 as they have to been able to read confidently and fluently by the end of the year.  They can only achieve this if they are reading at home regularly.  We are not asking for them to complete the book each night, simply read a couple of pages and this will make a difference.


In terms of changing books, it is not manageable to do this daily so stage books will be changed every other day. Every child can take a second book home which can be changed as often as they like.

Online learning in Year 2


There are 3 different websites that you can access to gain access to the online learning for Year 2.  I have put the website addresses and login details in the front of your reading diaries so that you have access to them at all times.  Each week, I will update the websites to give access to different activities, books and games.  These websites are a great way to support your child's learning at home and I would encourage you to visit them regularly.


Click on the links below to gain access to the websites:

Activelearn (Maths and Reading)


Big Maths (Maths)


Mathletics (Maths)