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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


We are always busy bees in Year 2 but we also make time to have a laugh and smile as much as we can.  We work hard in our lessons and try to follow in God's footsteps by thinking about the actions we take and the words we use to make sure they are always kind.


Our class page will tell you all about what we are going to do as well as what we have been up to in class.  This is updated regularly so please make sure you keep coming back to see what is happening in our class.


Here's to a very happy year!


Miss Neville, Dr Gould and Mrs Barnett

Year 2 2018-2019

Year 2 2018-2019 1

Star of the Week!


Each week we nominate one child who has been a shining star in Year 2 during that week.  This could be for hard work, being helpful around the classroom or simply because they have been a wonderful member of the class.  


Our 'star of the week' for Friday 19th October is... Violla!


This week our star of the week was a very obvious choice as she always tries hard in every lesson, works exceptionally well with whoever is lucky enough to be her partner and she is, quite honestly, the neatest little girl in all of her presentation.  Our star is Violla and I am delighted to give her this as I think she has been shining brightly for some time, without wanting any recognition in the lessons but it is very clear that she wants to do well.  We are very proud of her and I am sure a handwriting pen will be coming her way very soon as all of her writing is immaculate.  Well done Violla!


These children have already been superstars in Year 2: Juwel (12.10.2018), Amelia (5.10.2018), Kenaz (28.9.2018), Uazan (21.9.2018)

What's coming up in Year 2?

Week commencing: 22nd October 2018


ASSESSMENT WEEK: On Monday and Tuesday the children will carry out their half term assessments to show the progress they have made this half term.  Unless your child is really poorly, please make sure they are in to complete their tests as they are a valuable indicator of how well they have understood what has been taught so far.

In Maths, we will learn the bar model method for solving reasoning style problems.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English ASSESSMENTS ASSESSMENTS Writing: Retelling our oral storytelling story Reading: VIPER Skills Reading: Inference Skills
Maths ASSESSMENTS ASSESSMENTS Worded Problems Worded Problems Worded Problems


Fitness Fun!


This half term, we have been learning a multitude of skills in our PE lessons using lots of different equipment and parts of our body.  Today, the children had the opportunity to put these skills to the test in a circuit of activities ranging from Bench throws to Human Skittles, Dribbling to Crab walks.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable lesson and the children were absolutely fantastic.  I was really proud seeing them using the different skills they have learnt this half term and it was wonderful to hear the buzz around the hall.  They really did work well as a team and it was clear that our class wish was being fulfilled by everyone, a truly shining example of them being the children that God wants them to be.  Well done Year 2, you made me incredibly proud today! 

Fitness Fun in Year 2!

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Pizza making

Following a week of reading about instructions and understanding the features of this type of text, the children were given the opportunity to follow and edit a set of instructions for making a pizza.  Working in teams, the children were given their ingredients and asked to make a set of instructions better.  It was interesting seeing how they worked together and also how well they understood which steps were missing and how they could make it better.  They were most disappointed when they were taken away but not all hands were washed so we couldn't take the risk!

Important dates for your diary


Here are some important dates for your diary this half term.  Please add them to your diary or calendar.


Date Event
Friday 26th October Wear it Red Day for the British Legion - wear red and bring in £1.
School breaks up for half term
Tuesday 6th November School starts again for the second Autumn half term.  Children to be in at 8.45am.
Wednesday 7th November Year 2 mass in the church at 10am.
Tuesday 13th November Parent Consultation Meetings 1.30 - 5.00pm
Thursday 22nd November Girls Football Festival (after school - children will be chosen and letters given out at the beginning of half term)
Thursday 29th November KS1 & KS2 Skipping Competition (after school - children will be chosen and letters given out at the beginning of half term)
Friday 14th December Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Enterprise
Thursday 20th December Year 2 and KS2 Christmas Performance 3.30pm in the Church
Friday 21st December School closes for the Christmas Holidays at 1.15pm


Order, Order!


This week, we have been looking at instructions in our English lesson and the children were quick to identify that instructions needed to be written in the correct order otherwise things would go terribly wrong.  After a couple of lessons of learning the features, I set them the task of sequencing a set of instructions using only the text as a clue to the correct order.  The children worked brilliantly with their partners and I saw lots of evidence of our class wish being lived out in the lesson as they were kind, loving and respectful towards each other.  I look forward to seeing whether they can continue this good work next week when we carry on our instructional work.

Read all about it!


Did you spot us in the Birmingham Mail last night?  Our work with the Children's Hospital hasn't gone unnoticed and they were very pleased to have us as their Charity Champions this week.  It is wonderful to see how much they appreciate what we do and it makes me even more proud of what we achieve as a school.

Abraham and Isaac


Genesis 22 1-19: “Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”

Year 2 have been working hard on some of the traditional stories from the Old Testament. This term they are reading the stories about Noah, Abraham & Isaac, Jonah and David & Goliath.  The story of Abraham and Isaac really grasped their imagination and they all wrote extended stories about the relationship with God.

Oral Storytelling


This year, we have embarked on a new scheme to help the children understand different stories and to be able to retell them using a variety of different tools.  Our story for this half term is taken from the Old Testament, which is a unit of work that the children learn in Year.  We love learning about the Old Testament in RE and there are some wonderful stories that the children learn but our 'Oral Storytelling story is called 'Daniel and the Lions' -  a fabulous example of how your faith in God will help you in times of need.  


At the beginning of the half term, the children amazed both myself and Mrs Barnett with how quickly they remembered key parts of the story so this week we moved onto mapping out the story.  There were some interesting discussions about our drawings but the children were brilliant at working on their own versions.  It really is a lovely way to end the morning and I'm looking forward to playing some of the storytelling games with them next week.


Ask your child if they can remember the story to test how much they have been listening!  

Vocabulary Detectives


During our reading and grammar lessons, we are constantly looking to find out new words and to understand the different word types.  So far, we have focused on nouns and adjectives, sentence openers and yesterday we looked at verbs and how they differed to what we have already learnt in our lessons.  The children were brilliant at working in pairs, thinking about the actions they could show for their chosen verbs, although some were a little harder to guess than others... and that was just myself and Mrs Barnett.

Stepping back in time -  A trip to Warwick Castle

We always try to book the weather for when we go on a trip but even we couldn't believe how lucky we were with the glorious sunshine we had for our trip to Warwick Castle.  Exploring new places and appreciating the world that God has created for us is always better in the sunshine as it shows its true beauty and Warwick Castle really is a wonderful place to visit.


The children were treated to two tours led by experts at the castle.  First, we explored what it would be like to live and work inside a castle.  We heard about the different jobs that men and women had and how hard the children had to work during Medieval times.  Ask your child about how the women washed clothes back in the time of William the Conqueror!  Later, we discovered how enemies attacked the castles and the defence system that was in place to help protect the Lords and Ladies of the castle.  The children were brilliant and listened carefully to everything that our guides told us.  If these tours weren't enough, we were also lucky enough to watch the Trebuchet show and the Bowman show, much to the delight of the children and the archer even had them flossing when he managed to hit the target!


Visiting a historical place is really important as to understand where we are going, we really need to know where we have come from and the history behind Warwick Castle really does enlighten us as to what life was like in the past.  We had a wonderful day, walked many steps (mostly backwards on my behalf) learnt new things and hopefully, the children will remember this for their writing next week!





Green fingered Year 2!


Our first topic in Science is plants and the children have already begun looking at how plants grow from seeds in their lessons.  They have thought about God's world and how we can make it even more wonderful by planting seeds and bulbs that will grow into beautiful flowers in the Spring.  As part of one of their lessons, they walked around the school looking at the different plants that have been planted to make our grounds more beautiful.  


This week, they worked together to plant seeds and bulbs following a set of instructions.  They considered the best environment for seeds and bulbs to grow and set up an experiment that tested this.  The children really loved having the opportunity to plant something that they hope will develop and grow in the spring.  All of the bulbs and seeds have now been placed in the greenhouse for the magic to begin over the winter period!

Understanding number

This week we have started our journey with number in Maths and have looked at the values of numbers and what they really mean.  Maths is definitely an area where we can showcase the talents that God has given us and the children worked really well using the resources provided to show how different numbers can be formed.  This also helped them become more confident in understanding what the digits in a 2 digit number really mean.  Over the weekend, think about asking your child about different numbers, which are greater and which are smaller and how many ways you can make them.  


What God wants for us!

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


During their first RE lesson, the children considered what their hopes for year 2 are, what they will try to do throughout the year and what they actually will do in Year 2. The thoughts have been placed in a jar which will stay in the classroom. The class we will reflect on their hopes again at the end of the year.  They also thought more deeply about the two virtues that we are focusing on this half term and considered how they could be 'compassionate' and 'loving' towards other people this half term, both in their words and actions.

Attendance and Punctuality


Every day in Year 2 is important for your child.  Our timetable is very busy and gives your child so many opportunities to learn new information and consolidate previous learning.  Each minute and every day really do matter so attendance and punctuality is crucial.  


Our day starts at 8.45 and there is always a morning task waiting for your child in the classroom. 

For those children who are in the line on time and get into the classroom promptly, this is their opportunity to consolidate their learning in Maths.  This can have a real impact on how quickly they are able to use the strategies that have been taught to them in their Maths lessons.  We are also able to hear readers during this time.


At 9am, we move straight into phonics or guided reading for half an hour.  Both of these activities have a considerable impact on your child's ability to read fluently whilst demonstrate a good understanding of what they have read through the different question types they learn along with the skills of skimming and scanning.


If your child is persistently late, the impact of this could be as follows:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Arrive at 9.00am Miss 4 questions Miss 4 questions Miss 4 questions Miss 4 questions Miss 4 questions
Arrive after 9.00am Miss guided reading Miss guided reading Miss guided reading Miss guided reading Miss guided reading


If your child is late every day, that equates to 20 Maths questions missed at the very minimum.

Our Class Wish


Each year, we think of a wish that we would like to live out throughout our time in Year 2.  It is a time to reflect on the way we think God would want us to think, behave and act towards others.  This year the children gave some wonderfully insightful thoughts as to what our wish should be.  We combined these together to make our Year 2 class wish.



Book bags


There will be times in Year 2 where we need to send out important information to you.  Please can you ensure you check your child's book bag each evening just to make sure you receive any communication that we send out.  I will always try to put it on the class page as well but checking your child's book bag on a daily basis for letters and their reading book and diaries would be really helpful.  Thank you!

Super Readers!


God gives us many wonderful talents.  Some we have already learnt before we even step foot inside the Year 2 classroom and others are developed throughout this year.  One of the wonderful talents we all have is the ability to read and this is hugely important in Year 2.  We provide children with a home reading book and this should be read on a daily basis however, reading for pleasure is also really important and is something I want the children to do this year.  Reading other books will not only help their understanding but it will also enable them to learn new words that will help with their reading.


This year, I am setting the children a Super Reading Challenge.  The challenge is for them to read as many 'books for pleasure' as they can during the half term.  Their trackers have been stuck in their reading diaries.  Simply record the name of the book, the author and the date it was read in their reading diary and we will add a stamp to their chart.  Each child that takes part will receive a reward and the person who reads the most by the end of the half term will win a prize.


Please encourage your child to read as much as they can and use the talents that God has given us to their full potential!