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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 class page.

A few things to note:

- Please have PE kits (including black pumps) in school at all times.

- Please read with your child daily and sign their diary to show that this has been done. 

- We start activities as soon as children step into the classroom at 8:45 so please ensure you are on time so your child doesn't miss out!

Vocation Week


The whole school has been learning about vocations this week. In RE we focused on Mathew 5:15 - 16 


"Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand,and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.…"


We thought about our own gifts and talents and how we could use these to live lives that glorify God. 

In English, we have learnt all about Saint Teresa of Calcutta and then planned and written a biography of her.  The children have truly understood that a vocation is about living the life God is calling you to live not just a job!

Charity Day 


Despite scorching conditions, Year 3 walked their socks off for two brilliant causes. As a school, we raised a phenomenal amount of money and had a lot of fun along the way! Please ensure that you collect in any money from your sponsors and bring it in. Thank you so much to the parents who came along to support us - you were invaluable. 

Year 3 Trip the Severn Valley Railway

Thank you for the money and slips sent in so far, could we please ask that any remaining amounts are sent in as soon as possible


Please send your children into school for 8:15 promptly – we will be embarking the coach at exactly 8:30am and will not be able to wait for late arrivals.

We are expecting to arrive back at school for around 4:15. Please collect your children at the main entrance.


We ask that if you are sending children with packed lunches that you do so in a plastic bag so that it can be disposed of.


We will not be wearing school uniform – and ask that you dress the children in as authentic 1940s clothing as possible. Here are some ideas (Please see reverse of letter for more ideas…)


Boys might like to come in short trousers with braces, baggy shirts and caps. Don’t forget the long socks and maybe a short-sleeved pullover.


Girls might wear short-sleeved cotton dresses with a tie at the back, cardigans and perhaps a headscarf or beret.


All the children will be provided with an identity tag and card upon arrival to experience how it would feel to be an evacuee!


Please note that due to a strict time schedule there will be no opportunity for children to purchase anything from gift shop at the end of the day – therefore we ask that they are not given any money as they will not be buying anything and the school cannot be responsible for keeping this safe.

Maths Challenge!


During Big Maths yesterday, the children solved this problem. 


Fill in the blanks with two, two digit numbers.


... ... x 3 = ... ...


They did brilliantly so I set them an extra challenge. What is the largest 2-digit number that can be multiplied by 3 before the answer becomes a 3-digit number? Any child who can get the answer to Miss Arnold by the end of the week will receive 5 house points!

Dates for your diary



Friday 25th May - Break up for Half Term



Sacrament of Reconciliation

Home reading


We have seen a worrying drop off in the number of children bringing their reading book into school signed to show they have read at home. It is extremely important that children are reading regularly and has a big impact on progress. 

Birmingham Buddhist Centre


We had a wonderful and very informative morning at the Buddhist Centre. We heard a little about the history of Triratna Buddhism and the guiding principles of Buddhism. The children searched to find as many statues of the Buddha as they could in the centre's beautiful garden and then we took part in a meditation in the main shrine room. Make sure to ask your children all about it as they really listened and took in lots of information. It was brilliant to learn about another belief system and the children showed great respect and curiosity. 

Easter Disco

The PTFA Easter Disco will be help on Monday 26th Match at 3.15 to 4.15pm. Tickets will be £2.50 per child including a drink and a chocolate egg. Tickets will be available from Thursday 15th - Wednesday 21st March on a first come first served basis. Tickets can be purchased from Miss neville. Please put £2.50 in a sealed envelope with your child's name and class clearly labelled. 

Nappy Appeal


We are currently collecting nappies for the Neonatal intensive Care Unit at Birmingham Women's Hospital. They desperately need the smallest nappies (size 0) and newborn (size 1).  If you could help us that would be fantastic. If you are able to help all you need to do is bring them in to school for Miss Neville to take to the hospital, who are currently doing a such wonderful job looking after her nephew.

We are scientists!

As part of our science topic on forces and magnets, Year 3 came up with their own questions to investigate. They planned the entire enquiry; from their question to their method and planning what equipment they would need. The children really impressed Miss Arnold and Mrs Lynch and found some brilliant answers. Well done Year 3!

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Our Lent Retreat

We had a very reflective day last week during our Lent retreat. Dan and Emily from One Way Music came in to school and led the children to contemplate how to have "a heart that sees" through prayer, song and meditation. It was fantastic to see how seriously the children took the day and how they are able to build on their own faith. Year Three are particularly excited as Dan will be returning to work with us on our very own Holy Communion retreat later this year!

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Parents Consultation Afternoon


It was brilliant to speak to so many parents on Monday Afternoon. If you were unable to make the scheduled appointment time please see Miss Arnold to re-schedule an appointment. 

Golden Books

Last week, we started working on our Golden Books. The first few chapters contain lots of information about us . It would be extremely useful if the children could note down:

  • What they were like as a baby
  • The time/date/place of birth and their weight
  • What they could do before they were 2
  • Why their name was chosen for them 
  • The date of their baptism
  • What their family remember about their baptism


And bring a picture of them as a baby and at their baptism if possible for Thursday. We are excited to create a wonderful record of their preparation for their First Holy Communion. 


All of the children create a Golden Book regardless of whether they will be undertaking the sacrament.

World Book Day


The children had a fantastic World Book Day. they looked magnificent in their costumes and I heard some wonderful conversations about the children's favourite books. 


We have just started working on the story of Beowulf as inspiration for our writing in English. We spent an exciting morning hearing all about the story and spotted our own monster in the grounds of St.Rose!

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Sacramental Preparation

As part of the children's preparation for Holy Communion it would helpful if they could bring a photo of themselves as a baby, when & when they were born and what they weighed, what they were like as a baby and what they could do before they were two and why you chose their name


There will be a prayer partner Mass on the 25th of March. 

World Book Day is coming up!


World book day is on Thursday 1st March this year and we will be celebrating in school on this date. In school we are currently promoting the Top 100 books to read before leaving each year group and we would love the children to choose a character from one of these to dress up as. Please don't spend lots of money on costumes as they can be made from what you already have at home. 

Making our own Pictish standing stones!


As part of our topic on the Anglo-Saxons we have also been looking at the Scots and Picts who lived in the north of Britain at the same time. The children got the chance to make their own standing stones and carved their names in Ogham, the language the Picts would have used. We had a great afternoon getting messy with the clay and the results were fabulous!



Experimenting with magnets


Last week, as part of our forces and magnetic topic, Year 3 conducted their own experiment into which materials were magnetic. They made predictions, carried out their experiments and recorded their results like real life scientists. They also came up with some fantastic scientific questions of their own - some of which Miss Arnold didn't even know the answer to! 

Life Caravan


The children were very lucky yesterday to have a visit from the Life Caravan. They Life Caravan runs interactive sessions to help children make healthy lifestyle choices. Year 3 learnt all about how their brains work and how important they are!

Library Visit


On Monday 5th February Year 3 went on an exciting visit to the library. After a rather chilly walk, we arrived at Weoley Castle Library and were met by one of the librarians, Derrick. He read us a very funny story about Boa's birthday and then explained that we could all apply for a free library card to take out up to ten books! After this the children had a chance to look around and pick out any books they thought looked interesting. 

Polar Day

The children had a great time on Polar Day. We learnt all about how the Earth's atmosphere protects us and how the green house effect is warming the Earth and ruining the habitats of polar creatures. We also learnt first hand how blubber helps to keep animals warm in the Arctic and Antarctic by putting our hands in icy water with and without margarine spread covering our hands. After finding out how animals keep warm in this environment, we researched which materials are the best insulators for keeping humans warm. Finally, we designed our own animals adapted to their environments.


This week many children did not bring in both pieces of completed homework. Homework is an important part of learning and is a good way for Miss Arnold to see how children are getting on. Comprehension questions can be thrown away once the full answers have been written into homework books to stop them becoming full of loose sheets. 



This week the children have been learning how to "debug" an algorithm using scratch. After discussing where the term "debugging" came from the children began to ask questions about what the first computers were like. Miss Arnold would love the children to do their own research to find out for extra house points!

Year 3 Trip

Our trip to Birmingham City Museum  and art gallery was fantastic! The children were utterly wowed by the Staffordshire hoard and learnt so much about life in an Anglo-Saxon in our workshop. We are now all very enthusiastic about learning more about the Anglo-Saxons.


Holiday Project


Our topic for next term is the Anglo-Saxons. It would be wonderful if the children did some research about them over the holidays and put together their own projects. I was very impressed with the continent projects that the children brought in last term and so am very excited to see their creations. 

Christmas cards


Year Three had a very busy morning today making some Christmas cards. They particularly enjoyed getting messy with the paints!

Prayer and reflection assembly


The children did a fantastic job in their celebration assembly yesterday on finding peace during advent despite the snow's best efforts to stop them practicing. Thank you to all of the adults who were able to support us by coming to watch. Miss Arnold was very proud of all of Year 3. 


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In RE we have just started the topic of advent. The children have been very excited to start preparing for the arrival of Jesus. We acted out the annunciation and have been creating our own Jesse tree. This is a tree hung with symbols that represent events in the bible from before Jesus birth. 



Stars of the week for Autumn 2 so far...

Our class pet!


We have decided to provide a home for the local hedgehogs and monitor this for the term. Hopefully we will have some hedgehog updates soon!

Picture 1

Wearing something green for Macmillan!

Star of the week 29.09.17 Well done Megan!

Star of the week 29.09.17 Well done Megan!  1

Star of the week - 22.09.17

Our star this week is Mikaela for always listening, trying her best and being a good friend to everyone.

Picture 1

Star of the week - 15.09.17


Michael is our star this week for listening and following instructions. 

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Maths - Week 2

We got off to a great start in our maths last week, learning all about place value. There were number lines galore and we even moved on to looking at how place value works when writing amounts in pounds and pence. 

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