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This page will keep you updated on all wonderful things we get up to throughout the year and important messages that you need.

(Artist Credit: Alessia Boni Year 4)

Our wish for 2017...


We were asked to make a wish for 2017 in our class.

We decided we would like to be more honest with ourselves and others. 

This could be with our friends, our actions and our learning.



This links to the Catholic virtue of being: Truthful and Eloquent.

Each week we will nominate someone who has shown these virtues through being honest and celebrate this!

Week 5 - Alessia - for always treating everyone with respect and honesty

Week 5 -  Alessia - for always treating everyone with respect and honesty 1
Week 5 -  Alessia - for always treating everyone with respect and honesty 2
Week 5 -  Alessia - for always treating everyone with respect and honesty 3
Week 5 -  Alessia - for always treating everyone with respect and honesty 4
Week 5 -  Alessia - for always treating everyone with respect and honesty 5




We work very hard in Year 4 and each week someone is selected for their
rful work and effort in celebration assembly with a special certificate. 



Here is the list of children who have been awarded Star of the Week since September - well done again!


Charlotte - for an excellent start to Year 4!

Jay - for improved presentation of work

Jedd - excellent effort in all lessons

Millie - for being a very good role model in year 4

Ben - effort with all his work

Ethan Mc - understanding in Maths this week

Lance - for fabulous concentration and understanding in Maths

George - effort and understanding in Maths

Atar - for improved cursive handwriting

Aimee - for being a resilient learner, particularly in Maths



Noah - excellent effort and participation in Maths and English lessons

Rio - for rising to the challenge and engaging with his learning every lesson!

Aloyo - for always being a shining example in work and behaviour!

Michael - for being an independent and resilient learner in Maths and English!

Cody - for excellent perspective writing with evidence of reflecting on how to improve

Daniel! He has been working hard on his Growth Mindset and resilience to learning.

Keavy - for persevering with her English - and writing consistently excellent pieces all week!

Nazanin - for excellent edit and evaluation skills resulting in brilliant writing all week!

Ben - For excellent effort in his writing, improving every day and working hard to achieve targets!

Morgan - For amazing effort in her assessments with clear focus and determination. 

Jamie - for excellent enthusiasm and contribution to all lessons!



Our Star of the week this week is...



Alessia! For being an amazing role model in all aspects of work and behaviour, every single day!


Science lesson - sound travelling over distance.


We are really enjoying our science topic on Sound. It has been very practical with lots of important learning.


Today, we looked at how sound particles travel over distance. We learnt that we could use a paper cup and string to ensure that sound waves traveled further. 


We had great fun creating them and it really helped us understand the concept!



Praying the Rosary in the Month of May


During the Month of May we think about Mary. We were all given Rosary beads that were blessed in Mass by Fr. Gary. During RE we learnt about the Rosary and the prayers that are said in order. We have been reflecting on the mysteries of Jesus' life throughout each decade. We will continue to pray throughout the month of May. 

Mummification lesson!


We are really enjoying our Ancient Egyptian topic. This week we learnt about the process of mummification and the reasons behind it. We were particularly intrigued about the brain being pulled out by a hook!


Before the lesson we had a go at mummifying each other with some funny outcomes!


Amazing effort from Year 4 in the Readathon - not only did we read the

most books in the School, we raised the most too! £262.49! Well done to
year 4 for really getting behind this amazing cause and bringing new books 
and readers into hospital for ill children!


As a treat the class were given a VIP slot at the fun afternoon! Well done again and a special thank you to the parents and friends who sponsored! 



Still image for this video

Comic Relief Day


We have been raising money all throughout Lent for charity. This Friday was Comic Relief - we were allowed to dress as crazily as we wanted and were given the chance to paint Miss Purcell's face if we raised £40 as a class. We rose to the challenge and raised £49 for comic relief and to see Miss look ridiculous! 

Well done I suppose year 4....surprise





Year 4 had a fantastic world book day!

You all looked amazing and embraced the Roald Dahl theme so well.

We had a catwalk style assembly, then completed World book day activities and of course enjoyed some reading time.




Geography topic


We have begun our new Geography topic, Village Settlers and you were asked to complete some research during half term. Well done to everyone who did these, with fantastic notes, PowerPoints and drawings.


A special mention to Maria, Daniel and Pavneet for their brilliant models to show what an early village settler would be looking for. We used these in our lesson as a resource, which was very helpful!

Cadbury World 


We went on our long awaited trip to Cadbury World on Thursday. We had a fantastic day, learning all about the Mayans, the history of the factory and of course tasting lots of delicious chocolate!


The children were very well behaved and enjoyed their day - thank you for supporting their visit so well!

Science experiment 


We have been looking at the digestive system in our bodies within Science. We planned an experiment using plastic bags, different liquids and food types to answer the question - Does stomach acid break down foods in the same way? We found out it doesn't - it all depends on the food type and the strength of the acid.


We had a great and somewhat messy time finding this out! 

Re - The Transfiguration of Jesus.


In our RE lesson this week we have been looking at the event of the Transfiguration. We worked in groups to rehearse and perform a role play. We focused especially on our own characters reaction and carefully retelling of events.



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Northfield station Fire-Fighters come to Year 4!



We were very fortunate enough to have 3 Firemen from Northfield Station to spare some time whilst on call to speak to us about fire safety. We had a very informative talk about the danger of fires, Hoax calls and escape plans.


We all listened attentively and learnt a lot! We then saw that they received a call and had to rush off to save other people on a dangerous situation.




Christmas-time in Year 4


We are in full swing of our Christmas preparations in Year 4 - here are some photos of very successful enterprise and - which we raised £115! Thank you everyone for your generosity!

                       Visit to Weoley Castle Library

We were invited by Weoley Castle Library to listen to Derrick

recite some brilliant books and poetry. We then had a look around the Library, read some books for pleasure and received some information about getting or renewing a Library card. Remember they are completely free and give you access to all Birmingham Libraries! 

Stonehenge Visitor



We were very lucky today to welcome Mr Davis from KES Living History into our classroom. He knew an amazing amount about Stonehenge - the prehistoric Landmark in Sailsbury. We had learnt about this during our History topic and were very keen to know more. We even had a go at constructing our own Stonehenge style monuments. A great learning experience!


​Year 4 and 5 trip to Wind in the Willows!


Both classes had an amazing trip to the Old Rep Theatre. We were blown away by the incredible acting, singing and dancing from Toad, Ratty, Badger and Mole. We also loved the Wild wooder Weasels!


We sang along and even Miss Purcell got brought on stage to sentence the Toad to a million years in prison!


On our arrival home we wrote a letter to the cast and received a reply from the director at the old Rep.



When we heard that the Mannequin challenge was being completed across the school for Children in Need we had to join in!


Take a look at our brilliant effort (we did this within one take!)

You will find it when you click on the link below: within life of the school, Year 4 Mannequin. 


Why not take a look at all our other fantastic videos too?



Sewing lesson


As part of our DT lesson and preparing for enterprise - we had a sewing lesson. We used special sewing boards and large plastic needles and wool.


For some of us, this proved quite a tricky task but we all helped each other and had fun!



The Faraway Tree!



Our new class book is The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.
We have really enjoyed this fantastic Novel and have been to each new land with Joe, Beth, Frannie and Rick and loved meeting the new characters such as Moonface and the Saucepan man.


Before we knew our next book we had a mysterious letter left for us in our classroom and then some special visitors in our very own garden, in a tree.

We looked through the fairy door and enjoyed some pop cakes too!





We had a special visitor in our School today - he taught us how to play the African Drums - the two different types named the Djembe and the Dunun.

We all had a go at playing them and listening the special Rhythms. We performed them as a whole group and it sounded fantastic!

Visiting the Duck pond for our Science Topic - Living things and their habitats.



We found out our new Science topic was living things and their Habitats and discussed local habitats and living things near us.


We decided that the Duck pond would be a great example - with lots of living things using it as their habitat. We had a look at the surroundings, discussed food sources, shelter and possible food chains. 


We will be returning throughout the year to examine what has changed, including our own ideas as we learn more about this topic.



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The Iron Man


Our first book to focus on this year was the Iron man by Ted Hughes. We have completed some wonderful pieces of writing and read the entire book as a class. 



Miss Purcell set us a challenge to discover what the book would be by leaving some QR codes around the school, we had to scan them with an app onto the iPad which revealed a clue. 


Here are some pictures of us on the QR Hunt.