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Thank you for visiting our class page, we hope you enjoy seeing all the wonderful things we get up to during our learning in Year 4.

All of our important School events and Class reminders can be found here, so please check back often! 

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We all work hard in Year 4 - but each week someone is selected who has had their shining moment!

They receive a special certificate in Friday Celebration assembly to recognize this so please be sure to check your texts so that you can witness this too! 


In Spring 1  our stars of the week have been;

Nicole - for her independence and improved confidence in all areas of learning

Joshua - for challenging and believing in himself when working independently.

Nicolas - for a very sensible and improved learning attitude 

Finlay - for excellent contribution and focus in all his work.

Jacob - for his brilliant input and focus in all work, especially Maths! 









World Book Day!

Thursday 1st March 2018

  We are all looking forward to celebrating World Book Day. Our theme is the 'Top 100' books to read before the end of Year 3 and 4. Please find the titles and authors below. I can't wait to see how you have all been inspired by these books and to celebrate this fun-filled day! 



Library visit!

We were very excited to  walk to our local library on Weoley Castle Square today and have a look at the books there. We really enjoyed listening to Derrick, who read some of his favourite stories and poems to us and we joined in too! 

We then had a look around at the books and were excited to see some of our 'Top 100' titles there. Derrick explained the free library card to us and lots of the children have brought home application slips. We hope to see lots of the children using this excellent resource to help their reading and learning! 

Life caravan visit in Year 4



We had a very important lesson this week, from a Kate and the Life Caravan. She was teaching us all about our health and how the choices we make impact on our bodies. We sorted out different choices which were unhealthy and healthy and learnt about the effect this has on our bodies, especially internal organs. We also discussed everyday choices and the positive and negative impact depending on the choice we make. We were all very interested and participated well, Kate was very impressed with us! 

Dr Watson comes to visit...


As part of our Polar theme we were very fortunate to welcome an Antarctic expert into our classroom - Dr Jenny Watson.

She taught us all about the North and South Pole and the importance of historical and modern day explorers who have uncovered its secrets. 

She also helped us with experiments which helped us understand these regions more. We were very grateful for her knowledge, which helped our understanding even further!

Year 4 goes Polar!

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We have returned back to school and are off to a chilly start! Our new school wide theme is Polar Explorers and we are focusing on the incredible explorer Ernest Shackleton. Therefore we started our new book - Ice Trap, which outlines his miraculous Antarctic expedition. 


We are all enjoying reading this. As a introduction we looked at real life polar explorer items of clothing and created our own questions about them. 

Christmas Pantomime - Cinderella 


We were very lucky to watch a special pantomime performance of Cinderella. The whole school were treated to unique version and year four found it extremely enjoyable! 


Author Visit - Maz Evans


We had the opportunity to meet a real Author in school. She is the Author of Who Let the Gods Out, Simply the Quest and Beyond the Odyssey. Her introduction was extremely enjoyable, she discussed her inspiration for the books and her journey to become a published Author.


We then were very lucky to have a special writing session with her and she gave us a clear structure to make our writing even better!

We all learned a great deal and were truly inspired by her. 

Advent Reflection


We began the season of Advent with our own class reflection. We focused on the true meaning of Advent; slowing down to prepare for the Birth of Jesus. We explained all the symbolism of the candles and wreath and how this could become meaningful to our lives, especially at this special time of year. All the children participated beautifully and have truly embraced the meaning of Advent over the last few weeks. We were especially glad to see so many parents and friends to reflect with us.



In Science we have looked at living things and their habitats. Today we discussed how plants are also organisms and looked at classifying British plants. 

We worked in groups to capture pictures around school and then used an online plant classifier to find out their names and information about them.

Northfield Fire Fighters visit 


We were very fortunate to have four firefighters take time out of their busy day to visit us in class today. They taught us very important things such as; escape routes, dangers of hoax calls, how to make an emergency call and stop drop and roll. We all listened very attentively and learnt life saving information. 




We have begun our first ICT project this Half term - using a computing programme called Scratch.

Our task is to create an 'Educational game' we have created concepts and plans and once they have been completed using algorithims and debugging we will test them on Year 3 and gather feedback.


This resource can be used at home too -  



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We have had a wonderful start to our 'MMADDD' Fridays! This term we are doing French with Miss Purcell and Drama with Miss Murphy.


We have recapped our basic conversation from last year and are working hard to build on it every lesson.


Our new novel - THE IRON MAN

We were introduced to our new book for this half term - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We are enjoying it a lot already! To find out the title and plot of this well-loved classic, we took part in a QR CODE hunt around the school grounds. Each code, when scanned, revealed a clue about the book.

We had great fun during the hunt and asked lots of interesting questions during the guessing!