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Year 5

WELCOME TO YEAR 5! Miss McDonald and Mrs Hawkins.

Important Information

- Children must read every night and it must be signed by an adult. Please note that this could be 3 pages or 20 pages. Children must be exposed to reading each night.

- 100 books to read competition is well under way and the children are becoming little book worms! Please ensure the school book is returned as it is school property. Many thanks.


Revision Websites

Star of the Week

Autumn 1 - Jamie , Pavneet , Alessia, Shane and Maria

Autumn 2 - Lance, Ben, Jay, Bea, Morgan

Spring 1 - Ethan M, George, Millie, Rio,  Aloyo

Spring 2 - Jedd, Royce


Class Wish
'Treat others how you would like to be treated'

Alessia - Alessia has been chosen this week for helping other children in the class settle in to Year 5. She has been seen helping others with their work and asking children to be included in her games . Alessia has also shown respect to her teachers. Well done - you treat others amazingly!

Lance - Lance has been chosen this week for always putting other peoples feelings before his own. Lance makes children laugh, gives them advice and is always a gentleman inside and outside the classroom. Brilliant Lance!


Fergus - Everyone in the class treats you with respect because you treat others that way! You are kind, considerate, loving and compassionate towards everybody in the class. A true credit to teachers, other children and your family.


Maria - Having a kind, loving and gentle manner. Maria has a radiant and beautiful smile that warms the hearts of others around her. She understands the importance of being positive and goes above and beyond to ensure others are okay (students and staff). Keep smiling Maria - it makes a difference!


Royce - When a child was badly injured in the playground, Royce reacted calmly and appropriately. He acknowledged there was an issue and he made the right choice and treated the situation and the child how he would like to be treated himself. You have shown you are thoughtful and considerate. Royce Yamba - a first aider in the making!

Science Graffiti

The Potato Game - Victorian style!

Working hard in Maths!

Writing prayers in the sun and praying with Nursery...

Victorian Day!

HARRY POTTER STUDIOS 2018 - more photos soon...

Wearing a bandage to remember the children fighting in hospital...

Visiting the library...

Life Education comes to Year 5!

Defeating the monster tale - Harry Potter

Over the past few weeks, children have been reading, exploring and writing about this genre.

The children created and designed their own polar monsters. We had some fantastic names for them such as: The Whaleatron, The Stunner, The Narlrus and The Clawchopper. They wrote character and setting descriptions for them. They then used these descriptions to write a 'defeating the monster tale' using the monster they had created.


In writing, we have spoken about how 'your first idea isn't always your best idea' and how sometimes you need to think and imagine before you write. Below are little snippets of children's work where their writing has come to life! These aren't even their final masterpieces! Well done Bea, Millie, George and Daniel. We can't wait to read your final pieces of writingsmiley


POLAR DAY - Glacier Investigation

POLAR DAY - Diver Investigation

POLAR DAY - Ice Breaker Investigation

Earth, Sun and Moon

Girls Basketball at The Factory

Researching and exploring Biographies!

Problem Solving...

Bollywood dancing...

Still image for this video

Bollywood dancing...

Still image for this video

Bollywood dancing...

Still image for this video

Bollywood dancing...

Still image for this video

Bollywood dancing...

Still image for this video

Writing prayers outside!

'We are Game Developers' in ICT!

Life cycle observations at the duck pond (and a 10 minute play at the park)