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Please stop by regularly to catch up on the activities taking place in Year 6.


Key dates for events taking place in Year 6 during Summer Term

SATs Revision

The website below is a fabulous resource to assist children with some final revision.  Each child has their own log in.  When they log in, they will have access to all areas of Maths and English form the Year 6 curriculum.  Each area has a 'learn' section which is great for those bits they still find tricky.  There are also games and quizzes and most importantly lots of practice tests. Please use this resources as much as possible over the next two weeks - it really is an invaluable resource. 

SATs Parent Workshop and Easter Homework!

Thank you to all the parents who attended the SATs workshop this week.  It was good to show you the range of work that your children are learning in class and in preparation for their SATs!  

In the workshop, revision tasks for the holidays were given out.   It is absolutely imperative that the children work their way through the tasks.  They have three weeks to complete it.  Two weeks is a long time to go without any revision and with all the hard work the children have put in so far, they need to keep that momentum going!  They really have put in 100% effort since starting Year 6 and the Year 6 teaching team are extremely proud of them.  


  Please use the Easter Holidays to revise the words from the Year 5/6 spelling list.  This list can be found below.


Year 5/6 Spelling List

World Book Day!

100 Books to Read Before Leaving Year 6!

As a school, each phase group has a '100 books to read before leaving' list and this will be our focus for World Book Day this year!  The children will need to choose a character or author from one of the books from the list and come dressed up as that person on Thursday 1st March 2018.  This gives the children a great amount of choice and in doing so will help to expose other children to books they have not heard of or read yet. 

Please see below a list for the '100 books to read before leaving Years 5 & 6.'

Star of the Week!


For showing an amazing improvement in his approach to independent work! Well, done, James.






The Discover Debating Programme

Discover Debating is a comprehensive debating programme that delivers demonstrable progress in literacy and oracy in primary school students. Year 6 are very lucky to have been chosen to take part in this programme.  It lasts for 25 weeks and for the first 12, a Discover Debating mentor comes in weekly to complete workshops with the children.  They will learn to find their voice, articulate opinion, be respectful when listening to others and improve their general knowledge.  It will also assist them when dealing with the tricky 'opinion' questions in the SATs papers.  The first session was brilliant and the children really were engaged.  It was a joy to see some of the quieter children in the class show their voice and confidence.


Discover Debating Session 3 - 07/02/19

Still image for this video
Watch Sebastian as he takes on his classmates in a debate to convince people to choose him as their leader! Sebastian did a great job and became the new leader of Ooogabooga Land. This session was designed to show the children that their voice, their body language, their facial expressions and eye contact are just as important as the words they are using when presenting an argument.

Session 1 of Discover Debating

The Polar Explorer Programme

On Monday, Year 6 (along with the rest of the school) took part in Polar Day. A day dedicated to Science and learning about the Polar Regions. Year 6 had a full day of investigations and exploration. They imagined they were going on their own expedition and had to calculate budgets based on clothing, food (and calorie intake) along with special equipment. They worked really well in their teams. They also looked at how rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air effects the acidity of sea water and therefore impacts on the sea life, with shells and coral being eroded. We also had two PHD students from Birmingham University come in to spend the afternoon teaching the children about all things polar and they children made their own fossils. It was a great educational day and the children gained great knowledge. Take a look a some of our photographs below.


Year 6 DT - MMADDD

Year 6 have been enjoying their MMADDD afternoons on a Friday and they have just completed their Autumn 2 term DT project.  They children were tasked with the challenge of designing, planning and then making their own felt phone case.  To do this, they had to research current designs, think of a design criteria and take measurements of their phones.  They then used a paper template to ensure that when they cut out their felt, they were accurate.  They then sowed the felt together (that was a task and a half) and added embelishments of their choice.  Please enjoy the photos below of their final session, where they were finishing their products.

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

As the children have finished Who Let the Gods Out? it is now time to move onto our new text that we will be using for our English lessons and for reading for pleasure.  As a school, for Spring Term, everyone will be looking at a Polar theme!  Therefore, our new text is a magical adventure story called the Polar Bear Explorers' Club.  I can't wait for the children to get started and see all the wonderful writing opportunities that lie ahead.

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club 1

Christmas Nativity Performance

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch Year 6 sing their socks off with the rest of KS2 and Year 2.  The children worked really hard to learn the words in such a short space of time and I am sure you will agree with me when I say that they sounded amazing! Well done Year 6.  This bodes well for the Year 6 Leavers Performance!

Maz Evans!

When Year 6 returned from Alton Castle, despite being extremely tired, they all made it in the next day to enjoy our author visit from Maz Evans - author of Who Let the Gods Out?  The children have absolutely loved reading the book over Autumn term and were excited to meet the best selling author.  Maz was an inspiration to the children and an inspiration to listen to.  We look forward to reading the sequel!

Maz Evans Author Visit!

More pics from Alton Castle: December 2017

Year 6's Class Wish -

Year 6's Class Wish -  1 We will work hard and get the results we deserve!

Science in Year 6!

This week, we started our new Science topic called 'Scientists and Inventors'.  We kicked off with a lesson about Stephen Hawking and his theories on black holes. The children completed a practical demonstration of how a dying star can lead to the creation of a black hole. They used a blown up balloon covered in tin foil to represent the dying star and then they popped the balloon with a pin (this, they really enjoyed!). The popping represented the star dying and the gasses that surround it compressing the star with such magnitude that it causes the star to implode, creating the black hole.  The children showed an understanding of how the power of this event creates a massive gravitation pull, sucking in everything close to the hole.  See some photos below.

Black holes in Space!

Science in Year 6

We have completed some practical and interesting lessons in Year 6 over the past few weeks.  In one lesson, the children used Jelly Babies and spaghetti to construct the tallest tower.  The children designed and discussed before getting stuck in.  When they were struggling to get stability, they soon realised that in order for their tower to be successful, they needed to ensure that the base covered a large surface area.  They also enjoyed making a mess! See the photos below.



Building the tallest tower! I wonder what the trick is...

Exciting News!

Year 6 have been reading a great book called 'Who Let The Gods Out?'  We have been using it in our English lessons and reading it for pleasure.  It is an adventure story that takes the children back to Ancient Greece, where it's all 'kicking off!'  The children were excited to learn that the author of the book, Maz Evans, will be visiting the school in December to spend the day completing workshops with all of the classes.  We are very lucky to have booked Maz Evans as she is highly sought after! We can't wait to enjoy the day!

Year 6 Welcome Meeting Slides. 20.09.17

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