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Year 6

Confirmation retreat with Dan Callow and St Peter's

St Chad's - Good Shepherd Mass

If I were Prime Minister... We thought about the changes we would make if we were in charge of politics!


Alton Castle: a reflection on the retreat from Miss Jones


As I sit here typing this, I realise that that the children have probably already told you all about their adventures whilst we've been away as they are now home safe and sound with you. However, I have a lot of thoughts of my own that I think you should know...

I hope they told you how proud they would have made you as they handled themselves as confident, young people. 

I hope they told you how proud we were as St Rose staff to see them behave so well towards each other, the Alton Castle staff and with the other school. They made us beam with pride as they held doors, personally thanked people, helped clean up, served each other food, looked out for each other and made sure everyone in our group had a great time! 

I hope they told you about all their own personal achievements- whether that was completing the mountain biking, trekking for many miles, learning survival techniques, completing the adventure course, shooting arrows in archery or simply staying away from home for the first time! 

I hope they told you how thankful they are for all the things that you provide for them as parents (including this trip). Each of them had to offer up prayers each evening and they all gave well thought out answers about the things that they were grateful for or for individuals that don't have all the luxuries that they have. 

I've been on many residential trips and, no matter what class of children I've taken, I've always been pleased with the behaviour of the St Rose children. Once again, the children did not let us down! It was a pleasure to see them enjoy themselves and each other's company before they leave us for their 'big' schools and they've shown during their time away how ready they are: we can trust them to be grown-up, wise and mature. 

Thank you children... I had an amazing three days with you! I hope you enjoy re-living your memories as you look through the photos and I hope that the last few weeks that you have together are as happy! 

Alton Castle- update from Miss Jones


We arrived safely and the children have settled in well! I had my usual chuckle and "I told you so..." about the size of their cases as they carried them upstairs to their bedrooms! 

Once they'd settled in to their rooms and met the Alton Castle staff and the children from St Mary's, we had our dinner (pasta bake, garlic bread and carrots) and pudding (apple crumble) which filled them up before their first evening's activities.

For our first evening, we had a game of bucket ball, we signed contracts, learned about the history of the castle and church and completed the night line activity. The children have been excellently behaved and very grown up in their responses to questions. 

After night prayers in our groups, it was off to our rooms for PJs and settling down for the evening. As usual, Y6 stayed up as late as they possibly could, fighting their shutting eyelids, going to the toilet approximately 5 times each before there was quiet snoring around midnight. Not bad by all accounts! 

As I lie in bed (at 6.15am) updating the class page, the girls are WIDE awake and giggling! I'm hoping that Mr Lahert has been allowed a lie in upstairs with the boys! 

We've got a very exciting day ahead of us! Each group will do two activities today before mass and their night time activities this evening. 

Keep an eye on the website for photos. I'll be sending as many as I can to Mr Carroll to put up! 

Star of the Week!


This week, Angela has been chosen for  excellent contributions in our Confirmation retreat. She was just one of the children that helped our retreat be such a wonderful experience but shone above the rest by making sure that St Peter's candidates felt welcome!

Thank you, Angela! This is exactly the type of behaviour that we welcome in Year 6!



Catholic Virtue Winners

 Each week, every member of Y6 casts a vote for the child who has stood out for the Catholic Virtues we are focusing on!

This week, the Virtues were Eloquent and Truthful!


The member of our class that was voted for was...



Our Class Wish for 2017

Being in such an important year group with our big tests coming up can be very challenging and this term we will we working our socks off!

With this in mind, we have decided as a class that our class wish should be about being positive about what we can achieve!


We wish to avoid putting 'glass ceilings' on our achievements.  


This week, our winner has been selected for working so hard in all of her subjects! She can always be spotted working hard and trying her best! 

We are so proud of you, Naomi! Keep it up and you will achieve all that you hope and more! 

End of SATs celebration for Y2 and Y6

On Friday 26th May, we will be having a joint celebration day! The children will be spending the day with each other doing lots of fun activities! In the afternoon, there will be a joint party for the two classes to celebrate all their hard work. Please send in party snacks and drinks for the children to share. Thank you. 


We are off to Alton Castle today (22nd May) and we are all very excited! A text message will be sent to all the parents to let you know that we have arrived safely! Mr Carroll will be updating our class page with photos while we are away - please check the page regularly for updates!

SATs Completed!

Well done to all of Year 6 for their hard work and concentration during SATs week! You did yourselves, parents and your teachers proud!

We look forward to seeing your results!


24th March


This year, to raise money for Comic Relief, we challenged each class  to wear the craziest combination of clothes they could!

Year 6 really took to this challenge and it was very difficult to find the silliest, craziest combination but Savanna took the crown!

To raise money, we asked for £1 donation from each child to wear their crazy combinations instead of their school uniform!

This would have given each class roughly £30.


However... if they wanted to paint Miss Jones' face, then they needed to raise £40! 

They rose to the challenge and raised almost £44! 


To see Mrs O’Meally, Mr Carroll and Dr Gould’s face painted , then as a school we needed to raise £300! Clearly, we were desperate to see this happen as we raised over £310!!!


It really has been the funniest, craziest Comic Relief that we’ve ever had at St Rose!

A reflection on social media use.


Fr Gary came to speak to us about his own experiences with social media and the internet.  He shared how he had been trolled online and how people had gossiped, judged and said many untrue things about him and his family. He described how this still upsets him - even 5 years later! 

He gave us lots of advice and below are they key messages that Y6 have learnt... 

  • Be kind to everyone - even on the internet.
  • If you write something mean on the internet, it will ALWAYS be there for the people to see. 
  • Before we post anything mean on the internet, we should think carefully. We don't always know what people are going through personally - in their head or their heart. 
  • Being mean on the internet is the coward's way - they would not do it face-to-face, so why would they do it on social media?
  • If you say something mean about someone, you are assuming that you are greater than God: only God knows people through and through and he is the only person who should judge. 
  • No-one is perfect - we should not judge others. 
  • We should pray for people who are unkind to us - we should not take on their opinions and let them upset us. 
  • We don't need social media to communicate - we can socialise in lots of other ways. 

Y6's personal reflections after Fr Gary's visit...

As a school, we are taking part in the Readathon Challenge!

Every child has been given a sponsorship form that they should be completing at home - getting as many sponsors as possible to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause!


As a class, we managed to read 189 books during the Readathon which is excellent!


Now, we need to make sure that we are collecting our sponsorship money so that the children who need it in hospital get the money for their books!


Year 6 took this opportunity to explore non-fiction books!

They were asked to come to school dressed as something related to a non-fiction book that they have read and learnt things from. 

Their costumes were very creative and most children came prepared to teach their classmates things about or from the book they they had read!


They could be from...

  • history books
  • technology/ICT books
  • geographical books
  • science books
  • autobiographies
  • biographies
  • newspapers

Take a look below at the photos!

Messaging and Social Media 


Recently, we have been receiving complaints from parents and children that there have been upsetting messages being sent between the children on social media and other messaging services. 

As a school, it is very difficult to solve issues like these that have taken place outside of school time but we do appreciate being told of any issues in case they continue in the school day and affect the learning taking place. 


In recent years, we have found that many of children are easily upset by these types of sites and services so have always recommended that the children do not access them at all. However, as their parents, you have the final decision. If you are choosing to let your children have access to these services, we recommend that you monitor them regularly to ensure their safety. 

The children have been reminded of their Digital Literacy lessons, the recent police visit and the advise they gave and how they can keep themselves safe and happy. 

For more information about internet safety please visit the link below.

Life Education Visit

Life Education Visit 1

Home-School Agreements

As a school we have asked each family and child to sign their own copy of the home-school agreement. 

In it, we have set our the rules that we will follow as a school and asked the children to follow some rules too!


Year 6 won the chocolate treats for getting their home school agreements back to school so quickly. Brilliant teamwork Year 6! Well done!

Websites to support homework and extra revision...

Please find below some useful links that will help your child reach their full potential!

They have log in details for Mathletics and Active Learn - you should find these in their reading diaries. 

Maths Challenge - earn a bonus 5 house points for solving the problems!

Police visit to discuss how we can use social media safely.

Police visit to discuss how we can use social media safely.  1


Children in Need -

Children vs Teachers TV Challenge


A HUGE congratulations to Erol, Sarah, Angela, Andre, AJ and Izzy for beating the teachers in the Children vs Teachers TV Challenge!

Of course, they really should have as it was a set up!

They each invited a member of staff to the challenge. 

There were seven rounds to compete in:

Egg  Heads - General Knowledge (Sarah vs Miss Purcell)

Art Attack - Artistic skills (Izzy vs Miss Arnold)

Bush-Tucker Trial - A Tastebud Challenge (AJ vs Miss McDonald)

Countdown - Maths skills (Angela vs Miss Hand)

Top of the Pops - Music (Andre vs Miss Murphy)

Are you smarter than a 10 year old?  - Spelling (Erol vs Miss Coleman)


Little did the teachers know that the children were in on the joke and that they had been primed by Miss Jones and Miss Neville! They had been given the answers the week before to learn!

This was all in aid of providing the rest of the children in school a fun afternoon in celebration of Children in Need and all the money that we raised the week before!


We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to our teachers for agreeing to take part and a MASSIVE thank you to the Y6 children who set them up!

Children in Need - Children vs Teachers TV Challenge

Thinking Tom said that 3 and 1/2 minus 1 and 3/4 equals 2 and 1/4. Here's how we proved him wrong...

Circuits - investigating how to alter the brightness of bulbs and the speed of motors.

Viking projects from our half term holidays...

Ambassador Fridays...

African Drumming Workshop

Viking Visit


A HUGE thanks to Freya's Dad and his friend who gave up their afternoon to teach Year 6 all about the Vikings! They brought lots of artefacts for the children to see and learn about. They answered the children's questions about life as a Viking and then the children were invited, in groups, down the the artefact table to learn some more! Once they had finished this, they re-enacted battle scenes. In between each scene, they taught us about the weapons they had been using and why they were useful. 

The children learnt a lot and had a brilliant afternoon!

To watch a video of the battle re-enactment, go to our Life of the School signpost and select the Video Sharing Platform!

As it was explained to the children, they are trained professionals, so please...