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Year 6's Class Wish -

Year 6's Class Wish -  1 We will work hard and get the results we deserve!

Science in Year 6!

This week, we started our new Science topic called 'Scientists and Inventors'.  We kicked off with a lesson about Stephen Hawking and his theories on black holes. The children completed a practical demonstration of how a dying star can lead to the creation of a black hole. They used a blown up balloon covered in tin foil to represent the dying star and then they popped the balloon with a pin (this, they really enjoyed!). The popping represented the star dying and the gasses that surround it compressing the star with such magnitude that it causes the star to implode, creating the black hole.  The children showed an understanding of how the power of this event creates a massive gravitation pull, sucking in everything close to the hole.  See some photos below.

Black holes in Space!

Science in Year 6

We have completed some practical and interesting lessons in Year 6 over the past few weeks.  In one lesson, the children used Jelly Babies and spaghetti to construct the tallest tower.  The children designed and discussed before getting stuck in.  When they were struggling to get stability, they soon realised that in order for their tower to be successful, they needed to ensure that the base covered a large surface area.  They also enjoyed making a mess! See the photos below.



Building the tallest tower! I wonder what the trick is...

Exciting News!

Year 6 have been reading a great book called 'Who Let The Gods Out?'  We have been using it in our English lessons and reading it for pleasure.  It is an adventure story that takes the children back to Ancient Greece, where it's all 'kicking off!'  The children were excited to learn that the author of the book, Maz Evans, will be visiting the school in December to spend the day completing workshops with all of the classes.  We are very lucky to have booked Maz Evans as she is highly sought after! We can't wait to enjoy the day!

Stars of the Week!


Adam - For being so hardworking in every single lesson and having fun with it.


George - For demonstrating an incredibly mature approach to his role as prefect.


Liliesha - For always putting 100% effort into all work and being a great participant in class.


Morgan - For showing a great attitude towards her work and managing distractions better.


Leo - For showing great maturity when dealing with classmates.


Joel - For making significant contributions to all classroom work. 


Ara - For demonstrating a mature and conscientious approach to all school work.

Year 6 Welcome Meeting Slides. 20.09.17

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