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Monday 20th June- Friday  26th June 2020




This week is officially National School Sports Week this week and to celebrate the Youth Sports Trust and Sky Sports have joined to try and encourage people around country to take parts in sport at home. All you have to is register which is quick, easy and completely free and you can then take part in lots of different and fun sporting events throughout the week. There are a variety of different challenges including 60 second Physical Activity Challenges which you might enjoy as they include a lot of the exercises used in Joe Wicks such as squat challenges, bunny hops and star jumps. 


You can ask your parents to help you register and I really encourage you to try these activities as we won;t be having a Sports Fay this year and this is the perfect substitute. It is a lovely way to bring all of us together through Sport despite still being in Lockdown and in these strange and difficult times. 


For any challenges that I see from Sports Week on your blogs I will be awarding you 20 J2STARS so it really is worth joining in! There is even a challenge sheet that you can download to show you progress and achievements as you work through the week- I have sent a link to it below along with other useful links to events, activities and resources from the website. 





60 Second Challenge Sheet- Track your Progress and Achievements throughout the week


The Daily Mile



Miss Neville has very kindly told all of the teachers about The Daily Mile for children so this week I am going to set you a special challenge. I love running and try and incorporate this into my daily routine to keep me fit and healthy and it is so good for my Mental Health. The weather is meant to be better this week so it is  a perfect opportunity to get all of you running along with me. Therefore, this week, I challenge you all to try and run or walk a mile every day, either in your gardens, or outside in the community, such as in the park or in the pavement. Running is so good for your body and fitness and it s a completely free activity to do, plus I promise you it makes you feel so good after! It is brilliant for your well-being and general Mental Health- make sure you either  post photos or videos on your blog of you running your mile so I can give you lots of j2stars I really encourage you to try and run the mile but if you are struggling, you can walk, as long as it is a brisk pace!  ! To find out more about the daily mile program ans to see their challenges for this week click on the link below:





Miss Arnold has asked us to tell you about The Birmingham School Games challenge which is now up and running. It's a virtual portal where new challenge will be set up each week and the children can then upload their personal bests. There will be prize for individuals who finish in the top 5 for each challenge. Once a challenge has been completed, and if you are in the top 5 you will receive a virtual School Games Value Bade that was assigned for that child. Once school has resumed, and it if safe to do so, they can receive a real and physical badge. This is a really great way to focus some of our more competitive children and for them to represent the school during these difficult times when we can't have a Sport Day day for this year and events face to face. All of this information is now under the Home Physical Activity/ Physical Education for the children of St Rose tab of the website as well as a parent letter. The link to here can be found below:


You can also go straight to the portal or website by clicking on the link below and typing in our school area code, also found below: 


The portal can be found here:


Our school area code is: shenley


I am delighted to say that Year One have got on the leader board for The Birmingham School Games which I have shown you a picture of below. This is great news and I am so proud of you- let's see if we can get up even further now with more of you joining in with the challenge!! Just because the weather may be turning rainy it is no excuse not to keep fit- you can  still do plenty of exercise indoors, with The Birmingham School Games challenges.  Come on Year One!




Twinkl Home Activities for Keeping Kids Active


Below is a link for a fantastic Twinkl Website resource that has lots of different activities for keeping children fit and healthy both indoors and outdoors. You can do a Spring Hunt, try a 5 minute workout or have a go at a circuit station challenge card. Try out some of the activities to keep your fitness up!!

Keeping yourself fit and active is really important.  This page has some different ways to keep yourself active in a fun way.


Morning workout with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has become the PE teacher for children worldwide.  Go to his YouTube channel each morning at 9am for a live workout - we'll all be doing it with you!



Dancing with Oti Mabuse

As you know, keeping healthy is really important so today's recommendation comes from the Strictly Dancer Oti Mabuse (@otimabuse).  Every day she will be doing a dance class at 11am live on facebook and Instagram but you can also access this at any time during the day.  You can access the live workout and videos on her Youtube Channel by clicking here.



Yoga with Cosmic Kids

Fancy something a little calmer?  Head to the Cosmic Kids Yoga page to join in with different themed yoga classes.  Click here to access the page.



What's your name?

Fancy something which gets your heart racing? Try the name challenge below- each letter of your name has a different fun activity you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy and get your blood pumping!


Try out these fun MotorSkills ball Activities....

Making a Maze


Click on the website link below to discover how to make a maze. This is a team building game that challenges teams solve a problem very collaboratively. The team need to discover a path through a labyrinth, the path is hidden.The labyrinth is represented by a grid on the floor. The path is a series connected squares travelling from one end of the grid to the other. When a team member steps off the path, they will need to start again. To make this suitability challenging, the labyrinth is solved in silence. It requires the team to support each other in order to succeed. Ultimately it will create feelings of euphoric success demonstrating what the team can achieve when they work together. The game can be scaled by having multiple teams play simultaneously, creating a competition.

Keep yourself Fit and Healthy with Change 4 Life Website




Over the weekend I had a look at some more online free resources that you can use to keep yourselves fit, healthy and well. I found this fantastic website where I have given all the links below if you just scroll down on the webpage.


Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day and on this change 4 life website there are lots of different information about active sports and hobbies, quizzes and fun 10 Minute Shake Up games. It has everything you need to get you and your family moving and you can have lots of fun while doing it!


Try one of the activities and post it on your blog so that you can earn a fitness award star and points from j2stars!