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Classroom Secrets- Multiple Home Learning Packs


Today I want to share a brand new resource with you which is called Classroom Secrets  which has many learning packs for your year group to use . I know many of you have finished the Home Learning Packs we gave so you I thought you could try these out and keep you busy.   Click on the link below to access the website and the website. Then select the week that you want ( I have sent a picture of this below) - you have 5 different weeks to choose from all with different Home Learning Packs fr Year One, all of which link to the National Curriculum and Objectives. Have fun trying them out!







I have two brand new resources for you to try  which have been launched today to help with your learning at home. The first is the BBC Bitesize Website which has daily lessons for the week in Maths, English and other creative activities that are directly linked to your year group. All of these activities are worthwhile and will support you with your learning and education at home. I have added a screenshow  of the Year 1 schedule for this week below:



The second resource is The Oak National Academy Website which has been launched by the Education Minister as a Government initiative which will support you with lots of online resources you can use at home. They have  Maths and English lessons planned for each day which build upon your previous knowledge and a foundation subject for you to enjoy. It is virtual and fun with a range of videos and quizzes within the lessons and is clear and easy to follow. I have added you an example of the schedule and the lessons for Day 1 below so you can se what it looks like:




I know you already have lots to be getting on with your daily challenges but seeing as a date to returning to school is still very uncertain I thought these would be useful resources for you to use in addition to the daily work that I upload for you. If you have any queries or problem contact the school email and we will help you in any way we can. The links for both websites are below in green.


NB: It is important to note that on both websites the creative or foundation subjects do not link to our Knowledge Based Curriculum at St Rose and that some of our Maths or English lessons may be taught differently to in school. However it is still all fantastic and useful learning for you all so I really encourage you to give them all a go!


Websites and Links Resources Children can use for Work and Activities


I am aware that a few children have already completed the Home Learning Packs I handed out which is fantastic! To keep you busy I have added a list of links and websites below which have many free activities or worksheet for children to access and print at home.  Don't forget there are also additional home learning packs and practical activities resources if you scroll down on the webpage below. Don't forget that as well as your child doing lots of written learning they also need lots of practical, play based and resource based learning at home.