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St Rose Christmas Carol Performance 2020


I am very pleased to announce that The ST Rose  Christmas Carol Service/Nativity video is now ready to be watched and enjoyed. There is a link below to watch the video and the children will also be watching it in school this week too! We would all like to say a huge thankyou to all the children for working so hard to practise their songs, reading and prayers. It is such  a wonderful celebration of our school and so much hard work went to into it! We we all want to say a big thank you to you all and enjoy- there is even a special performance from the teachers!

PE Advent Calendar December 2020




Miss Arnold has kindly asked us to share this fantastic PE Advent Calendar with you all. It is would be a fantastic activity to do over Christmas- there is one PE activity for every day and it will keep you fit and healthy. I will be giving 50 house points for every child that completes a PE advent calendar challenge and posts it on their blog. You could put pictures or videos of your activity or write about what you have done. That means you can get an extra 20 house points every day by doing a daily challenge- come on Year One! let's do this! I have put a downloadable PDF of the candle document below which you download, print and use at home. 

PE Advent Calendar 2020





CAFOD has created a daily Advent reflection for everyday during Advent which you may wan to use at home as part of your Advent preparations. It is an interactive online Advent calendar specifically for Catholic primary schools, with daily reflections and Christmas activities. This year's online Advent calendar includes stories and activities to help children learn about and pray for people around the world. It is suitable for children in both KS1 and KS2. We will be using it everyday in class as part of our collective worship but it would be wonderful if you could join in at home too! I have attached the website link to the calendar PPT and resources below and I will be giving 50 house points for any child who posts about using the CAFOD online advent calendar on their blog. Let's make this Advent 2020 a special time of true preparation and reflection.


Advent Worship with Dan and Emily December 2020


On 4th December 2020 Emily and Dan will be leading an Advent Preparation themed worship session. This is out of school hours but I really encourage you to join in this at home- their meditations are always so spiritual and relaxing and will really help you to prepare for Advent and the upcoming birth of Jesus.


Please see the picture below for details on when the event is and how to access it. Make sure you post you joining in the worship on your class blogs for extra house points!

Advent Worship with Dan and Emily Details- 4th December


The season of Advent is upon us and as a school we begin to prepare for the all important birth of Jesus. We will be covering Advent in our RE lessons but we will also be using this time to help those around us in our community. This could include the sick, homeless or lonely.

Therefore, each Friday in Advent we will be having a charity Friday to raise money for those around us in need. For each Friday the children will bee allowed to wear their own clothes in exchange for a small donation.  Below you can see the dates of our Advent fund raising, what wonderful charities we are supporting and how you can help. It would be wonderful if we could all get involved in this special time of Advent to help those less fortunate than us and who may be struggling in present and


Friday 27th November - Local Food Bank



On this day we would like you to bring items to support and help your local food banks who are in real need of our support right now. For this day, in exchange for wearing your own clothes we would like you to donate food items.


The items the food bank needs are the following:

Dry Food Items    Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Lentils, Beans, Pulses, Biscuits
Tinned Food Items    Soup, Pasta Sauce, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Fruit, Meat
Drinks    Tea, Coffee, UHT Milk, Longlife Fruit Juice


Friday 4th December - CAFOD World Gifts



CAFOD is a fantastic charity that offers aid and support to all those around the world. As a class, we  have decided to use our money to help a llama and buy emergency water. with the money that is donated on this day. We chose the gift ourselves and the children in Year One are very excited to be paying for this gift! This week,  in exchange for wearing your own clothes, please bring in £1 to donate towards World Gifts.



Friday 11th December - Christmas Jumper Day



This week will be raising money for the amazing and inspiring Birmingham Children's Hospital  who do a huge amount of work for people in our our very own community.  We will be joining them in their Jolly Christmas Jumper Day on 11th December. This week,  in exchange for wearing your own clothes, please bring in £1 to donate towards World Gifts. 



Friday 18th December - Father Hudson's Society



This is a charity that we normally support during Easter but due to Covid this sadly could not happen this year. We have therefore chosen to support them in our season of Advent- they are a wonderful charity who always work tirelessly to help those greatest in need. This week,  in exchange for wearing your own clothes, please bring in £1 to donate towards Father Hudson's.