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As the season of Advent approaches us, in Nursery we turn our attention to preparing for the birth of Jesus.  In our RE lessons, we will explore the season in more detail but we also want to make sure we have used the time wisely to help those around us who may be sick, in need or who simply may need a little more support because of COVID-19.


As a school, we always set aside each Friday in Advent to carry out charitable giving and this year is no different.  Each Friday will be an own clothes day and we will support a different charity each week. You will find the details of who we are supporting below, along with what you need to do to support them.


Let's make this Advent season special for those who need to feel Jesus' light and guidance in their life.

Friday 27th November - Local Food Bank


Food banks are in desperate need of our support.  Our Harvest Festival was a fantastic success and we were able to provide lots of food to people within our local community.  As Christmas approaches, the pressure to provide food to make the day special is even greater. 


In light of this, we would like you to donate food items this week. 
The table below shows the items the food bank needs. 
Your reward, wearing your own clothes for the day!


Dry Food Items Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Lentils, Beans, Pulses, Biscuits
Tinned Food Items Soup, Pasta Sauce, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Fruit, Meat
Drinks Tea, Coffee, UHT Milk, Longlife Fruit Juice

Friday 4th December - CAFOD World Gifts

Each year, we love to support CAFOD through their World Gifts campaign.  As a class, we will decide what gift we would love to buy with the money that is donated on this day.


Take a look at the website by clicking here to see what we could buy and come and tell me what you think would be good for our class.


This week, please bring in £1 to donate towards World Gifts.
Your reward, wearing your own clothes for the day!

Friday 11th December - Christmas Jumper Day

We have raised a phenomenal amount for Birmingham Children's Hospital and, whilst we weren't able to have our large charity day in the Summer, this doesn't mean our charitable giving will stop.  On 11th December, Birmingham Children's Hospital have their Jolly Jumper Day and we'll be joining them. 


Pop on your Christmas Jumper and let's get festive together for the children of Birmingham!


This week, please bring in £1 to donate towards Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Your reward, wearing your Christmas Jumper or own clothes for the day!

Friday 18th December - Father Hudson's Society

Traditionally, we have always supported Father Hudson's during Easter through their Good Shepherd Appeal.  Sadly, the COVID-19 lockdown prevented us from supporting them as much as we would have liked to.  In light of this, we are dedicating the final Friday in Advent to Father Hudson's so that we can support the fantastic work they did for people in the greatest of need.


This week, please bring in £1 to donate towards Father Hudson's.
Your reward, wearing your own clothes for the day!