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Alton Castle Residential

Year 6 Residential to Alton Castle!


Our visit to Alton Castle 2021:

Wednesday 8th December until Friday 10th December 2021.


We will leave school on the Wednesday at 9.15am to arrive at the castle for 11am. Parents are welcome to come and wave the children off at that time.


Children will need to bring a packed lunch with them to eat when we arrive.  Children who have school dinners will have a packed lunch provided.


On the morning of the trip, children should come to school in their own clothes.  The children should arrive at school at 8.15am, bringing with them everything they need for the trip.   Children should arrive at the hall door through the car park and then we can store their bags in the cupboard while we get organised.


We will return to school on the Friday at around 3.30pm (depending on traffic).


Please ensure that the school office has all up-to-date telephone numbers so that we can contact parents if needed (E.g. if we were going to be late returning).

What to pack....

Please click on the document at the bottom of the page for more information on what to pack.


What you MUST leave at home...


  • Electronics or expensive items
  • Phones or jewellery
  • Make-up
  • Aerosols; hairspray/deodorant (these can set the fire alarm off).
  • Cameras
  • Sweets/chocolate/crisps - there is a tuck shop there for when the children have free time – no food is allowed in the dorms or on the coach.

Alton Castle Information Letters