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5 a day

54 + 46 = 100  11 x 5 = 55  143 - 43 = 100   45 divided by 5  = 9   2/3 of 24 = 16  Time = ten to two (1:50)


Example would be

I chose the kettle that costs £59.

I know that £59 is equal to £60.

So I will use £50 and £10 to make £60 or £50, £5, £2 and £2 to make £59


Another one would be

I chose the ice cream that costs 81p..

I know that 81p is equal to £1.

So I will use £1 to spend 81p or 50p, 20p, 10p and 1p to make 81p.


1. To show us that the lighthouse is a lonely place to work.

2. The lighthouse is away from the town. It is a dark night. There is a storm brewing.

3. The story is set many years ago.

4. No the lighthouse keeper doesn't like his neighbours.

5. Tension is built with the wind blowing and things falling over. We see the first glimpse of a ship in the sea.

6. People of the village - selfish

7. When the lantern goes out he would be starting to panic and his words would reflect this such as "Oh, no!"

8. When he sees the ship I think he would be really stressed.

9. We see the panic in the rushing around and the attempts to light a candle.

10. I think he's going to the village.

11. I think the village will help to save the ship's crew.

12. At the end the lighthouse keeper feels part of the community and grateful for their help.