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5 a day

41 + 59 = 100  7 x 5 = 35   163 - 63 = 100   45 divided by 5 = 9  2/3 of 33 = 11 

Time quarter to 5 (4:45)










1. Explain why the colour red is important in Chinese New Year. 

Red symbolises good luck and keeps evil away.

2. What is a dragon a sign of? The dragon is a sign of wisdom and power.

3. When is the celebration in Brazil held? Six weeks before Easter.

4. What date is Independence Day? 4th July


1. What material did the couple have left for the last pair of shoes? Leather

2. What food was eaten at supper? Bread and Jam

3. Where were the shoes found in the morning? On the work bench.

4. What is a merchant? Someone who sells cloth.

5. Explain how, after a while, the couple no longer were poor.

As they sold more shoes they got richer.

6. How are the clothes of the elves described?

The clothes were ragged and torn.

7. What clothes did the couple make for the elves?

Miniature suits, hats and shoes.

8. How do you know the elves were happy with their clothes? They did a little jig.