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5 a day

62 + 38 = 100  9 x 5 = 45  137 - 37 = 100  50 divided by 5 = 10  2/3 of 27 = 18

Time = quarter past one (1:15).





Repeated pattern Maths task.


Reflection on the text.

1. What is given to friends and family for Chinese New Year? A red envelope of money.

2. How many animals are in the Chinese zodiac? 12

3. Explain the length of time the Brazil carnival lasts.  It lasts six days.

4. What does the Brazilian costume usually contain? Feathers and jewels are added to the costume.

5. What does American Independence day celebrate? Being separate from England.

Elves and the Shoemaker

1. What kind of person was the shoemaker? Kind hearted

2. Can you describe the three elves? Helpful and friendly.

 4. At the beginning of the story, why was the shoemaker poor? They couldn't afford the leather for the shoes.

5. After his supper of bread and jam, the shoemaker goes to his workshop. Which words suggest that he is feeling sad? Hunched 

7. One night the shoemaker and his wife ate a hearty supper. What do you think they ate? Meat and vegetables.

8. After we elves had finished helping the shoemaker, we helped lots of other people. Who else do you think we helped? Father Christmas