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5 a day

56 + 44 = 100  9 x 10 = 90            7 + 84 = 91   temperature is 5' - 2' = 3'  2/3 of 36 = 24  

                       90 divided by 10 = 9                         Time = half past 2 (2.30pm)




Maths Task



1. What is most of the world covered in?  Water

2. What does pacific ocean’s name mean?  Peaceful Sea

3. Explain which ocean is the warmest.      The Indian Ocean

4. Describe a key fact about the southern ocean.   It's the second smallest in the world.

5. When does the arctic ocean freeze?                  December to May.


Pandora's Box Reading

1. How old is the story?    Thousands of years old.

2. What is the main character called?  Pandora

3. What was she given by Zeus as a wedding present?  A beautiful box.

4. What is the special condition? She was never to open the box. 

5. Why did she open the box?   She didn't understand why Zeus had given her a box she couldn't open.

6. Where was the key to the box? High on a shelf in the bedroom.

7. What did she think was in the box?  She thought the box  had rubies as red as the blazing sunset, jewel encrusted gowns and piles of gold coins.

8. What happened when the box was opened?  Every evil and spite, every sadness and misery flew out.