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5 a day


62 + 38 = 100  9 x 10 = 90    4 + 89 = 93   Triangle has 3 sides      2/3 of 27 = 18  Time quarter past 1

                       90 divided by 10 = 9            3 lines of symmetry                                       (1:15)





Maths Challenge Answers


1. When was James Cook born?  27th October 1728 in Middlesbrough.

2. Explain what his father hoped he would become. His father hoped he would be a farmer.

3. When did he join the Royal Navy? At age 18 during the seven year war.

4. When did he become Captain Cook? When we was given the command of the ship Endeavour.

5. What is Scurvy? A disease where you need fresh vitamins found in fruit and vegetables.



1. What is a rainbow?  A rainbow is an arc of colour in the sky that can be seen when the sun comes out during or after a rainstorm.

2. How is a rainbow made? A rainbow is formed when a person sees the sun or a light source shining through rain drops.

3. Why is 42 degrees important in seeing a rainbow? rainbow is formed when sunlight strikes raindrops at a forty two degree angle.

4. What does spectrum mean? When the light strikes the drops, it changes and splits into colours, called a spectrum.

5. What are the colours of the rainbow? The colours of a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

6. Explain what an optical illusion is. An optical illusion is a trick of your eyes so that what you think you see is different from what is really there.

7. Why don’t we see full circles of rainbows? Rainbows are actually full circles but viewers on the ground can only see them above the horizon

8. What is a moonbow? A moonbow is a rainbow that is produced by light from the moon.