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5 a day


67 + 33 = 100   12 x 10 = 120    7 + 45 = 52    2/3 of 21 = 14   Shape- rectangle (4 sides)

                        120 divided by 10 = 12                                                 quadrilateral

 Time - half past one (1:30)                                                                  2 lines of symmetry







1. Explain how long rainbows have been important. Since the beginning of time.

2. Which Bible character is thought to have first seen a rainbow? Noah.

3. What is the rainbow a sign of? Hope

4. What does myth mean? (Use a dictionary to help you). A legend that can't be proven by historical sources.

5. In Norse mythology, where does the rainbow bridge go between? Earth and the gods.

6. Describe the Irish legend. At the end of the rainbow is a croc of gold.

7. How many colours does the South African flag have? Why? 6 to show the rainbow nation.

8. Celebrating and enjoying difference leads to what? Peace and no arguments.

9. Why do people see rainbows as a sign of hope? It show that things will get better.

10. What has the rainbow symbol been used for in the past year? NHS