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Art Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 2

December Art Challenge


As we near Christmas how about making some snowflakes using the instructions below and putting them about your house?


Art Challenge - Autumn 2






Hieroglyphics - Half Term Challenge


After the History week, this week, many of you asked for the Hieroglyphics Sheet to be on the class page so we could try to write some coded messages to one another. If you do a message then please put it on the class blog and let's see who can solve it?


Weekly Art Challenge!


At the moment we are not doing Art lessons in school so how about having an Art challenge each week for you to do at home so you can still be creative? Each Monday, I will upload a new challenge to this page for you complete for the following Monday. Once you have completed it, you must post a picture on your blog to receive 5 green house points.


I hope you enjoy these challenges and I am looking forward to seeing all your masterpieces!


Here is this week's challenge:

19th October - 2nd November 2020



12-19th October 2020


5-12th October 2020



Sheet for you to use.