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W/C 13th July 2020

To link with Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and Creative Writing during Children's Art Week we are going to look at an artist who lives in England and creates modern pictures.


Frank Bowling


Richard Sheridan Franklin Bowling OBE RA (born 26 February 1934), known as Frank Bowling, is a Guyana-born British artist. His paintings relate to abstract and  Colour Field painting. His pictures are created often by pouring, dripping or spraying paint to create images.


Click on the Oak Academy picture below and watch how his paintings are created. I then would like you to create your own blending picture using the techniques described in the lesson. 


I'd then like you to imagine that you can get inside the picture and where would it take you. Write this down as part of the literacy and art challenge.


Art Weekly Challenge - 6th July 2020


W/C 6th July 2020

To link with Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations during Children's Art Week we are going to look at an artist who drew people across all generations.


Above is the PowerPoint of one of the most famous Artists of the last century Pablo Picasso. His painting are made of shapes and they are sold for thousands upon thousands of pounds! The PowerPoint will tell you all about his famous Spanish life (25 October 1881 – 8 April 1973). 


I would like you for my challenge this week to try and reproduce the 'When Picasso met Mootise’ picture.' It's on the last page of the PowerPoint... enjoy drawing!


W/C 29th June 2020

To link with Children’s Art Week Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World  we are going to be looking at one of my favourite artists William Morris. 


William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was a British textile designer associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement.  He used the natural world in repeated patterns on cloth and paper.  I am such a huge fan of his work that I have a special mug (for my cup of tea) that I use every morning. I even have scarves and pens with some of his patterns.


Watch the lesson above and then complete the repeated pattern sheet below.

Decide on one of the patterns and try to recreate the pattern in a William Morris style.


Please put your finished artwork on the class blog.


W/C 22nd June 2020


This week we are looking at the Artist Georgia O'Keeffe (November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986) who was an American artist. She is known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico landscapes. She became blind in later life and with help drew her later painting from memory.


You will need some paper, pencil crayons (or paint if you have it), a pencil and  flower. The flower can be from outside . If you also do the second picture you just need to look at the sky. With the beautiful weather this week you may get a chance to do the two.


W/C 15th June 2020


Wassily Kandinsky (1866 - 1944) was a Russian born artist who made his name working in Germany in an art style called Expressionism.  Expressionists wanted to use art to express their feelings and emotions, usually through bold us of line and colour. This week I want you to watch the Oak Academy lesson and to do your own version of Kadinsky's circles picture. It links with the Art you did back in October. You can use paints or felt tips.


w/c 8th June 2020

Origami Art Craft

When the Japanese Space Agency is looking for new astronauts they set them a challenge to create as many origami art crafts as they can in a set time. They all have to be identical, with perfect folds. Try making an origami animal following instructions online. 


There are many animals and insects you could make so may be do more than one? 

I can't wait to see what are created...


w/c 1st June 2020  Pentecost Windmill



We know how creative Year 2 are so we'd love to see you being creative at home.  Complete the recommended weekly challenge and upload your pictures onto the blog for everyone to see.


w/c 18th May 2020

Create a Heart of Kindness and write underneath how you are being kind this week in national mental health week. I'd love to see your hearts (and kindness ideas) on the class blog. 

Don't forget to tick off when you have completed your act of kindness.





w/c 11th May 2020


Draw Florence Nightingale using the instructions. Click on the picture of Florence and it should take you to the youtube clip.

If you struggle then the web address is

Put your pictures on our class blog.



w/c 4th May 2020

Draw a Tommy Soldier and place it in your window for Friday's VE Day celebrations. Upload you pictures to the class blog.





w/c 27th April 2020

Draw 'Blossom Unicorn' with author, Matty Long

This week, I would like you to join author, Matty Long and learn how to draw Blossom Unicorn, one of the characters from his book 'Super Happy Magic Forest'.  You might even decide to buy his book if you like the drawing!








Click on the image or here to watch the video.  Happy drawing!


w/c 20th April 2020

Draw 'Kevin' with Rob Biddulph

Follow Rob's video on his YouTube channel and get drawing Kevin.  Click here


w/c 13th April 2020

Draw 'Fred Bear' with Rob Biddulph.

Follow Rob's video on his YouTube channel and get drawing Fred Bear.  Click here


w/c 6th April 2020

Draw the 'Sausage Dog' with Rob Biddulph.

Follow Rob's video on his YouTube channel and get drawing the Sausage Dog.  Click here.




w/c 30th March 2020

Draw the 'Gregosaurus' with Rob Biddulph!

Follow Rob's video on his YouTube channel and get drawing the Gregosaurus!  Click here.





Online Art Learning


Draw Along with Rob Biddulph

Rob will upload a new video to his Website and YouTube Channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am with a new drawing for you to join along with.  Click here to access his website.




Art for Kids Hub

Another really good website that allows you to draw along with a video. Click here to access their page.