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Art Week 2020

Children's Art Week 2020- 29th June- 19th July 2020



The next three weeks before the end of term starts the Children's Art Week 2020 which runs for the final three weeks of the term. It's a  UK wide run program and there are lots of resources on Twinkl and the websites below that links to it. Each week has a different theme or focus for your artistic skills and these include:


Week 1: The Natural World

Week 2: Connecting Across Generations

Week 3: Literacy and Creative Writing 


This week we are focusing on The Natural World and there are plenty of activities for you to get started with using the websites below I am sure if you have a search on the internet you can find many other resources or websites which have plenty of other Art activities but I thought these were a good start.They include Art Projects and Creative Home Activities to get involved with, videos and online virtual exhibitions to watch as well as even live theatre performances to see and enjoy The Tate Gallery for Kids Website also has games, quizzes and videos as well as things to make, and artists and exhibitions to explore and learn more about. Click on the links below to go to different website resources for Children's Art Week 2020  You will receive 50 j2stars for any activity you complete, watch or view from any of the Children's Art Week 2020 Websites so make sure you blog and tell me what tasks and learning you have been doing! Engage Website for Children's Art Week 2020 Twinkl Resources for Children's Art Week 2020 Half Moon Website for Children's Art Week 2020 Inspire Culture's Website for Children's Art Week 2020 Tate Gallery for Kids Official Website Sustainable Learning Natural Word Official Website