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Autumn 1

A day in Reception - Autumn 1

Wednesday 21st October 2020


Drawing a portrait of a friend


Today we revisited all that we have learned this half-term and had a look at our self-portraits that we drew, painted and used pastels to create. Today we learned all about portraits... We used sketching pencils to draw a portrait of one of our friends in Reception. We had lots of fun!


Tuesday 20th October 2020

Religious Education 

Knowing about the Wedding at Cana


Today we have been learning about the wedding at Cana. The special celebration that Jesus, His mother Mary and some of His special friends, the disciples went to. We read the story together and talked about Jesus turning the water into wine - this was a miracle - something amazing that only Jesus can do! The children had a go at sequencing the story and talking about the key events in the story.


           I wonder…what the people thought when Jesus turned the water into wine?

Wednesday 14th October 2020


Mixing primary colours to make

secondary colours


Today we explored what happens when you mix primary colours together. They make secondary colours! We had LOTS of fun creating colour sums. smiley



Tuesday 13th October 2020

Religious Education 

Knowing that God loves us all


Today we have been talking about how God loves each and every one of us. God loves everybody - he loves each of us individually. He knows everything about us. In the Bible it says that God knows the number of hairs on our heads. He has us engraved on the palms of His hands - our names are written on the palms of His hands. The children created hand print paintings. God knows us by the palms of our hands - each one of our hands is different, nobody has hands that are the same. Or anything that is exactly the same - we are all special and unique.

"I have engraved you on the palms of my hands" - Isaiah 49:16

"Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered" - Matthew 10:2


           I wonder…how God shows us that He loves us?

Monday 12th October 2020

Understanding the world

The Four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)


Today we have been learning about the four seasons. We have learned to sing a song to remember the order of the seasons - “There are 4 seasons that happen in a year…Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...”.
We focused on the season of Autumn and learned about this season in more detail. The children had a go at putting pictures of each season in the correct order. The children went on an Autumn walk in house teams and collected natural objects to create an Autumn tree class collage.

Wednesday 7th October 2020

Understanding the world

Exploring our senses - Touch, taste and smell


Today we have been exploring the senses of touch, taste and smell. We have been using these 3 senses to taste fruit today. We tried to use interesting words to describe what the fruit felt like, what it smelt like and how it tasted. 

We also learned a senses song to help us remember them.


Tuesday 6th October 2020


Mixing water colour paints


Today we have been using water colour paints. The children enjoyed exploring what happened when they added more water to the paints. They had a go at starting with a dark shade of paint and gradually adding more water so that it was lighter/paler.

Monday 5th October 2020

Religious Education 

Knowing that people show love and care for us


Today we have been talking about how people show love and care for us. We have been drawing pictures of those who love and care for us and we have talked about how they show that they love and care for us - looking after us, cooking our food etc. Our families show love and care for us. How do we show love and care for them? 


           How does Jesus show love and care for people?

Wednesday 30th September 2020


Drawing a self-portrait using chalk pastels and a photograph



Today we have been drawing self-portraits using chalk pastels and a photograph of ourselves to help. We talked about our self-portraits from last week and discussed where our different facial features are. We explored creating different textures with pastels by using a hard/soft pressure when drawing.

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Religious Education 

Our families are a gift from God - Thank you God for our families smiley


Today in RE we have been saying prayers to say thank you to God for our families. We know that our families are a gift from God. We were able to say what our families do for us!

Monday 28th September 2020

Understanding the world

Exploring our senses - Sight and hearing


Today we have been exploring some of our senses. We have been talking about what we use our sight and hearing for. We used mirrors to look at our eyes and we each coloured in an eye. We used all the eyes to create a pictogram of eye colours in Reception. Have a look at the picture below. We found that the most popular colour is brown. We have 21 children in our class with brown eyes. Wow! 6 children and Miss Hand have blue eyes, 4 children have green eyes and Mrs. Barnett has hazel eyes. Some children enjoyed going on an eye colour hunt around the classroom too. We also enjoyed playing a game of sound lotto in small groups. The children really enjoyed this game. smiley

Wednesday 23rd September 2020


Drawing a self-portrait using sketching pencils



Today we have been drawing self-portraits using sketching pencils and a mirror. We talked about where our different facial features are and tried to add detail to our pictures.

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Religious Education 

Knowing that we are special/unique and that we have God-given gifts


Today in RE we were thinking about what makes us special. We know that God created the world and God made us all – each one of us special and unique. We talked about the special gifts that God has given us. We then made hand print pictures and sang the song – ‘If I were a butterfly’ to finish the lesson.


Thank you God for making the world...and thank you God for making me, me!


“For you created my inmost being...I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. Psalm 139:13-14


“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us”. Romans 12:6


Monday 21st September 2020

Understanding the world

Describing our families and sequencing the human life cycle


Today we have been talking about our families and thinking about how change as we grow. 

We have enjoyed drawing our families and talking about the life cycle of a human. In small groups we have sequenced the human life cycle and discussed what we can and can’t do at each stage of life.

We talked about what age we are when we become a teenager and an adult.


Wednesday 16th September 2020


Piet Mondrian - The Primary Colours


Today we have been looking at primary colours once againWe have studied famous art work and observed the use of primary colours

We used the programme ‘paint’ on the computer to create our very own art work to look like Piet Mondrian’s.

We also worked together to create a large class picture just like Mondrian’s.

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Religious Education 

Exploring the wonderful world that God created


The children enjoyed going on a nature walk around the school grounds. They talked about all the wonderful things they could see that God has created. They each took it in turns to take a photo of something they could see that God has made. The children also collected natural objects. We then made a class collage with our photos and objects found on the walk. 



Monday 14th September 2020

Understanding the world

Describing what we look like and our likes/dislikes


Today we have been talking about what we look like and describing our facial features. We have also been discussing what we like and dislike and that not everybody likes the same things. We share similarities, but differences too.

We are unique!

Thursday 10th September 2020

Religious Education 

The Creation story


We have been learning all about the Creation story. We have learned that God made the world in seven days. In groups, we made a large collage to represent what God made on each of the seven days. Our collage helped us to recall keys parts of the story.


Wednesday 9th September 2020


The Primary Colours


Today we have been learning all about primary colours. Some of the children went on a little hunt around the classroom to find objects that are red, yellow or blue. We then made 3 class collages for each of the primary colours. We enjoyed cutting and sticking a range materials to create the collages. We know that primary colours cannot be made by mixing other colours.

Monday 7th September 2020

Understanding the world

Describing where we live and mapping our route from home to school


Today we have been talking about where we live. We looked at a map of the world, then maps of the United Kingdom, Birmingham and then Weoley Castle. We spotted where our school is on the map of Weoley Castle. We talked about how we get to school and what we see on our way to school. The children drew maps of their route to school and labelled them.

September 2020

Understanding the world 

Knowing our way around school and who's who...


This year we are unable to go on a scavenger hunt around the school, but we had a look at a number of photos of the key places in our school, e.g. Mrs. O’Meally’s office, the school hall etc. We talked about the different areas in our classroom and what we can and can’t do.

We also looked at pictures of the staff members and discussed who they are and what their job roles are.

September 2020

Religious Education 

Making the sign of the cross


During the first few weeks of school, we have been discussing the importance of the altar. We have been learning how to make the sign of the cross and how to say our daily school prayers.

September 2020


Our first self-portraits


We all had a go at painting our first self-portrait in Reception. We used mirrors to help us.

You are a child of God...

You are wonderfully made, dearly loved, and precious in His sight.

Before God made you,

He knew you... 

There is no one else like you!

Psalm 139

September 2020

Our first class photo

September 2020

Our first day in Reception

When I grow up I want to be...

September 2020

 Settling in... 


The children have all settled in really well and we are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead! smiley