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Autumn 1

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

 Piet Mondrian - using 'paint' on the computer 


Piet Mondrian


Today we have been looking at primary colours once again. We have studied famous art work and observed the use of primary colours.

We used the programme ‘paint’ on the computer to create our very own art work to look like

Piet Mondrian’s.





                 Sophia's Mondrian                                                                         Ayah's Mondrian

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

 Our self-portraits - sketching 

Tuesday 1st October 2019

 Our Creation Collage 



Wednesday 25th September 2019

 Our Creation Nature Walk 


The children enjoyed going on a nature walk around the school grounds. They talked about all the wonderful things they could see that God has created. They each took it in turns to take a photo of something they could see that God has made. The children also collected natural objects. We then made a class collage with our photos and objects found on the walk.  


Take a look at the photos below...

Tuesday 24th September 2019

 Art - Primary colours 


Today we have been learning all about primary colours. Some of the children went on a little hunt around the classroom to find objects that are red, yellow or blue. We then made 3 class collages for each of the primary colours. We enjoyed cutting and sticking a range materials to create the collages. We know that primary colours cannot be made by mixing other colours.


Please take a look at the photos below...

Art - Primary colours

Primary colours...

Monday 23rd September 2019

 Understanding the world - All about me! 


At the start of our lesson today we looked at pictures of the staff members and discussed who they are and what their job roles are. We also looked at some photos of key places around our school.

We then went on a walk around the school grounds and talked about what we could see and what each room/area was used for. We worked in pairs to find all the different places around our school and complete the scavenger hunt sheet.


We have also been thinking about where we live in the world. We looked at a map of the whole world, the United Kingdom, Birmingham and finally a map of Weoley Castle where we found our school. The children had a go at mapping out their route from their house to school.
I wonder what you see on your way to school each day?


 "Take a good look at God's creation - they will take your breath away." - Psalm 66:5 


Please take a look at the photos below...

Fining our way around school

You are a child of God...

You are wonderfully made, dearly loved, and precious in His sight.

Before God made you,

He knew you...

There is no one else like you!

Psalm 139

Our first photo with everybody! 19.09.19

Week 2 - WC: 09.09.19



September 2019

 Settling in... 


The children have all settled in really well and we are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead!


Take a look at the photos below...