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Birmingham Commonwealth Games- Design A Mascot

 Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022- Design A Mascot



There is a competition for you all to get involved with which entails designing a mascot for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Scroll down below to find resources, ideas and more information of how to get involved.  There is a Power Point explaining the games/ what a mascot is, a lesson plan for you to use at home  and a mascot entry form.  You need to draw your mascot on your entry form and then give it to your parents who can help you to submit the design. ( There are details of how to submit  your design on both the websites and the entry form.) 


Once your mascot is complete you can then submit the design into the competition.. wouldn't it be fantastic if your mascot design was picked for these huge games?! There are also 100 J2STARS for every child who designs and submits a mascot and posts about it, showing me on their blog. Come on Year One!

KS1 Teaching and Learning Resources about The Commonwealth Games

KS1 Official Lesson Plan

KS1 PPT Information About The Commonwealth Games and Design A Mascot

KS1 Mascot Entry Form and Design Sheet