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Black History Month

Black History Month


Black History month happens each year in October. It is a month when many people can learn more about what happened in the past to black people and what black people have done through history that affects our lives today. 


This month, in October, you might see special programmes or reports about black history and the achievements of black people on the television, radio, within newspapers and on the Internet. It is important that you read and watch these with your parents in order to educate yourselves as for a long time, this history wasn't spoken about. 


Below I have also attached some resources and activities suitable to your age group that you can do at home this month to learn more and celebrate. I would love it if you could upload some of your work about Black History Month to the blog so that I can see what wonderful work you have done. I will be awarding 50 j2stars for every Black History Month activity so let's get started Year One!



KS1 Black History of Britain Information PPT

Black History Month Information PPT