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A few weeks ago the children were sent home with their logins and QR codes to a Year 1 blog. The blog is on BGFL 365 under the icon j2bloggy and the children have been learning about it in their Computing lessons also. While self isolating at home the children can start using it straight away. and this will be a great way of communicating between each other and seeing what we're doing whilst we're away from school.  The blog is very easy to use and I've uploaded the instructions below in a word document  to help you access the blog and upload new posts.  


Our blog is accessed via the BGFL365 website so, in order for you to be able to use it, you'll need your BGFL login which was given to you in your bookbags a few weeks ago. Simply follow the instructions below and start blogging. If you have any problems with any logins or online learning/ homework you can email me on the address below and I will try and sort out the problem for you as quickly as I can. Please note that this email is not for having conversations or personal dialogues with me- it is only if you have any problems with any access to online work. I would love to see your child's homework and home learning but please make sure you put this on their online blog and not on an email to me. Thankyou for your co-operation.


Miss Murphy Email:


I will be checking the blog for any new posts so that these can be published and am very much looking forward to keeping in touch with you all. Please scroll down to see our weekly blog challenge which you can complete to earn lots of j2stars.


Happy Blogging!



Instructions of How to Post on Your Class Blog

Year One's Weekly Blog Challenge...



Hello Year One! I hope you are all  safe and well at home and following the social distancing advice. During this strange time it is important that you keep in touch with each other as much as possible and the class blog I have set up is a great way of doing that! I am going to set a weekly challenge for you all and would love for you to post pictures of yourself on your blog completing this challenge. Please remember I want to see pictures and posts of all the things you have been doing at home, whether that is your school work and learning or any other things you have been doing to have fun.



This weeks challenge ( 12.10.2020) is...


Post a video on the Year One Blog of you singing the Cauliflowers Fluffy Harvest Song which can be found by clicking on the link below.



This week I have attached a link below to a song which the children have been learning in class for the Harvest- I would like to record the song when the children come back next week so it is really important they practise singing the song at home and get to know the lyrics. They also have actions for the middle section which they should know and can practise. Can you upload a video message to the blog with you singing the song? You do not have to sing the whole song if you don't want to- just the first verse and chorus would be fine. I will be giving 50 j2stars for anybody who completes this blog challenge and sends it to me on the blog.! You must complete and post  your blog challenge onto The Year One Blog by Friday 16th October  at the latest so I can see your work, award j2stars and pick my winner! I suggest that you practise the song all week so that you really get to know it and then upload your video on the Friday.


Have lots of fun completing your challenge and make sure you upload your video to your blog-  I need them in by Friday 16th October so make sure you have it finished and sent to me by then!

Previous Blog Challenges

Previous Blog challenge ( 6.10.2020) 


Post a video message on the Year One Blog saying a message to the elderly residents of the care home. On the video you can talk about you are, introduce yourself and tell the residents what your favourite hobbies are.

Some of the residents of our local care home have been feeling a little isolated and lonely due to the current COVID situation and I thought it would be lovely for us to do something for them to cheer them up! Can you upload a video message to  the blog for the residents of the care home, telling them a little bit about you, who you are and what you enjoy. You could also tell the residents about what you have been learning about at school and what subjects you are good at perhaps, and which ones you find a bit trickier. You can tell them what hobbies you have and what your favourite things to do are- I know they would love to hear from you all! You must complete and post  your blog challenge onto The Year One Blog  so I can see your work and award j2stars.