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Time to start blogging Year 1!


As promised, Mr Ingram has now set us up with a Year 1 blog which we can start using straight away.  This will be a great way of communicating between each other and seeing what we're doing whilst we're away from school.  The blog is very easy to use and I've uploaded the instructions below in a word document  to help you access the blog and upload new posts.  


Our blog is accessed via the BGFL365 website so, in order for you to be able to use it, you'll need your BGFL login which was given in your reading diaries in your last week in school.  Simply follow the instructions below and start blogging.


I will be checking the blog for any new posts so that these can be published and are very much looking forward to keeping in touch with you all.


Happy Blogging!


Note to parents: If you can not find your login details in your homework diary, please email and we will endeavour to deal with your request within an appropriate time frame.Thank you!

Instructions of How to Post on your Class Blog

Year One's Weekly Blog Challenge...

Hello Year One! I hope you are all  safe and well at home and following the social distancing advice. I know this is a very strange time for you all.  It is important that you keep in touch with each other as much as possible and the class blog I have set up is a great way of doing that!  I want to see pictures and posts of all the things you have been doing at home,  whether that is  school work or any other things you have been doing to have fun. Please remember I am also expecting you all to be working your way through the home learning packs slowly. 


Our Year One class blog winner for this week is.....





Eros is our winners this week as he took the time to make a fantastic chocolate sponge cake. Eros Of  enlisted the help of his mom to make the mixture and put it in the oven and he helped with decorating the top of the cake, using toppings such as Oreos, raspberries and home-grown strawberries. He also made a a nice chocolate ganache with his mom which made the cake super yummy! This took him  lots of time and dedication and he seemed to have so much fun making his cake! Well done to you Eros- you are my winner this week and I am so proud of you! :) 


We are slowly starting to see more children blogging through the week which is fantastic news! It would be great if we could now get over half the class to blog so to try and spur you all on I  am giving you a bit of healthy competition! I am going to set a weekly challenge for you all and would love for you to post pictures of yourself on your blog completing this challenge. I will be posting the winner of my challenge on the school website every week and writing about why it it is the winner.I have set our our weekly challenge below...


This weeks challenge is...


Post on the Year One Blog writing a message to your teacher for next year... Doctor Gould!


Write about who you are, introducing yourself and you could even sent a picture! 

Can you send a message to your teacher for next year on the Year One Blog? You can introduce yourself to Doctor Gould, telling her a little bit about you, who you are and what you enjoy. You can tell her what subjects you are good at perhaps, and which ones you find a bit trickier. You can tell her what hobbies you have and what your favourite things to do are- don't forget to also send a picture of yourself so that she knows who you are! You must complete and post  your blog challenge onto The Year One Blog by Thursday 16th July at the latest so I can see your work and give you more j2stars!


Have lots of fun completing your challenge and make sure you upload any videos, pictures or writing to your blog- I need them in by Thursday 16th July so make sure you have it finished and sent to me by then!

Click on the PDF below to download the Time Capsule sheets...