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Blue Peter Badges Challengee

The Blue Peter 6 Badges Challenge


The Blue Peter Website who are running a challenge entitled '6 Badges of Summer  which involves children trying to work towards different badges in June and July. There are many different badges on offer such as  Green or Eco Badges, Music Badges, Sports Badges and many more. You apply for the different badges by completing different fun activities and there is even a wall chart for you to download. This will help to show you what to do, keep you motivated and show your amazing progress.


The different badges are:


Sports badge - Get active 

Music badge - Play in their music festival

Blue badge - Say, 'thank you'

Purple badge - Join the superfan celebration

Silver badge - Try something new

Green badge - Show how you are saving the planet



Who wants to earn a badge during lockdown- wouldn't it be fantastic?! This is a great challenge and opportunity for you to do and try some new and different things while at home. It is a fantastic way to acheive something really special during your home schooling and lockdown so come on Year One- LET'S TRY IT! You can find out more information and details of how to get involved by clicking on the link below: