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Catholic Life in Year 1

Autumn 1

RE- The Rosary

Week 8 18.10.2021


We are in the month of October which is a very special month. This month is all about the month of Mary and to celebrate this the Year One children have been learning about the Rosary.


In class they have listened to a PPT about why we have the Rosary, and how the beads help us to remember the prayers that we say. The children learnt about how we start with the Sign of the Cross and then say the Our Father, The Glory Be and the Hail Mary.


After listening to why we have the Rosary the children were given beads and held them on the carpet. They talked about how the beads made them feel and what they are used for. The Year One's then coloured the Rosary beads in the correct colours and labelled some of the first, simpler prayer parts. Please see their photos below and well done Year One!

Collective Worship- Mass

Week 6 6.10.2021


Today the Year One children went to Mass for the first time. It was the first time the children had been in the church for a service and Mrs Lynch and I were so impressed with how the children sat. They were extremely reverent during the service and were excellent at listening to Father Gary and his homily. As the children had been in the church looking at objects a few weeks ago, they were able to understand the Mass better and see what these different objects were used for. They understood the importance of the altar, pulpit, lectern etc and how these could be used during the service. We are so proud of Year One for their excellent behaviour at Mass and you can see some photos of them below.

RE- Creation

Week 3 14.9.2021



This week the children have been carrying on with their topic of Creation. They have been writing their own prayers to God, thanking him for Creation and the wonderful things he has made in the world. The Year One children have thanked God for so many including  birds, their families, for the moon and stars and for trees and flowers.


We also moved onto learning about Francis of Assisi, who is the saint of animals. They have explored how he loves animals and listened to God's call in protecting and looking after them. He listened to God's voice and trusted in him, knowing that God knew the path he was meant to follow.



Year One have had a brilliant week of RE and we are so proud of them and all they have learnt about Creation over the last few weeks. We move onto Families and Celebrations next and please see pictures of the children's fantastic RE work below. You can see their thankyou prayers and work about Francis of Assisi.

KS1 Reflection

Week 3 14.9.2021


Today the children took part in a KS1 reflection assembly, led by Mr Carroll. It focused on asking the children what kind of person they want to be and how they can follow Jesus in their life.


The children looked at the story in the Bible where Jesus talks to the disciples about him rising from the dead. They do not believe him at first but he tells them to have faith. The children then discussed how they could follow out the will of Jesus by being kind, loving and helping others.


This was a fantastic assembly to start the school year, as it allowed the children to explore how they could have a fresh start and live their lives through Jesus. The children were also brilliant at sitting in the hall too for their very first assembly and we were so proud- well done Year One!



Learning Sign Language

Week 3 15.9.2021



As part of their collective worship for this half term, the Year One children are learning the Glory Be Prayer. They are learning this using actions and sign language from online and are finding this very fun! The children find that having actions while saying the prayers helps them to both remember them and to think about the meaning of the words. I am so impressed by how reverent the children are in using their sign language during prayer time- well done Year One! You can see some photos of the children trying out and practising their fantastic sign language below.


Our First Mass

Week 2 10.9.2021


Today the Year One children had their very first Mass in  Year One. They had a virtual Mass in the classroom and sat beautifully on the carpet, while listening to Father Gary and our beautiful readers and prayers. We enjoy our Masses in Year One and use them as a time to reflect on our week and to deepen our relationship with Jesus and God. Our Mass today was about not judging our neighbours and not using nasty words to others, as none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. We need to use kind actions and words to each other, as Jesus taught us, and the message of today's Mass is something we will be focusing on in our Year One class.


For the next Mass, the Year One children will be going to church, which they are very excited about! Please ask your child about their Masses at school and what they ejoy about them.

Year 1 Class Wish 



This week the children have discussed and come up with generated some wonderful ideas about what they wanted our class wish to be this year.  They all thought really hard about what our focus would be for this year and you can see on the final  wish we decided below.


'Our Class Wish for 2021-2022 is ‘for Year 1 to work together, in being kind and loving, to support our class family.'


We will be looking to fulfil our class wish throughout the year and will have it at the centre of everything we do. Our class wish will help to shape our morals and values as a class. Make sure you check out the winner of ' Our Class Wish Award' every half term, as will be nominating a child who has truly shown and embraced our wish.


Please see photos below of members of our class thinking about elements of our class wish and acting them out. This was to get them thinking about how they can use their wish this year  and how they can show kind and loving actions to others in our wonderful class family.

Learning about the story of Creation

Week 2 7.9.2021


This term we are learning all about how God made the world in the wonderful story of Creation. Today we learnt the story and acted it out using various props and visuals to help us. The children loved  learning about how God made the world and what he made on each day and they are so excited to write about in their books later this week!


God wants us to be curious about the world that he created for us to live in, and when we learnt about it we appreciate it and take responsibility for the planet. It is up to us to care for the planet and look after the wonderful world that we have for future generations. Please see pictures of the children acting out the story of Creation below.

Catholic Virtues

Week 2- 6.9.2021 


Being eloquent and truthful in our Class Virtues


This half term we are looking at the virtues 'eloquent' and 'truthful'. We are eloquent when we use our voices and our words to speak loving words about God and to spread his word. We can tell people about the love of Jesus and how he can be a force for good and change in our lives. 


We are discerning when we make good choices with God and Jesus at the centre of our thoughts. We can decide to do the right thing in the interest of the needs of others because we know the positive impact that will have on their lives. We can be discerning when we have listened to God's will and then put it into practise- we understand what he asks us to do and begin to achieve it.


Please ask the children about the virtues they have been learning in class this half term and ask them, how they will fulfil and carry out these virtues in their daily life. We would love to hear what they tell you! Please see pictures of the Year One children acting out elements of our class virtues for this half term and showing different ways of how they can achieve them.