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Catholic life in Year 3

Collective worship in class 23.11.20 - 27.11.20
Collective worship in class 16.11.20 - 20.11.20
Collective worship in class 9.11.20 - 13.11.20

Collective worship in class 04.11.20 - 06.11.20

Tuesday 3rd November 


Bible reflection of the Creation Story 

Friday 23rd October 2020


Before we leave for half term, we will take the time to show gratitude and thanks to God. 

Through these tough times, we have been lucky to spend such quality time with the people we love so in our Collective Worship today we are going to reflect and show thanks to God for whom and what we are thankful for.


In all of the school and Year 3 we practice a Catholic way of life. We do this through our RE lessons, collective worship, prayer and reflection time, refection at the altar and through our Catholic Virtues. The Catholic Virtues for this half term are Curious and Active. 

October - the month of the Rosary 

How to pray the Rosary

In Year 3 this week, we have looked at how we pray the rosary and we even made our own rosaries so that we have our own all the time. 

Prayer and reflection time in class

If you would like to access and read the weekly Wednesday word and gain 2 house points by completing the activities, the link to the online site can be found below.