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Catholic Virtues

Catholic virtues - Summer One - Grateful and Generous


What do they mean? 

Grateful: an attitude of mind that habitually notices daily blessings and the good things that happen to us, giving our lives meaning and enjoyment, and sometimes pause for thought and a nudge to put things right. 

Generous: the impulse to give and not to count the cost, to serve without reward, to have big hearts and great minds, to be men and women for others. 


In Nursery, we are grateful when we:

  • Understand we all have different gifts.
  • Say thank you to all the people who look after us throughout the day.
  • Take time to appreciate the good things and kindness of others in our lives.
  • Realise that some people do not have the things that we have.

In Nursery, we are generous when we:

  • Use our talents to help others. For example, drawing a picture for someone else. 
  • Share with others.
  • Take time to pray for others. 
  • Give time or money to help those in need.
  • Understand that we should help others just like Jesus. 


Catholic virtues - Spring Two - Intentional and Prophetic


What do they mean? 

Intentional: to do something with forethought, on purpose, with purpose...

​Prophetic: To know (through prayer, mediation, thought, discussion and research) what God wants for us, and for the world.

What does this look like in Nursery?

In Nursery we are intentional when we:

  • Fully take part in school charity events through contribution and prayer.
  • Think carefully about the choices we make.
  • Take part in our plan, do, review sessions
  • Think about how we could behave differently if we have made a mistake.


In Nursery we are prophetic when we:

  • Pray regularly and ask God about what direction to take.
  • Learn about bible stories through collective worship, RE lessons and going to mass.
  • Learn about what is happening in the world so we can be intentional in our actions. 


Who has embodied our virtues in Spring One?


Our virtue luminary this term is Grayson. He completely embodies what it means to be both curious and active. He always wants to know more and soaks up new information like a sponge. This has been particularly evident during our dinosaur topic.