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Catholic Virtues

At St Rose we are proud of our Catholic Virtues and we follow them very well in Year 3.

Our Catholic Virtues help us to thrive for the greater good and to follow in Jesus' footsteps like God would like us to. 

Each half term, a child shall be picked for the Catholic Virtues award and this is for someone who has followed the Catholic Virtues well all half term in the classroom and around the school. 

Spring 2 - Learned and Wise

Our Catholic Virtues luminary for being learned and wise is Sophia for being active in her learning and curious to learn more. She is wise in the decisions that she makes and works hard to learn more each day. Well done Sophia! 

Spring 1 - Eloquent and Truthful

Our Catholic Virtues Luminary in Year 3 is Jenilia for being eloquent and truthful. Jenilia is able to express her ideas in a sophisticated and clear way especially when she is talking about the Bible and her faith. Jenilia is very truthful and will always try to seek the truth in situations and follows our school prayer well of being honest with herself aswell as with others. She is also a very kind and lovely friend.

Autumn 2 - Faith-Filled and Hopeful

In Year 3 our Catholic Virtues Luminary is Ayah because she lives the virtues of Hopeful and Faith-filled every day in all that she does. She listens carefully to teachings from the Bible and prayer and reflections and will go off and learn more about them. She showed that she was faith-filled this half term when she went off and researched the Creation story in more detail after our Retreat Day with Dan and Emily. Ayah demonstrates hopefulness in all she does including being hopeful in all she can achieve in class. She continuously lives out the Catholic Virtues every day. 

Autumn 1 - Loving and Compassionate

Our Catholic Virtues Luminary is Nazila as she is constantly

compassionate and loving to all children and to staff. She brightens people's days with lovely compliments and acts of kindness. She is loving in the classroom with her kindness and shows compassion when helping children if they are stuck or hurt.

Our Catholic Virtues for Spring 1 are Eloquent and Truthful...


In Year 3, we thought carefully about when we demonstrate these Catholic Virtues.