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Catholic Virtues

At St Rose we are proud of our Catholic Virtues and we follow them very well in Year 3.

Our Catholic Virtues help us to thrive for the greater good and to follow in Jesus' footsteps like God would like us to. 

Each half term, a child shall be picked for the Catholic Virtues award and this is for someone who has followed the Catholic Virtues well all half term in the classroom and around the school. 


Autumn 1 - Loving and Compassionate


Our Catholic Virtues Luminary is Nazila as she is constantly

compassionate and loving to all children and to staff. She brightens people's days with lovely compliments and acts of kindness. She is loving in the classroom with her kindness and shows compassion when helping children if they are stuck or hurt.

Our Catholic Virtues for Autumn 2 are Faith-Filled and Hopeful...