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Catholic Virtues

Catholic Luminary - Summer 2

Catholic Virtues Luminary for Summer 2 is Nathan. He  embodies the Prophetic virtues as he treats everyone how he wants to be treated. He likes fairness and is a trustworthy person to give an honour account if there has been any falling out at breaktime. He speaks the truth and can be relied upon to be honest. Nathan cares for the environment and is always willing to tidy up without prompting. He is an articulate, friendly, highly thought of member of Y2.

Catholic Virtues - summer 2 (prophetic and intentional)

The Catholic Virtues Luminary for Summer 1 is Keegan.

Keegan thrives curiosity, through her constant asking of questions, in order to teach herself new information and gain further knowledge of the world. She takes responsibility, for her own learning, very seriously. Keegan is very active in all our sports activities and is a natural gymnast. She has grown throughout year 2 into an independent learner who is always ready for the day when she arrives with her lovely smile. A truly wonderful member of the class.


Catholic Virtues - Summer 1 (Curious and Active)

Catholic Virtues Luminary - Spring 2

The Year 2 Catholic Virtues Luminary is Ruby.

Ruby has a real thirst for learning and she works very hard in all her lessons. She's keen to improve her handwriting and loves reading. She always has a book on the table for any spare moments in the school day. She is a sensible, caring child who knows what is important in order to help preserve God's creation. She is very wise with a great attitude for life. A true pleasure to have around the classroom.

Catholic Virtues Luminary - Spring 1

Y2 Catholic Virtues luminary is Arta.  Arta always speaks truthfully in that he can be depended on, by all, to give accurate accounts of others actions. He consistently talks kindly to others and never says any spiteful words. He embodies Jesus’ words, “to love one another.” He is a central key member of Year 2, with a delightful personality, who is valued immensely. 

Catholic Virtues for Spring 1 (Eloquent and Truthful)

Autumn 2

The Y2 Catholic Virtues Luminary is Nahom. Nahom is able to recall many of the Bible stories we have studied and read this year. He knows what a parable is! This shows that he is a shining example of someone who embodies being faith-filled. When Nahom is asked to do something, he does it with a smile and treats everyone with respect. A truly remarkable member of Y2. 

Catholic Virtues for Autumn 2 (Hopeful and Faith Filled)

Autumn1 - Nicholas (Catholic Virtues)

Nicholas always has a good word to say about everyone. He never complains about other members of the class and tries to include everyone when he is playing and doing group work in the classroom. He is compassionate with how he looks after the other children when they hurt themselves in the playground. He is an all-round loving, polite and caring member of the class.

Catholic Virtues for Autumn 1 (Compassionate and Loving)