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Catholic Virtues

Autumn 2  - Intentional and Prophetic


In Year 5, we are intentional when we:

  • think before we do things and have a clear and good conscience,
  • use all of the talents we have to show the best version of ourselves,
  • respect and treat others the way we want to be treated,
  • use what God has given us,
  • show car to one another and God's creation.


In Year 5, we are phropetic when we:

  • help animals and everyone, even if they do wrong and pray for Jesus to to help them learn from their mistakes,
  • work as a team,
  • speak the truth and don't lie,
  • include everyone in activities as God made us in the image and likeness of Himself,
  • do things for others and not just ourselves,
  • do what Jesus would do and without expecting things in return.

Autumn 1  - Curious and Active


In Year 5, we are curious when we:

  • learn about nature and things around us,
  • listen to God when He calls us,
  • check that everyone is safe in school,
  • learn about new topics and look for pearls of wisdom,
  • seek the truth of God and learn the power of His love and
  • learn self control and responsibility.


In Year 5, we are active when we:

  • ask and question what we know and don't know,
  • explore the world of God,
  • challenge our minds and use meditation to keep us calm,
  • keep our conscience clear,
  • pray frequently,
  • appreciate school by working hard,
  • read the Bible and study the miracles and
  • repent our sins.