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Catholic Virtues

At St Rose we are proud of our Catholic Virtues and we follow them very well in Year 3.

Our Catholic Virtues help us to thrive for the greater good and to follow in Jesus' footsteps like God would like us to. 

Each half term, a child shall be picked for the Catholic Virtues award and this is for someone who has followed the Catholic Virtues well all half term in the classroom and around the school. 

Summer 1 - Generous and Grateful



This half term our Catholic Virtue focuses are Generous and Grateful. We discussed the meaning of these in the classroom and the children created some wonderful ideas of how we follow these Catholic Virtues and how we can further our vision and actions to these Virtues. 

Summer 1 Catholic Virtues Luminary - Generous and Grateful


Our Catholic Virtues Luminary for Grateful and Generous is Andrea.

She has shown how grateful she is to be learning as she always strives to learn more just like God wants us to. During our reflection times, Andrea shares what she is grateful for and this is also shown in her mannerisms and the way she acts around the school. Andrea is extremely generous in her actions especially with her time. She is generous with her time as she offers to help people who may be struggling with their work and helps them to overcome their struggles, this is an extremely generous act which makes us

proud of her. Well done, Andrea!


Spring 1 Catholic Virtues Luminary - Curious and Active


Our Catholic Virtues Luminary for Spring 1 goes to the amazing Ghelila who has been Curious and Active in all of her learning. She thrives to work hard and find the answers and truth in her learning. She is actively challenging herself in the classroom and is curious to learn more about the subjects and our faith. 




Autumn Catholic Virtues Luminary - Learned and Wise



Our Catholic Virtues luminary for Autumn is Louis because he is

learned when he listens well to his teachers and friends so he can learn more. He learns from the teachings of Jesus, and he uses this to become the person God wants us to be and has been making wise decisions in his learning.