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Catholic Virtues Award

Year 5 Catholic Virtues Award


Each half term, we focus on two different Catholic Virtues.  As a class, we explore what the virtues mean and how we can show we are fulfilling them on a daily basis.  During the half term, the class will nominate a person who has fulfilled the Catholic Virtues and will award them with the 'Virtues' award.

Spring 2: Learned and Wise

Our catholic virtues luminary for this half term is the fabulous... Ella I.

Ella epitomises everything that these virtues represent. She is conscientious in everything she does, both in school and at home and her approach to anything is always carefully considered. It is very clear that her faith is important to her and this radiates through her behaviour, her approach to others and through every piece of work she produces, particularly her RE work. She is an inspiration to others in the class and truly deserves to be our luminary for this half term. 

Spring 1: Eloquent and truthful

Our Catholic Virtues luminary for this half term is the fabulous Hattie.

The Catholic Virtues of Eloquent and Truthful are lived out by Hattie every day and this is why she is our luminary for this half term.   Hattie is an excellent example of someone who talks eloquently as she always speaks clearly, has great manners and only uses her voice for kind words.  We know we can rely on Hattie to be truthful, and this makes her a fantastic role model for everyone else in Year 5.  Hattie, we are incredibly proud of you - well done!

Autumn 2: Faith-filled and hopeful

Our Catholic Virtues Luminary for this half term is the wonderful Charlotte Minter.

Charlotte is a wonderful example of someone who demonstrates kindness, empathy and care towards others.  In everything she does, Charlotte behaves in a way that shows she understands what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God.  Her faith in herself and others shines brightly and is clearly seen in her RE book, where she takes great care to ensure her work is reflective.  Charlotte is the perfect example of someone who has great hope and is an excellent role model for everyone, staff and children alike.  Well done Charlotte!

Autumn 1: Compassionate and Loving

In Year 5, we have awarded Sophia as our Catholic Virtues Luminary for the first half term.  Without question, Sophia truly embodies the virtues of being compassionate and loving.  She is kind, caring and always thinks of others and this is clear, not only to the adults, but also to her friends in class who recognise how much she helps others.  Well done Sophia!