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Catholic Virtues Award

Year 1 Catholic Virtues Award


Each half term, we focus on two different Catholic Virtues.  As a class, we explore and discover what the virtues mean and how we can show we are fulfilling them on a daily basis. Every half term, we will choose  a person who has express the Catholic Virtues and we will award them with the 'Catholic Virtues' award.

Summer 1


For our Class Virtue award we have chosen Isla for this half term. She is a wonderful example of being grateful and generous in everything she does. Isla is extremely reflective in all of her learning, but especially in RE where she takes time to stop and wonder about what she can be grateful for. She loves school and never takes for granted the opportunities she has to learn and improve. Isla is also extremely generous to others, always sharing resources with her classmates without having to be told and she works so well with her peers. She always puts others before herself and this is so pleasing to see. Thank you Isla and well done to you!


Spring 1




For our Class Virtue award we have chosen Teddy for this half term. He is a wonderful example of being active and curious in everything he does. Teddy always strives to learn more and is so enthusiastic about all of his learning, particularly in the foundation subject. He truly excels in Science, Geography, History and DT and loves to give his all in these areas and show his knowledge. It is such a joy to have someone with such curiosity  in our class and we feel very lucky to have Teddy,  with his amazing attitude for learning. Well done to you!


Autumn 2



For our virtues we have chosen Valentina for this half term. Valentina is learned and wise in everything she does- she always gives her learning 110% and is engaged is anything she does. She loves to learn, both in the classroom and at home, and is always pushing herself by asking challenging questions to find out more about a topic. She is always engaged in her learning but also uses her wisdom to strive to do more- she is passionate about important issues of injustice in our community such as climate change and tackling racism. We are so proud of her amazing attitude and is such an inspiration to us all. Well done Valentina!



Autumn 1



Shalom has been chosen for our virtues prize for Autumn 1. She is a true demonstration of the virtues eloquent and truthful. Shalom loves to speak clearly and loudly in class and has a real vibrancy, enthusiasm and energy in the way she talks. She loves to use her words for good and to praise other children when they have done something fantastic in the class. She also loves to talk about God and enjoys listening to and retelling stories from the Bible in her own words. Shalom is always extremely truthful- she will always say if she has done anything wrong and will always own up to her mistakes, which are very rare! She is a shining example of our class virtues and we are so proud of her. Well done Shalom!