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Catholic Virtues Award

Year 5 Catholic Virtues Award


Each half term, we focus on two different Catholic Virtues.  As a class, we explore what the virtues mean and how we can show we are fulfilling them on a daily basis.  During the half term, the class will nominate a person who has fulfilled the Catholic Virtues and will award them with the 'Virtues' award.

Autumn 1 Virtues Award Winner

Catholic Virtues: Eloquent and Truthful

The first Catholic Virtues Award winner is the wonderful... Jayden!

Jayden was an obvious choice for the award this half term as he really does demonstrate the virtues of being eloquent and truthful on a daily basis.  His manners are fantastic and he always speaks to everyone with respect.  When he contributes in class, his answers are insightful and clearly delivered.  He believes in the truth and is not afraid to share this with others, a quality that should be admired by his peers.  Well done Jayden!