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Here you'll find all of the daily challenges from the previous weeks.  The answers for these challenges are on the answers page.


w/c 4th May:

A Cloudy Lesson


This week, your daily English Challenges will be focused around the video called 'A Cloudy Lesson'. 


First you must watch the video.  It's not very long but it's a lovely little clip that I think you'll be able to get a lot from this week.


Click on the image to watch the video or here.


I would like you to either blog or email me ( your responses to each of the daily challenges as there won't be any specific answers to give daily.



I hope you've all enjoyed the story of 'A Cloudy Lesson'.  As it's the bank holiday, you don't really need to do a task but, if you want to do one your task for the weekend is to become a weather reporter. 


I want you to imagine that you are reporting the weather on the day that you discover the strange shaped clouds that the little boy and the man produce.  You could write a weather report or film yourself as a weather reporter.  Put it on the blog for everyone to see!



For today's task, I would like you to imagine you are the old man and he has to write a set of instructions to teach a trainee how to blow clouds.  Think about the different steps that they would need to take, why do they need to do them?  


Make your instructions clear by using time connectives to show the order and conjunctions to explain the reasons for doing particular steps or maybe even to explain the consequences if you do something wrong.



Today, you're going to step your toes into the wonderful and lyrical world of Poetry!


The video is all about cloud blowing and the different shapes that clouds make in the sky.  Use these images to help you complete the poem below or write your own poem about 'Clouds in the Sky'


Read the example verse below and then add more of your 3 lines verses following the same pattern.  The second one has been started for you.


I drift above a busy world,

And watch the frantic lights of ant sized cars

Carve the darkness into jagged shapes.


I hover over noisy streets,

And hear...


Remember, if you find this a little hard, why don't you write your own poem about 'Clouds in the sky'.


If you email me your poems, I'll put them on the class page tomorrow.



Today, I would like you to watch the video again and this time imagine you are the boy in the video.

Write a diary from the boy's perspective detailing what happened on this strange but wonderful day.  Use these questions to help your thoughts:

  • Was this your first attempt at blowing clouds?
  • Who is the man and why is he training you?
  • How were you feeling before your training?
  • What was it like trying to blow your first cloud?
  • What did the man say to you when you bent the wand?
  • Were you expecting what happened next?
  • How will you remember this day?



First, watch the video.

Next, use the video to answer these questions about what you have seen.

1. What is strange about the house?

2. What is the relationship between the old man and the boy?  Explain why you think this.

3. How do you think the boy felt when he fell on the stick?

4. How did the old man feel when he saw that the ring had been broken?

5. Is the ending to the story happy or sad?  Explain how you know.