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Here you'll find all of the daily challenges from the previous weeks.  The answers for these challenges are on the answers page.


w/c 29th June: Reading Focus Week
w/c 22nd June 2020 - Image Focus Week

Friday 26th June - Trees

Today's image is called 'Trees'.


Miss Neville's task for today: Thought Provoking Questions

As we've been focusing on wildlife and nature this month, I thought this image was very appropriate.

Take some time to really look at the image and then answer these questions.


1. How does the photograph make you feel?  Explain your answer.

2. Who is the boy?  Why is he there?  How is he feeling?

3. Why aren't there any leaves on the trees? 

4. Does this image remind you of an event that has happened this year?  If so, where in the world could it be?

5. Look at the sky.  What effect does the colours have?

6. Do you think there is a message behind the picture?  What could it be?

Thursday 25th June - Quiet Time

Today's image is called 'Quiet Time'.



Miss Neville's task for today: Short Story

Use the image of 'Quiet Time' to write me a short story about the woman on the boat.  Look carefully at the image and use what you can see as part of your story.

Wednesday 24th  June - The Sunshine Break

Today's image is called 'The Sunshine Break'.



Miss Neville's task for today: Emotional Writing

Use the image of 'The Sunshine break' as you're starting point but also go outside and stand out in the sunshine.  Don't do anything but just take 5 minutes of standing still in the sunshine.


Now, reflect on how you feel with the sun on your face and describe how you feel. 

How does the sunshine change your mood? 

How does the warmth feel on your skin. 

How do you think the sun makes everyone feel at the moment? 

Is it a good or a bad thing? 

Do you prefer sunny or rainy days and how does the weather change your mood.


How do you think the man is feeling in the picture?  Explain how you know this using the image to support your answer.

Tuesday 23rd June - Patience

Today's image is called 'Patience'.
























Miss Neville's task for today: Creative Writing

Use the image of 'Patience' write me a short story about the Robot whose name is 'Patience'.  


In your story, think about the significance of the light bulb above his head and consider how the robot is feeling in this image.  What might have happened to him before this moment and what happens to him in the end?


Remember, you need to email me your story and I'll add them to the class page!

Monday 22nd June - Song

Today's image is called 'Song'.

Inference Questions

Use the image of 'Song' to help you think about the answer to these inference questions.  Remember, inference is when you think about something so use the image to support your answer or give reasons.  You should never just say 'I think..'  it should always be supported with a '...because...'.


1. What is the bird on the left doing?  How do you know this?

2. Do you think the bird's song is good or bad?  Why?

3.  What is the bird on the right thinking? What might it say when the other bird has finished?

4. Which bird is the most confident?  Explain your answer.

5. If you were one of the two birds, which would you be and why?

Week 13: Reading focus week

This week our focus is reading using the book 'Roman Rescue.' Each day, you will watch the video of a chapter from the book being read and then answer a range of questions on that chapter. 


The answers to the questions will be published at the end of each day so don't forget to check back to see how many you answered correctly.


In addition, I will also give you a grammar starter task each day that you should try, the answers for which will be posted by the following day.

Week 12: Catch It

Catch It

Please watch the video first.  It's an animated story about Meerkats, an animal I find fascinating so I hope you enjoy the film and the tasks for today.  


Click on the picture or here to watch the film.  It lasts about 5 minutes.


Friday 12th June 2020 - Dialogue

Your final task for the week is to write some dialogue about the clip.  By this I mean, I would like you to imagine that the animals could talk.  What would they say to each other during the clip?




Remember, you need to EMAIL me your English work this week.  Some of you are just putting it on the blog and it's too small to see.

Thursday 11th June 2020 - Setting description

Today, I would like you to use the video of 'Catch It' and think about where it is set.  For those of you who completed the questions on Monday, you'll know that the Meerkats live in the African plains.  These are very deserted places. 

Your task for today is to look at different images of the African plains and write a setting description.


Think about what we would always include in any descriptive writing.  It should contain lots of expanded noun phrases and prepositions to describe where the different nouns that you are describing are. A really good setting description will be AT LEAST a paragraph long.  A couple of sentences is not a description!


Wednesday 10th June 2020 - Research Skills

Watch the video again so that you can get an understanding of how Meerkats work as a mob.  Once you've done this, I would like you to do some research about Meerkats and then produce an information report to teach me about them as, although I do love Meerkats, I don't know much about them.  I would particularly like to know about:

  • what they eat,
  • where they live,
  • which animals might be their enemies and
  • how they work together as a mob.


An excellent information report will always have the following features:

  • A title
  • An introduction
  • Sub-headings
  • Factual information
  • A diagram or picture.

Tuesday 9th June 2020 - Grammar Skills

Collective nouns are used to name a group of animals.


A group of Meerkats is known as a MOB.

Here are some other examples:

  • A school of fish,
  • A murder of crows,
  • A herd of elephants.


Look at the animals below.  Can you find out the collective nouns for a group of each?  Email me your answers to find out if you got them correct.



Bonus task: How many other collective nouns can you find out?


Monday 8th June 2020 - Inference Skills

Watch the film 'Catch It' and use your inference skills to answer these questions:


1. Why do you think all of the animals are so desperate to catch the fruit?

2. Explain how the meerkats work as a team.

3. What word would you use to describe the fruit at the end of the film?  Explain why you've chosen that word.

4. Who do you think won in the end?  Explain your reason.

5. Do you think there is a moral to this story and, if so, what is it?


Bonus questions:

B1: What is the name for the long, seasonal sleep that some mammals partake in during the winter?

B2: Where is the natural habitat for meerkats?

Week 12 Grammar Challenges

w/c 18th May: Image Tasks

This week, I will give you a series of different images that I want you to look at and use the image to either produce a piece of writing or answer some questions.  Email your answers to me by the end of each day and I'll respond by the next morning.


Friday 22nd May - Thimbletack


Introducing 'Thimbletack' a Common House Brownie.

I would like you to take a close look at Thimbletack and think about what he's wearing and what he's holding.  What job do you think a Common House Brownie does? 


Your task today is to write a 'Day in the Life of Thimbletack'.  What does he have to do each day, where does he live, who does he work for, who does he work with (if anyone) and who does he live with?


Thursday 21st May - Fall


What a stunning image this is!  It conjures up so many different things for me so I hope it does for you too.  So, my task is a thoughtful task today.


Look at the old lady  and the shadow.

What is the shadow? 

Why isn't it the same silhouette as her?

How does she feel as she's looking at the shadow? 

What might she be remembering?

Think about the world events she might have lived through.  What could she have seen? 

What would her happiest memories have been?



Wednesday 20th May - Power


Today, I'd like you to use this image called 'Power' to delve into your prediction skills.


Look at the picture and tell me what you think happened before this picture was taken and what happens afterwards.


Optional inference questions

1. What is the girl doing?

2. Why is she holding the book like that?  What does her body language suggest to you?

3. Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

4. Why is the book glowing?  Does it have a special power and, if so, what could this be?

5. Is she attacking or defending herself?


Tuesday 19th May - The Dragon's Ring


Today's Task - creative story

I would like you to use the image today to write a creative story about 'The Dragon's Ring' and how it has changed the little boy's life. 

Look at the image - what changes has the boy already been through, how would the boy have felt as he was transforming, how much more does he change and what happens to him then?  Let your imagination run wild!



Monday 18th May - The Jar Wizard


Task 1: Missing Jar Labels

Help!  The Jar Wizard's jars are missing all of their labels.  Please write labels detailing what the jar contains and what it can be used for.  Be sure to include any safety warnings!


Task 2: Blood of original fish

He held many secrets in those enchanted jars of his: mysterious crystals, odd nick-knacks from unknown cultures, ancient coins from civilizations long dead, and the preserved remains of creatures believed to be long extinct. But there was one jar, smaller and rounder than the rest, that contained a dark liquid that he seemed most proud of. “This,” he said with an unsettling gleam in his eye, “is the blood of one of the Original Fish, the creators of all magic. I pray I never have cause to use it….”


What do you think happens if he uses the 'blood of one of the original fish'?

w/c 4th May:

A Cloudy Lesson


This week, your daily English Challenges will be focused around the video called 'A Cloudy Lesson'. 


First you must watch the video.  It's not very long but it's a lovely little clip that I think you'll be able to get a lot from this week.


Click on the image to watch the video or here.


I would like you to either blog or email me ( your responses to each of the daily challenges as there won't be any specific answers to give daily.



I hope you've all enjoyed the story of 'A Cloudy Lesson'.  As it's the bank holiday, you don't really need to do a task but, if you want to do one your task for the weekend is to become a weather reporter. 


I want you to imagine that you are reporting the weather on the day that you discover the strange shaped clouds that the little boy and the man produce.  You could write a weather report or film yourself as a weather reporter.  Put it on the blog for everyone to see!



For today's task, I would like you to imagine you are the old man and he has to write a set of instructions to teach a trainee how to blow clouds.  Think about the different steps that they would need to take, why do they need to do them?  


Make your instructions clear by using time connectives to show the order and conjunctions to explain the reasons for doing particular steps or maybe even to explain the consequences if you do something wrong.



Today, you're going to step your toes into the wonderful and lyrical world of Poetry!


The video is all about cloud blowing and the different shapes that clouds make in the sky.  Use these images to help you complete the poem below or write your own poem about 'Clouds in the Sky'


Read the example verse below and then add more of your 3 lines verses following the same pattern.  The second one has been started for you.


I drift above a busy world,

And watch the frantic lights of ant sized cars

Carve the darkness into jagged shapes.


I hover over noisy streets,

And hear...


Remember, if you find this a little hard, why don't you write your own poem about 'Clouds in the sky'.


If you email me your poems, I'll put them on the class page tomorrow.



Today, I would like you to watch the video again and this time imagine you are the boy in the video.

Write a diary from the boy's perspective detailing what happened on this strange but wonderful day.  Use these questions to help your thoughts:

  • Was this your first attempt at blowing clouds?
  • Who is the man and why is he training you?
  • How were you feeling before your training?
  • What was it like trying to blow your first cloud?
  • What did the man say to you when you bent the wand?
  • Were you expecting what happened next?
  • How will you remember this day?



First, watch the video.

Next, use the video to answer these questions about what you have seen.

1. What is strange about the house?

2. What is the relationship between the old man and the boy?  Explain why you think this.

3. How do you think the boy felt when he fell on the stick?

4. How did the old man feel when he saw that the ring had been broken?

5. Is the ending to the story happy or sad?  Explain how you know.