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Class Wish Award


Year 1 Class Wish Award


Since coming back after the summer holidays, the children have discussed and come up with generated some wonderful ideas about what they wanted our class wish to be this year.  They all thought really hard about what our focus would be for this year and they came up with some fantastic options. You can see on the wish we decided below.


'Our Class Wish for 2021-2022 is ‘for Year 1 to work together, in being kind and loving, to support our class family.'


Each half term, as a class, we will nominate someone who we believe has fulfilled our class wish and they will be given the 'Class Wish Award'.

Summer 1 



For this half term, we have chosen Sienna who demonstrates our class wish of being kind and loving so wonderfully. She is a fab friend to everyone in the class, always supporting and helping others. She is always friendly to others both at break times and during class, helping her classmates with work when needed.  We can always count upon Sienna to use kind words and to think before she speaks- she is always so considerate with the words she chooses which is fantastic!. hank you Sienna for being such a super example and for shining so bright as our luminary. Well done to you! 

Spring 1 



In Year One we have chosen Angel, who is a perfect demonstration of our class wish to be kind and loving. She is always supporting and helping others in the classroom, either with their work, helping them to open their fruit or with putting on their coats. Angel has also been a very kind tfriend to a new member of our class, who joined this half term. She has been ensuring that she checks in with her every day and has been playing with her at breaktimes, to make sure that she feels welcome. Thank you Angel for always putting others before yourself and for being such a shining example. Well done.

Autumn 2



For our class wish I have chosen Luke for this half term. Luke is a perfect example of being kind and loving in every single way. He always strives to look out for others and thinks of other children before himself,  putting them first. Luke can always be seen helping others in the playground, playing nicely and looking out for everyone, not just his friends. He is such a wonderful addition to our class family and we are so lucky to have him! You have such a kindly nature Luke and well done to you!



Autumn 1




Arta  has been chosen for our class wish prize for Autumn 1. He  is a true demonstration of our class wish and is always kind and loving in every action that he does. Arta can always be counted upon to help other children in the class in any way he can and he always puts others needs before his own. Arta uses such considerate and thoughtful words to others and he is adored by other members of the class. He always works towards the goodness of our class and to make our family better and happier. The other children in Year One love Arta's warm- hearted nature and we feel so lucky to have him in our class family. He is a shining example of our class  wish and we are so proud of him. Well done Arta!