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Class Wish Award

Our Class Wish....

Every half term, an award will be given to the child who has shown themselves to live this motto.  Someone who demonstrates the importance of hard work, resilience and determination.  These are the skills that will ultimately lead to success!

Summer 1

This term, our class wish ambassador is the wonderful Lily!


Our Class Wish luminary award goes to the very special Lily.  The hard work and dedication that Lily consistently displays is second to none. Her work is always of the highest standard and this is achieved through a conscientious and positive learning attitude.  Lily knows that it takes hard work to be successful and this is something she never shies away from.  She is a role model, a leader, a life-long learner as well as a kind, caring friend. We are lucky to have you in our class, Lily.

Well done!

Spring 1

This term, our class wish ambassador is the wonderful Karys!


Our Class Wish luminary award goes to the fabulous Karys.  Karys dedicates every minute of every day striving to do her best and to challenge herself.  She understands the importance of hard work and knows that her successes are direct consequences of the effort and perseverance she puts into every aspect of school life.  Karys does not like to waste a minute of her learning time and she takes every opportunity to challenge herself and push boundaries on what she can achieve.  Well done, Karys!

Autumn 1

This term, our class wish ambassador is the fabulous Ali Jay.

Ali Jay is always striving to achieve his absolute best in every single thing he does.  Whether it is academic work, spiritual work, being a role model or being a good friend/classmate, Ali Jay consistently strives for the best possible outcomes and that is why he is successful.

Well done, Ali Jay!