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Class Wish

Class Wish Luminary - Summer 2

Summer 2 Class Wish Luminary is Talia. She has joined the class in June and has applied herself quickly to listening to other people and respecting their opinions. She is respectful and well mannered to all the other members of the class and the school staff. She is willing to work with any other pupil in the class and has settled in very quickly. She shares the play equipment with other pupils in the class and they have reciprocated this towards her. Talia has made a very positive start to her OLSR journey.


The Class Wish Luminary for summer 1 is Yazid. He listens intently and communicates confidently when working with the other children both inside and outside the classroom. He enjoys role play and then afterwards, performing what his group has learnt. He has beautiful manners and enjoys working as a team with his table. Yazid really cares for God's environment, as was shown recently, with his care when participating in Spade to Fork sessions and how gently he cared for the young plants. A really friendly member of Y2.

Class Wish - Shalom

The Y2 Class Wish Luminary is Shalom.

Shalom is the class play lead and she takes her important role very seriously. If she sees a child needs a piece of equipment she will stop what she is playing to go and get it for them (even when she knows that she doesn't have to). She tidies up the equipment, at the end of play, with great care and respect. She is a true leader in the making. She tidies up the classroom and is superb at taking turns. A delightful member of year 2.


Spring 1 - Damon

Y2 class wish luminary is Damon. Damon listens to everyone’s opinions and can explain coherently, using fantastic language, his argument for/against something. He is very willing to share his equipment (both inside and outside the classroom) and cares for the environment through his awareness to keep the classroom tidy. He is a wonderful member of Y2.  

Autumn 2 - Francisca

The Y2 Class Wish Luminary is Francisca. In forest school, this half term, she cared for God's creatures by making dens and caring to place the insects safely back where she found them. She flourished in forest school throughout. Francisca is always loving and caring towards all her class. If someone is hurt, she will always look after them. A shining example of our Y2 class wish. Well done!

Autumn 1 - Class Wish Luminary is Angel

Angel always is kind to everyone, whether they are another child or an adult. She is our play leader and she takes her role seriously making sure that everyone has someone else to play with. She is a fantastic team player and cares about keeping everything tidy. A very valued member of the class.