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Online Learning  11 - 15th January 2021

Well done to the following children who completed their online learning for this last week. Lovely to see so many of you trying to do the work. You get house points for doing the online work.


Big Maths: Evelyn, Millie, Ghelila, Grace KW, Andrea and Tommie.

Times Table Rockstars:  Andrea, Harvey, Amar, Eros, Tristan, Evelyn, Cheska, Rico, Tommie, Grace KW, Ionah, Elishaj, Millie and Rose.

Numbots: Evelyn, Cheska, Grace KW, Ionah, Eros, Amelia, Ghelila, Millie and Anika.

Active Learn:  Evelyn, Cheska and Amar.

Read Theory: Andrea, Evelyn, Grace KW, Eros, Sallyanne, Ghelila and Cheska.

Blog:    Grace F, Elishaj, Grace KW, Ghelila, Ionah, Eros, Cheska, Robyn, Evelyn and Rico.