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During the school closure, we expect you to complete the work provided each day along.  Here are your daily tasks:

1.  Log on to your BGFL account

2. Check your emails and J2 Message in BGFL for any emails or messages I have sent you.

3. Click on class page and then the day for your daily lessons.

4. Complete the daily register so that I know you're logged on.

5. Complete the daily lessons - I am expecting you to complete these lessons each day.

You should record your work either via J2E, any forms given to you, your homework book and then photos taken and uploaded to your files on BGFL.



SUBMIT WORK FOR THE FOLLOWING TASKS: English and Afternoon Lessons.  

I would prefer this to be done by you saving the work into your files on BGFL as I can then read it and respond to it for you.  If you do post on the blog, please make sure your photos are large and clear as I cannot read them otherwise.  However, if you're able to post on the blog, you'll also be able to upload these photos to your files.

DO NOT SUBMIT WORK FOR THE FOLLOWING: Basic Skills, Word of the Day, Maths (unless asked to),  Big Maths and Spellings.

Answers will be provided for these the following day for you to mark.  The Maths lessons give you the answers at the end and I can see your answers on J2 Blast for your spellings.


If you are unable to access any of the online work, please contact me on the class email ( so that I can arrange a pack of work for you.



This is what I will provide for you each day, with the expectation that you complete each of the tasks.  

Maths or SPAG Basic Skills Maths  English Big Maths Spelling Collective Worship Afternoon Lesson
Answers will be provided the following day for these lessons  Daily Spelling A chance for you to take some time for prayer

Monday - RE,

Tuesday - Science,

Wednesday - Geography or History

Thursday - RE & PE


In addition to this, please remember to go on the following websites daily (click on the name to go to the website):


Big 10 club

Please make sure you take the Big Maths test each week and complete the J2 Blast spelling each Friday in order to try to gain a place in the Big 10 club.  We will do the tests in school so make sure you take part!