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Collective Worship at Home and RE Resources

As a Catholic school, we believe that faith, prayer and meditation should be a daily focus to ensure our mental wellbeing and link to God are strong. As Year One are self isolating at home over the next two weeks please ensure you visit this page regularly for different prayer ideas and things you can discuss and share as a family at home as part of your Collective Worship and your Faith. 






For the next two weeks, we will have a different prayer or religious theme or story each day that we can focus on. Sometimes you might have to read a story and write and reflect on it, take part in a meditation or worship or you may have to write your own prayer on the theme. Don't forget to add your prayers or religious work and worship to your class blog so I can see your wonderful work. I will be giving awards on j2stars for those who take part in their religious and collective worship and post about it to show me.



This month of October marks the month of Mary so for the rest of this week we are going to be focusing on praying to her and using the rosary. I have added a document below which shows you how to pray to The Rosary using the beads and the different prayers such as The Our Father and The Hail Mary. Please look at the sheet as it will be a great help to you. As part of the Rosary it asks you to focus on telling a story of one of the great mysteries--we will be focusing on the Luminous Mysteries this week.



Today we will be looking at Mystery Number 5- The Last Supper. I have added a PPT of the story below so that you can read this story with your child at home, discuss it with them and try some of the activities. Don't forget to pray to the Rosary first before reading the mystery- you can find out how to do this by looking at the attached sheet below.



  Make sure to post your wonderful faith contributions and worship on your blog- it could be pictures of your child reading the story or they could draw a picture or write about what they have learnt today through the mystery and The Rosary. It could even be a video of them praying to the Rosary and saying the prayers. There will be 50 j2stars available every day this week for children who take part in the Rosary and the different mysteries. I look forward to seeing your fantastic contributions!

The Holy Rosary Guide- How to Pray Using The Rosary

The Transfiguration of Jesus Story PPT

The Wedding at Cana Story PPT


Writing a Prayer for Whole School Assembly- One Body



When we arrive back at school on Monday 19th October all of St Rose will be taking part in a whole school assembly via Teams. The assembly is based on The Corinthians Reading One Body which you can find in the document below. Each class has been asked to participate through some kind of worship or offering and I have decided to ask Year One to write a prayer based on the reading. The reading is all about having one body made of many parts and I thought it would be lovely for the Year Ones to write a thankyou prayer to God, thanking him for their different gifts and talents and naming what they are. You may say thankyou to God for being a great reader, or for being good at sports or being a kind friend etc. I will be reading all the prayers and picking my top three for the children to read in the assembly so make sure you look at the reading carefully and use it to write your wonderful prayers. Make sure to post them on your blogs and I look forward to seeing your fantastic prayers! 



Year One- One Body Reading for Prayers and Assembly

October- The Month of Mary


October is a very special month in the Catholic calendar as it marks the month of Mary. This is a time when we should take time to think about Mary and reflect on how she is the Mother of Jesus and Mother to us all. During this month we should take time out from our day to reflect and pray to Mary, especially when we are all living through such new and uncertain times.


Below I have included a range of prayers and different activities which relate to Mary our Mother. There are lots of different ideas for which you can do during this special month of May to support you with thinking about her and praying to her. Pope Francis has also asked for us to take special time this month to say The Rosary It would be lovely for you to upload photographs or pictures of you completing your Mary activities or praying to the Rosary to the class blog. You could even draw a picture of Mary or the Rosary beads. 

Useful Links for Praying The Rosary


Information PPT About The Rosary and How to Pray using The Rosary Beads

Hail Mary Prayer

Hail Holy Queen Prayer

Loving Mother of The Redeemer Prayer





Father Gary has been working hard over the COVID period to make sure that as many people as possible as still access the services of Mass. He has been live-streaming them online  so that you can access his worship from home.  You can find masses as well as many useful videos,  meditations and prayer reflections that Fr Gary would like to share through his youtube channel. Please see the information below and click on the link to access his channel and daily masses.. There is a Mass on Wednesday 7..10.2020 at 10am for the whole school and I encourage all of the children to attend as we would normally be watching it from our Year One classroom together. The rest of the children and classes at St Rose will also be watching it from school too. Please click on the link and ensure that your child watches this Mass at home ,this week, where possible.


Don't forget, as well as watching Father Gary conduct the masses via the parish's YouTube Channel and you should visit the parish website for more information.  Click here to access the website.


 There is also a link below for the Catholic Life of our School Page which has lots of information about other  services and useful information to do with the parish and Catholic Life of our Community.