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Barclays bank has created some excellent Computing resource videos for you to have a go at.  The link below has lots of different videos all about Computer Programming. The video which is for our class is called 'How Computers Work'. I have had a look and it linked to the coding lessons we did earlier this year.

I want to share two brand new Computing resources. The first is based on learning Computing at home and has a wide range of downloadable activities and games for  you to do. There are also resources that unpack computational thinking in a range of subjects. There are also Computing home learning projects which you can have a go at. Any that you do please upload the sheets onto the blog for extra j2stars.


The second resource is from the STEM website which we have for our extra Science weekly topics.There is  a fantastic Computing section which has live tutorials, online e safety and digital literacy activities and resources and lots of programming projects and activities to try out. There are even resources and lessons about using mobile phones and about how much Computers are used in a normal school day. Please find details on the website below.