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Below you can find some different resources to help your children with learning about Coronavirus.


There is information about the Mental Health of children during lockdown and some tips for parents about how to help and support with their child's remote and home learning.


There are some fantastic and  visual books that you may wish to read  with your child at home. They talk about the virus in a very child friendly way and are great for reading and discussion. There is also a Home Learning Collection document which has lots of resources and apps that your child can use during lockdown to help with their learning. There are resources for Maths, English, Computing, Science, PE, Art and Science.


 During Lockdown we also realise that we expect our children to spend a lot of time accessing a computer and using a screen to access their online and home learning. It is important that they have a break an try other activities too! Below you can alfo find a document with some non- screen activities and ideas for your child to complete at home to get them away from the computer and trying something different. ENJOY!

Home Learning Collection

Coronavirus Mental Health and Well Being

Parenting during Covid 19